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Thread: Luis's guide to cooking 101

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    Luis's guide to cooking 101

    Luis's shitty guide to cooking:

    You want to be a GOOOD Mess Sergeant in the USS Almayer USS Kindergarden ? Cook decent and good dishes and not being mocked upon by the commanding officer who said over the command communications console that you will serve EVERY single marine before deployment ?! Look no further! Dont look the post, this guide contains what you should know before rolling Mess Sergeant i hope.

    This is somewhat how your average Mess Sergeant should have done in 1 hour or less.

    1) The tools of cooking, and how to use them.

    As a Mess Sergeant you spawn in the USS Almayer's R&R (Rest & Relaxation) kitchen, you're provided with 2 Meat fridges, 2 'Grocery' Fridges and 2 Refrigerators, a dinnerware to serve drinks (if you can mix them), a low budget grinder. And the good ol' rusty microwave. On the south you've got an smaller storage with an extra Meat Fridge and sometimes toolboxes. You are also been outfitted with some shutters to go in and out of the kitchen avoid gunfire from angry marines, grenades, UPP grenades, and xenos,THESE FRIDGES ARE YOUR PRIMARY INGREDIENTS WITH VALUABLE ITEMS TO DO YOUR JOB!, your role CURRENTLY currently, cause there will be some idiot that will do some dumb shit to get their stats removed has the same abilities as a Maintenance Technician, that means you can edit, expand, or simply upgrade your kitchen to your liking.

    I've replaced my squad friends for these, they are my friends.

    You are also outfitted with a few communcations channels.

    Medical: To ask annoy the Researchers food from their hydrophonics lab.
    Command: Cause apparently a cook is on the chain of command, be annyoing with command or be creative.
    Alpha/Bravo/Charlie/Delta: If you're lucky, you could ask the marines to bring you a proper Booze-O-Matt or food supplies Only in Big Red/LV-624/Sokoryne Strata or whatever its his name/Ice Colony/CORSAT/Trijent.
    Supply: For when you fuck up so bad flour/milk/eggs are gone When you're out of ingredients.

    2) What i do ?

    Sadly you're not Gordon Ramsay, or Franck Giovannini, Sven Elverfeld, Heinz Reitbauer, Bernard Pacaud, Albert AdriĆ , Joachim Wissler, Nancy Silverton, Julia Turshen, etc etc.
    You're a Military cook in the worst ship possible, the marines will beat you to death for 'poisioning' them with the drinks you serve cause you can still suicide drinking Universal Enzyme due the cold effect drinks provide and developers didint seem to fix yet, mocked for the food you serve and other things i forgot to list on this guide.

    Your job is to provide ANY sort of food to the USCM Marines & USS Almayer personell on this crappy ship, you're the chef, not a bartender so you MAY serve them what they want, its your kitchen, your rules.

    A proper amount of food prepared in 29 minutes, enough for most of the marines who come here.

    3) How do i cook ?

    This is what you silly unga want to see probably, be AWARE!, the CM code is a mix of a lot of codes, TG cooking recipes do not work here here, other cooking codebases recipes such as NT work, ONLY /TG/ DRINK RECIPES (Most of them) WORK IN THE SERVER!.

    I shall leave most of the recipes i mostly use during my time as a Mess Sergeant so you can use them, extra recipes posted/suggested/given were added:

    Basic things you should know:

    THE MOST IMPORTANT INGREDIENT TO COOK MOST OF THE TIMES!: Grab 1 egg and slap it onto the flour (Yes its like that, dont ask me how).

    Microwave a dough and done, yes, its simple.

    Grab 1 dough & 1 egg and put it on the microwave (So you can make massive piles of fucking garbage that goes off the screen and lose all ingredients or a mixed variated amount of food).

    Flat bread:
    Use your rolling pin on dough, FLAT BREAD DOES NOT WORK FOR PIZZAS & CAKES, THIS DOES!

    The holy grail of a cook, mix 40u's of milk and 5 Universal Enzyme.

    A disgusting ingredient, mix 20u's of soy milk and 5 Universal Enzyme.

