Incredibly sorry about my lateness in getting to this, but RL has gotten the better of me unfortunately. If only we could live in 2D spessmen world.

Your re-write is well written, was interesting to read and kept me paying attention for the most part. The bit about fighting an Elder was a bit overzealous, though if I stretch my imagination I can see it. And since I asked you guys to be imaginative I'll do just that, though this will change moving forward once the lore is released. The other bit is it reads more like a character story than a clan story, and that is a big negative.

I am giving this a neutral vote leaning towards a -1, HOWEVER, the council has voted in favour of your app and I will abide by their views, thus I will be accepting this application.

Heads up. RP moving forward is going to be a big part of the WL, so make sure you're engaging in it as much as you can. I also ask that you reach out to the Yautja community and ask them for help when ever you need it.

Result: This application has been accepted.

I have dm'ed Bancrose, expect your perms soon.

Happy hunting