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Thread: XxX_BEN0_KILLA_XxX - Ban appeal (Permanent Ban)

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    Smile XxX_BEN0_KILLA_XxX - Ban appeal (Permanent Ban)

    Byond ID?
    which ckey? ill just put all of them

    Character Name?

    What is your discord tag? (If appealing Discord ban include the #)

    Type of Ban?
    console ban or perma ban idk

    If jobban, which job are you appealing?
    jobbanned for no raisin before as beno for trying to do a righteous mutiny against the queen for human rights it was right because my beno character disagreed with the treatment of humans by benos and it was high arr pee

    Admin who banned you (if known)
    the badmins ban me i think he is console

    Total Ban Duration

    Remaining Duration
    when u guys unban me lol

    What other servers do you play on?
    lol i raided for e station like 12 times and all the furry stations and erp aswell with all my ckeys so i am good man don't worry. i no how too ttv bomb speedrun to kill furries and benos alike. i als played on tee gee station. i also play fortnit epic gaymer

    Are you now or have you been banned on any servers? Which ones?
    all gay furry stations and vorestation for raiding and ttv bombing. banned on skyrat for attempting to enact a furry holocaust as captain. monthbanned on tee gee for dabbing on an antag and taking his shit and murderboning the fuck out of everyone, then i called the gay admin the n word.

    Do you play using a Virtual Machine?
    virtual machine? what the fuck is a virtual machine? i play on mac sorry

    Is your copy of Windows legitimate?
    i opened my window today so yeah i think so

    Do you connect using a VPN? If so, which provider?
    don't use it anymore though i did use it to bully a furry to the bink of suicide so that's good

    Reason for Ban
    it says this when i try 2 join the game "Constantly murdering infected marines because 'the benos raped them and now they have aids' as well as kidnapping MPs and 'feeding' them to the xenos. Along with a long list of other bans
    including purposefully OBing supply coords as SO because marines were 'too weak and too pussy' and shotgun PBing a doctor during surgery because he was 'trying to turn him gay removal of pp'. is a multikeyer too. Filing for perma, Have a CM day!" it says console hat's teh badmin right there:

    Your appeal, including evidence (screenshots, etc)
    Why the the fuck did you just fucking ban me, you little bitch? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Furry DESTROYERS, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on vorestation, skyrat and para , and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in ttv bomb warfare and I'm the top sniper in the entire sec robusto forces. i am good man. as you can see by my history now unban me before a an ob *accidentally* lands on marines again epic bruh moment brug bruh bruf so please unban be pls thank u i will give u my grandmas credid kard that i also use for onlyfans (its ok she senile anyways XD XD LOL ROFL LMAO BRUF)
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    Sorry but the 0 in BEN0 KILLA is low rp smh my head
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    I am Brian 'chimney' Robertson and i support this appeal

    Brian Robertson, the man that works on all roles.

    Also i am mentor

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    denied 0 hours in last 2 years
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    I support this appeal and request my good friend @HBlokkum to help out in this case.
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