    Ingredients required: 1x meatball, 1x cutlet

    Actual cooking recipes!: These are the basic things you can do with most of the USS Almayer kitchen's supplies.

    Ingredients required: 1x whitebeet, 1x cabbage
    Mix in: 10u Water

    Wish Soup
    Ingredients required: 20u water

    Hot Chili
    Ingredients required: 1x chili, 1x tomato, 1x meat
    Mix in: 10u Water

    Vegetable soup
    Ingredients required: 1x carrot, 1x potato, 1x corn, 1x eggplant
    Mix in: 10u Water

    Tomato Soup
    Ingredients required: 2x tomato
    Mix in: 10u Water

    chantrelle soup
    Ingredients required: 1x mushroom
    Mix in: 5u Water, 5u Milk

    Meatball soup
    Ingredients required: 1x meatball, 1x carrot, 1x potato
    Mix in: 10u Water

    Mystery soup
    Ingredients required: 1x Burned mess, 1x Tofu, 1x Cheese wedge, 1 egg
    Mix in: 10u Water

    A perfect way to say 'Goodbye' to the burned mess you just made and make it a bit less worthless, they're filled with random chemicals such as carbon, standard toxins, Tricozardine, watch when you eat one.

    Meat Steak
    Ingredients required: 1x meat, 1u Salt, 1u Pepper

    Fried Egg
    Ingredients required: 1x egg, 1u Salt, 1u Pepper

    Space Fries
    Ingredients required: 1x Raw potato sticks

    Cheesy Fries
    Ingredients required: 1x Space Fries, 1x Cheese wedge

    Donk Pocket
    Ingredients required: 1x meatball, 1x dough

    Omelette Du Fromage
    Ingredients required: 2x egg, 2x Cheese wedge

    Tofu Bread
    Ingredients required: 3x dough, 3x tofu, 3x cheese wedge

    Meat Bread
    Ingredients required: 3x dough, 3x meat, 3x cheese wedge

    Banana Bread
    Ingredients required: 3x dough, 1x banana, 5u milk, 15u Sugar

    Eggplant Parmigiana
    Ingredients required: 2x Cheese wedge, 1x eggplant

    Ingredients required: 1x Spaghetti, 2x tomato
    Mix in: 5u Water

    Spaghetti & Meatballs
    Ingredients required: 1x Spaghetti, 2x meatball
    Mix in: 5u Water

    Burger (Booorgar)
    Ingredients required: 1x meat, 1x bun

    Ingredients required: 1x dough, 5u sugar
    Considering the MP SecTech vendors have 12 & 2 Yum Donut boxes, you wont need this.

    Tofu Burger
    Ingredients required: 1x bun, 1x tofu

    Ingredients required: 2x dough, 10u sugar

    Ingredients required: 2x tomato, 1x meat, 1x potato, 1x carrot, 1x eggplant, 1x mushroom, 10u water

    Donk Pocket
    Ingredients required: 1x meatball, 1x dough

    Big Bite burger (Boorgar)
    Ingredients required: 1x burger, 3x meat

    Ingredients required: 1x cutlet, 1x corn, 2x chili

    Ingredients required: 1x dough slice, 1x cutlet, 1x Cheese wedge
    One of the best recipes, easy, filling, and able to produce en masse.

    tossed salad
    Ingredients required: 2x cabbage, 1x tomato, 1x carrot, 1x apple

    fruit salad
    Ingredients required: 1x orange, 1x apple, 1x grapes, 1x watermelon

    PIZZAS: The main ingredient for these ones is the TOMATOES,these are the only pizzas you can make in CM.

    Vegetable pizza
    Ingredients required: 1x flat dough, 1x Cheese wedge, 1x eggplant, 1x carrot, 1x corn, 1x tomato
    Additionally, Italian combat research allows you to put it on your helmet, tactical pizza roll.

