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Thread: Story Dump

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    Post Story Dump

    Here goes nothing I suppose...

    This is a collection of stories I've been thinking about and writing over a couple of months.

    Now compared to most other stories I've seen, this collection isn't a recalling of exciting previous rounds or a huge cooperative story where people can recommend characters to be a part of.

    This is more personal and is merely me sharing my own creative output as I wait for college to start.

    These stories mostly revolve around my character, Chernov Malachenko, five years after CM13 (which takes place in 2190). But I do have some stories in mind that have no relation to my character that I will dump here when I can get around to writing them.

    Now, I'm not the best writer, nor am I particularly well known in-game and in the community. This is really a small project I enjoy doing on the side, so maybe expect stuff to change, be bad and/or be biased. If some stuff seems familiar, most of my inspiration comes from Takahashi Keitarou's Jormungand anime and manga as well as some other games and media.

    So far I only have one story completed, and mostly doesn't take place in the "five years after" I've mentioned above save for the ending, making the fifth line basically a lie. I decided to post this just to really get it off my chest and start this story thread and tell the story of my character. I will update this with more stories as time goes by.

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    This is some really good, quality writing, honestly. A great read!

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