hello there mei may here, I always questioned what exactly is LRP what is MRP what is HRP to other players. as what I always consider Rping to be very up to interpretation.
I viewed LRP as character behaving in a very minimal way of interacting with others the player are able to act as they may without much restriction
MRP as characters acting somewhat more reasonable and fitting but is restricted by the players knowledge and capability
HRP as characters acting in a way that is expected of the role they are and to act exclusively based upon the game lore. they are to act as if they were literally that character in that situation. Which is what roleplaying is suppose to be, but why it differ from person to person is because not everyone want to play the game the same way as other people. Is it right or wrong for what you want to do to be viewed as LRP because a certain group of people say so otherwise? what would you've done?
I just moved on from it and avoided talking to people. I myself can't do anything to know what do the other people want. the closest I ever saw to HRP would be dreven.

well uh good luck lol