    Ingredients required: 1x flat dough, 4x Cheese wedge, 1x tomato

    Ingredients required: 1x flat dough, 3x meat, 1x Cheese wedge, 1x tomato

    Ingredients required: 1x flat dough, 1x Cheese wedge, 5x mushroom, 1x tomato

    SWEETS: Want to write disguised death threats in fortune cookies to some Deltards or Alphatards ? This is the way:

    Ingredients required: 1x dough
    Mix in: 5u Milk, 5u Sugar

    Fortune cookie
    Ingredients required: 1x dough slice, 1x sheet of paper
    Mix in: 5u Sugar

    Apple Pie
    Ingredients required: 1x flat dough, 1x apple

    Meat Pie
    Ingredients required: 1x flat dough, 1x meat

    Tofu Pie
    Ingredients required: 1x flat dough, 1x tofu

    Carrot Cake
    Ingredients required: 3x dough, 3x carrot, 5u Milk, 15u Sugar

    Cheese Cake
    Ingredients required: 3x dough, 2x cheese wedge, 5u Milk, 15u Sugar

    Lime Cake
    Ingredients required: 3x dough, 3x eggs, 2x limes, 5u Milk

    Lemon Cake
    Ingredients required: 3x dough, 3x eggs, 2x lemon, 5u Milk

    Orange Cake
    Ingredients required: 3x dough, 3x eggs, 2x orange, 5u Milk

    Xenomorph Food: You will require a predator in the round/admin assistance to obtain xeno meat, the only current way is mostly with the predators butchering xenomorphs (They'll leave the meat, stated on the Honour code to not hunt for food).

    Xeno Boorgar
    Ingredients required: 1x dough, 1x xeno-meat

    Xeno Bread
    Ingredients required: 3x dough, 3x xeno-meat, 3x cheese wedge

    Xeno Pie
    Ingredients required: 1x flatdough, 1x xeno-meat

    Acid Spit (Drink)
    Ingredients required: 5u Wine, 5u Sulphuric acid
    NOTE: You're gonna need a chem dispenser (Medical staff) for that.

    4) How do i make drinks ? Ghetto VA-11 HALL-A Edition

    A fair amount of drinks prepared already and ready to serve to intoxicate the living shit out of every marine and officer.

    Always wanted to be a cyberpunk bartender just like Jill in Glitch City ? TOO FUCKING BAD CAUSE YOU WONT! Instead you can be the conselour for those marines who are worn out on this cursed operation/s while serving drinks on a 2d spessmen game.


    1 - Obtain a Booze-O-Matt, serve drinks only to marines off-duty or face the brig for intoxicating marines.

    2 - Be an stealthy Metal Gear Solid reference and sneak into the Commander's mess, Wine & Whiskey may be obtained there.

    3 - Your Soda fountain and some vegetables have the reagents to make alcoholic drinks, i shall list you a few here.

    BEWARE: DRINKS ARE CURRENTLY ABLE TO FREEZE YOU TO DEATH, drink slowly and with caution, i've seen too many people die cause they drank iced coffee.

    For more alcoholic drink recipes, please visit:

    Note: Both are almost the same.

    Non-alcoholic drinks

    Ingredients: 5u's of Universal Enzyme, 5 Ice, 5 Milk, 5u Cream
    You may not serve a Nazi officer an strawberry Milkshake like in Wolfenstein, but this works quite well.

    Iced tea (Its on the soda fountain, but as a memoir for the 2018 CM MT's)
    Ingredients required: 5u Duke Purple tea (Its 'tea), 5u Ice.
    NOTE: Both can be obtained hacking a hot drinks machine (The Red one)

    Iced coffee
    Ingredients required: 5u Coffee, 5u Ice
    Nothing more to be said

    Alcoholic drinks: Soda fountain edition.

    Ingredients required: 5u Universal Enzyme, 5u Coffee, 5u Cream

    Ingredients required: 5u Universal Enzyme, 5u potato juice
    NOTE: To obtain potato juice, grind a potato.

    Ingredients required: 5u Water, 5u Sugar, 5u Universal Enzyme

    Black Russian
    Ingredients required: 5u Vodka, 5u Kahula

    White russian
    Ingredients required: 5u Black Russian, 5u Cream

    Sui Dream
    Ingredients: 10u Orange Juice, 10u Melon Juice, 5u Universal Enzyme, 5u Space-Up

    5) Wait

    Yep, this is how R&R looks most of the times.

