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Thread: Kuusday - Yautja Application

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    Hello there, Kuusday

    I'm going to be denying your application on the following grounds:

    - Your character and clan stories were not creative enough
    - While your application did attract some attention, I do not believe it was enough to give you a successful vet.

    This is the hardest WL to obtain, and the application process for it should not be a cakewalk. You are given incredible amounts of leeway and freedom to interdict and change someones round, which means there needs to be a strict and difficult vetting process. I am going to be deferring your application for 30 days. Please submit an application then.

    Thank you kindly for your interest.

    By the time that you apply next, the lore for the official Yautja will be ready. I will ask that you refer to it when creating your next app.
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