    Yes, the step 5 is waiting, most of the marines will be probably fed up in crappy nutrient bars or MRE's and planetside, which means you'll be either alone or with one folk from the USS Kindergarden staff.
    During this step i suggest you is to get some proper music or a distraction after cooking, you'll be alone most of the times.

    Here's a proper music to hear while mixing drinks and probably waiting for 27 minutes for anyone, at least make it less painful for yourself.
    VA-11 HALL-A OST - A New Frontier
    REDLINE OST - Yellow Line
    Lazerhawk - Overdrive
    Aliens vs Predator (2010) OST - Club Hive

    Your choice, you can always go to cryo and give up to Gordon Ramsay and be an stupid sandwich forever.

    6) TIPS!

    - Serve alcoholic ONLY to marines that are 'off-duty' (Not going down yet), else you'll be charged with intoxication (and the marine being intoxicated) if the MP's look at the ML.

    - Alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks can cause effects (Until the developers patch them),for example: Anti-Freeze can heat up a marine quickly (Useful if you drank too much and you're freezing to death).

    - Waste as less ingredients as possible, a chantrelle soup is both good and efficient when it comes to nourishing & ingredient use (5u Milk, 5u water, 1 mushroom).

    - REMEMBER: You're feeding a batallion, make as much food as possible.

    - Suggest serving drinks alongside food if you want to.

    - Charge a fee for the marines that wish to drink alcoholic brevages.

    - Create some funny gimmick (if you can).

    - Dont waste all your food making massive sandwiches, its not only retarded, you lose most of your ingredients and any deltard or unga can steal it.
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    Everyone's talking about xenos, upp, clf, I just wanna grill for God's sake!

    +1 good guide but you forgot blue curacao, 5u UE and any amount orange juice. Also pretty sure baycode recipes are used, not tg
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    This is the best. I get constant mentorhelps asking how to cook and until now I could only say "here's the link to baystation food and drinks, good luck half of them don't work"

    Now I'm even more excited to attempt to get the mess sargeant role for the first time. I swear I think that job is more coveted than specs from how unlucky I've been in getting it.

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    You're correct, just wrote it at 10u mostly to make 45u of Sui Dream.

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    Heres some recipes I know work from bay:

    - Tofu Bread
    - Enchiladas
    - Taco

    Here are some recipes I think might work
    - Meat Bread
    - Sausage (forgot how but i know i've seen them on the server before)

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    Other microwave recipes

    About a month ago someone gave me a link to the recipes. As far as I can tell they aren't outdated (I didn't test ALL of them though). Also, I'm only including the ones Luis didn't mention. (Remember that "cutlet" means a COOKED cutlet specifically. I may have burned an embarrassing amount of food before remembering that.)

    • Boiled egg - egg (5u water)
    • Jelly donut - dough (5u berry juice, 5u sugar)
    • Donut - dough (5u sugar)
    • Burger - bun, meat (different burger types based on meat used)
    • Brainburger - bun, brain
    • Roburger - flour, robot head
    • Fishburger - bun, carp meat
    • Tofuburger - bun, tofu
    • Clownburger - bun, clown hat
    • Mimeburger - bun, beret
    • Hot dog - bun, sausage
    • Waffles - 2x dough (10u sugar)
    • Donk Pocket - dough, meatball (You can also heat a cold donk pocket. Hot donk pockets have tricord in them.)
    • Meatbread - 3x dough, 3x meat, 3x cheese
    • Bananabread - 3x dough, banana (5u milk, 15u sugar)
    • Soylent viridians - 3x flour, soybeans
    • Soylent green - 3x flour, 2x long pig
    • Carrot cake - 3x dough, 3x carrot (5u milk, 15u sugar)
    • Cheesecake - 3x dough, 2x cheese wedge (5u milk, 15u sugar)
    • Plaincake - 3x dough (5u milk, 15u sugar)
    • Meatpie - flat dough, meat
    • Pie - flat dough, banana (5u sugar)
    • Cherrypie - flat dough, cherries (10u sugar)
    • Berryclafoutis - flat dough, berries (I have no idea what that name is)
    • Chaos donut - dough (5u frost oil, 5u capsaicin, 5u sugar)
    • Kabob - metal rod, 2x meat
    • Tofukabob - metal rod, 2x meat
    • Tofubread - 3x dough, 3x tofu, 3x cheese wedge
    • Loaded baked potato - potato, cheese wedge
    • Cuban carp - dough, chilli, carpmeat
    • Popcorn - Care to guess? It might start with "c"
    • Cookie - dough, chocolate bar (5u sugar, 5u milk)
    • Spacy Liberty Duff - 3x liberty cap (5u water, 5u vodka)
    • Amanita jelly - 3x amanita (5u water, 5u vodka) (Has amatoxin in it)
    • Nettle soup - nettle, potato, egg (10u water)
    • Cold Chilli - meat, ice pepper, tomato
    • Amanita pie - amanita, flat dough
    • Plump pie - flat dough, plum helmet (On the plump pie you see a masterful engraving of Private Unga engraving himself engraving a stylised depiction of a cheese wedge)
    • Big bite burger - monkeyburger, 3x meat, egg
    • Echiladas - cutlet, 2x chilli, corn
    • Cream cheese bread - 3x flour, 2x cheese wedge
    • Monkey's delight - flour, monkey cube, banana (1u salt, 1u pepper)
    • Baguette - 2x dough (1u salt, 1u pepper)
    • Fish & chips - fries, carp meat
    • Birthday cake - 3x dough, cake hat (5u milk, 5u sugar)
    • Sandwich - steak, 2x bread slice, cheese wedge (The not custom kind)
    • Toasted sandwich - sandwich
    • Grilled cheese - 2x bread slice, cheese wedge
    • Roffle waffles - 2x dough (5u psylocybin, 10u sugar)
    • Stew - tomato, meat, potato, carrot, eggplant, mushroom (10u water)
    • Jellied toast - bread slice (5u cherry jelly)
    • Milosoup - 2x soy dope, 2x tofu (10u water)
    • Stewed soy meat - 2x soy dope, carrot, tomato (Stew with no water. The air is liquid enough. @the microwave)
    • Boiled spaghetti - spaghetti (5u water)
    • Boiled rice - (5u water, 10u rice) (rice is a chemical, trust me @the microwave)
    • Rice pudding - (5u milk, 10u rice)
    • Poppy pretzel - poppyseed, dough
    • Spesslaw - spaghetti, 4x meatball (5u water)
    • Super bite burger - Big Bite Burger, dough, meat, tomato, cheese wedge, boiled egg (5u salt, 5u pepper)
    • Candied apple - apple (5u water, 5u sugar)
    • Apple cake - 3x dough, 2x apple (5u milk, 5u sugar)
    • Jelly burger - bun (5u cherry jelly)
    • Twobread - 2x bread slice (5u wine)
    • Cherry sandwich - 2x bread slice (5u cherry jelly)
    • Lemon cake - 3x flour, 3x egg, 2x lemon (5u milk)
    • Chocolate cake - 3x flour, 3x egg, 2x chocolate bar (5u milk)
    • Blood soup - 2x blood tomato (10u blood)
    • Braincake - 3x flour, 3x egg, brain (5u milk)
    • Chocolate egg - egg, chocolate bar
    • Sausage - meatball, cutlet
    • Fish fingers - 2x flour, egg, carp meat
    • Pumpkin pie - flour, pumpkin, egg (5u milk, 5u sugar)
    • Plump helmet buiscuit - plump helmet, flour (5u water)
    • Chawanmushi - 2x egg, chanterelle (5u water, 5u soy sauce)
    • Apple tart - 3x flour, egg, golden apple (5u sugar, 5u milk)
    • Aesir salad - 3x ambrosia deus, golden apple
    • Valid salad - 3x ambrosia vulgaris, potato, meatball (I think this has toxin in it)
    • Cracker - dough slice (1u salt)
    • Stuffing - bread (5u water, 1u salt, 1u pepper)
    • Tofu turkey - 2x tofu, stuffing
    • Mint - (5u sugar, 5u frost oil)
    • Orange cake - 3x flour, 3x egg, 2x orange (5u milk)
    • Lime cake - 3x flour, 3x egg, 2x lime (5u milk)
    • Lemon cake - 3x flour, 3x egg, 2x lemon (5u milk)

      Xenomeat recipes (I mentorhelped about this at one point and was told that only preds could butcher xenos. So I'm not sure if you need their weapons for it, or if it's just impossible for humans)
    • Xenoburger - bun, xenomeat
    • Xenomeat bread - 3x dough, 3x xenomeat, 3x cheese wedge
    • Xenomeat pie - flat dough, xenomeat
    • Wingfangchu - xenomeat (5u soy sauce)
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    Also, I'm still convinced that the microwave is possessed as far as lore is concerned. a marine puts the wrong ingredient combo into that thing and then it just gets pissed and incinerates it because he didn't follow the manual perfectly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sigil View Post
    Also, I'm still convinced that the microwave is possessed as far as lore is concerned. a marine puts the wrong ingredient combo into that thing and then it just gets pissed and incinerates it because he didn't follow the manual perfectly.
    The Microwave instantly breaks down when you try to do some recipe that WAS on the code (Probably deleted), there's also the crappy thing that says 'You dont know what to cook with 'Insert item' most of the times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luis (Failing at life) View Post
    The Microwave instantly breaks down when you try to do some recipe that WAS on the code (Probably deleted), there's also the crappy thing that says 'You dont know what to cook with 'Insert item' most of the times.
    One of two things I actually miss from when I played on goonstation is the cooking system. Ectoplasm cake with coffee icing? Check. CLF3 with phlogiston on top? Perfection
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    I THINK these are all correct. Haven't tested all of them, but they should work. Also, first, I would like to give a shoutout to our sponsor the universal enzyme.

    • Goldschlager - 10u vodka, 1u gold
    • Patron - 10u tequilla, 1u silver
    • Bilk - 1u milk, 1u beer
    • Iced tea - 1u ice, 3u tea
    • Iced coffee - 1u ice, 3u coffee
    • Nuka Cola - 1u uranium, 6u cola
    • Moonshine - 10u nutriment, 5u uni enzyme
    • Grenadine Syrup - 10u berry juice, 5u uni enzyme
    • Wine - 10u grape juice, 5u uni enzyme
    • Poison Wine - 10u poison berry juice, 5u uni enzyme
    • Melon Liquor - 10u watermelon juice, 5u uni enzyme
    • Blue Curacao - 10u orange juice, 5u uni enzyme
    • Space Beer - 10u corn oil, 5u uni enzyme
    • Vodka - 10u potato, 5u uni enzyme
    • Sake - 10u rice, 5u uni enzyme
    • Kahlua - 5u coffee, 5u sugar, 5u uni enzyme
    • Gin and Tonic - 2u gin, 1u tonic
    • Cuba Libre - 2u rum, 1u cola
    • Martini - 2u gin, 1u vermouth
    • Vodka Martini - 2u vodka, 1u vermouth
    • White Russian - 3u black russian, 2u cream
    • Whiskey Cola - 2u whiskey, 1u cola
    • Screwdriver - 2u vodka, 1u orange juice
    • Bloody Mary - 1u vodka, 2u tomato juice, 1u lime juice
    • Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster - 1u vodka, 1u gin, 1u whiskey, 1u cognac, 1u lime juice
    • Brave Bull - 2u tequilla, 1u kahlua
    • Tequilla Sunrise - 2u tequilla, 1u orange juice
    • Toxins Special - 2u rum, 1u vermouth, 2u phoron
    • The Doctor's Delight - 1u lime juice, 1u tomato juice, 1u orange juice, 1u cream, 1u tricordrazine
    • Irish Cream - 2u whiskey, 1u cream
    • The Manly Dorf - 1u beer, 2u ale
    • Hooch - 1u sugar, 2u ethanol, 1u fuel
    • Irish Coffee - 1u irish cream, 1u coffee
    • B-52 - 1u irish cream, 1u kahlua, 1u cognac
    • Atomic Bomb - 10 B-52, 1u uranium
    • Margarita - 2u tequilla, 1u lime juice
    • Long Island Iced Tea - 1u vodka, 1u gin, 1u tequilla, 1u Cuba Libre
    • Three Mile Island Iced Tea - 10u Long Island Iced Tea, 1u uranium
    • Whiskey Soda - 2u whiskey, 1u soda water
    • Black Russian - 3u vodka, 2u kahlua
    • Manhattan - 2u whiskey, 1u vermouth
    • Manhattan Project - 10u manhattan, 1u uranium
    • Vodka and Tonic - 2u vodka, 1u tonic
    • Gin Fizz - 2u gin, 1u soda water, 1u lime juice
    • Bahama mama - 2u rum, 2u orange juice, 1u lime juice, 1u ice
    • Singulo - 5u vodka, 1u radium, 5u wine
    • Allies Cocktail - 1u martini, 1u vodka
    • Demons Blood - 1u rum, 1u space mountain wind, 1u blood, 1u dr. gibb
    • Booger - 1u cream, 1u banana, 1u rum, 1u watermelon juice
    • Anti-freeze - 2u vodka, 1u cream, 1u ice
    • Barefoot - 1u berry juice, 1u cream, 1u vermouth
    • Grape Soda - 2u grape juice, 1u cola
    • Sbiten - 10u vodka, 1u capsaicin
    • Red Mead - 1u blood, 1u mead
    • Mead - 1u sugar, 1u water, 5u uni enzyme
    • Iced Beer - 10u beer, 1u frost oil
    • Iced Beer - 5u beer, 1u ice
    • Grog - 1u rum, 1u water
    • Soy Latte - 1u coffee, 1u soy milk
    • Cafe Latte - 1u coffee, 1u soymilk
    • Acid Spit - 1u sulphuric? acid, 5u wine
    • Amasec - 1u iron, 5u wine, 5u vodka
    • Changeling Sting - 1u screwdriver, 1u lime juice, 1u lemon juice
    • Aloe - 1u cream, 1u whiskey, 1u watermelon juice
    • Andalusia - 1u rum, 1u whiskey, 1u lemon juice
    • Neurotoxin - 1u Pan-galactic Gargle Blaster, 1u soporific
    • Snow White - 1u beer, 1u lemon lime
    • Irish Car Bomb - 1u ale, 1u irish cream
    • Syndicate Bomb - 1u beer, 1u whiskey cola
    • Erika Surprise - 1u ale, 1u lime juice, 1u whiskey, 1u banana, 1u ice
    • Devils Kiss - 1u blood, 1u kahlua, 1u rum
    • Hippies Delight - 1u psilocybin, 1u Pan-galactic Gargle Blaster
    • Banana Honk - 1u banana, 1u cream, 1u sugar
    • Silencer - 1u nothing, 1u cream, 1u sugar (I know that nothing is a cocktail on bay12, but I can't find anything about it being mixable here. The recipes it's used in still exists though.)
    • Driest Martini - 1u nothing, 1u gin
    • Lemonade - 1u lemon juice, 1u sugar, 1u water
    • Kira Special - 1u orange juice, 1u lime juice, 1u soda water
    • Brown Star - 2u orange juice, 1u cola
    • Milkshake - 1u cream, 2u ice, 2u milk
    • Rewriter - 1u space mountain wind, 1u coffee
    • Sui Dream - 2u space-up, 1u blue curacao, 1u melon liquor

    Also, remember that OTs got empty reagent tanks in their workshop and engineering.

    Some of the drinks also don't really mix reliably, for example, I added uranium and space cola to make nuka-cola and it didn't work. The next round it did, after I poured the cola from a different container instead of the drink dispenser. So just keep it in mind when mixing.
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