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Thread: (Copper Wilson) & (NapoleonicNapoleon) - 3, 4 and 6

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    (Copper Wilson) & (NapoleonicNapoleon) - 3, 4 and 6

    Player Report
    Your Byond ID?

    Date of Incident
    September 16, 2020

    Your Character Name?
    Johnathan Digson

    Accused Byond Key(if known):
    (Copper Wilson) & (NapoleonicNapoleon)

    Accused Character Name
    Ryan Goodman the military Warden and Jozef 'Jo' Krska the Chief MP

    Approximate time and date of the incident (Central US Time for fastest results)
    12:15 am

    What rule(s) were broken:
    3, 4 and 6

    Description of the incident:
    I joined in ERT and spawned as a Weston Yamada agent. Went to talk to the CL to make sure he knew I was not there to kill people and RP a bit, went pretty well, then I head to the lower deck where im intercepted by the Military Warden Ryan Goodman and he questions me about my presence on the ship, I tell him I'm there on behalf of the company, he tells me Im a stowaway after which he proceeds to take my briefcase away and cuff me. I was not carrying anything incriminating nor had I taken any objectives yet so no "suspicious transmission" message had appeared yet, he did not inform me that I was being arrested nor detained and he did not tell me what crime I was in cuffs for.

    I was taken to the interrogation room in brig where the CMP learns abouts the situation and proceeds to approve of it, at this point I had Ahelped regarding the arrest for no reason, Admin Rezbit asks me if im in cuffs and I confirm it , he was busy so I was transferred to Admin KingPhilipIII who replies :"Alright I'll get you out of here ICly. MP = Bad, arresting the stowaway for existing is boring".

    While this is going on the MW is interrogating me, I tell him he's not following Marine Law procedures and that he cannot arrest me and keep me detained because he feels like it. He claims im not under arrest despite the obvious and proceeds to interrogate me about my identity again. Keep in mind Admin KingPhilippIII had sent a WY fax telling the CMP to release me immediately, that both the MW and the CMP proceeded to ignore and keep me there without anything else. At this point the round was almost over and the dropship was hijacked. I had spent almost my entire round in brig.

    The CMP releases me and the ship crashes few seconds later, I walk out the brig and im killed in a few moments by around xenos while trying to get a flaslight and a crowbar. KingPhilippIII was trying to get permission to send a PMC team to enforce something that should've been resolved as soon as the CMP learned of it.

    My entire round was griefed by both the MW who arrested me because he wanted to meta the stowaway and the CMP who rather to adhere to Marine Law or any RP standards decided to just go along with it. Keep in mind I had no suspicious items on me or any items aside from a pack of WY Gold cigs, remained respectful at all times and never resisted nor physically threatened the CMP or the MW.

    Evidence (screenshots, logs, etc):
    It is all in the logs I suppose. But here's my Ahelp about it

    "PM to Staff (AdminHelp):
     MP arrested me for no reason, Metaing the fact im stowaway

    Moderator PM from Rezbit: Yo, were you put in handcuffs or anything

    PM to Rezbit: Im still cuffed and had my stuff taken away, nothing suspicious was in it, just a briefcase empty

    Moderator PM from Rezbit: Hey, I'm busy at the moment, so I'm transfering it over to KingPhilip

    SeniorModerator PM from KingPhilipIII: Alright I'll get you out of here ICly. MP = Bad, arresting the stowaway for existing is boring.

    PM to Rezbit: Sure, just wish MPs could stop the meta stuff, kinda ruining my round

    PM to Rezbit: aaaaand round about to end, great, that's one roll of the rare stowaway down the drain

    PM to Rezbit: Still arrested in here

    PM to KingPhilipIII: Still being kep locked in here for no actual crime

    SeniorModerator PM from KingPhilipIII: Don't worry you'll be released shortly.

    -------This is after the admin had sent a fax and he thought the CMP was gonna actually care about it-------

    PM to KingPhilipIII: Yeah but the round is about to end, like I dont wanna be a dick but these MPs straight up griefed my round

    PM to KingPhilipIII: Disregarding marine law in the process I must say

    SeniorModerator PM from KingPhilipIII: End of the day, he didn't strictly violate the law in a manner I can punish him. All I can do is try to be faster next time about intervening.

    PM to KingPhilipIII: I mean for one arresting people without a crime is breaking marine law, I was never told I was being arrested and Im still being kept here without any actual crime

    SeniorModerator PM from KingPhilipIII: Wow. Send a fax, send SM's that its' real and they're still doubting the authenticity of it. Just wow.

    PM to KingPhilipIII: Yeeep and Im still here

    Dropship Alert

    Unscheduled dropship departure detected from operational area. Hijack likely. Shutting down autopilot.

    PM to KingPhilipIII: Still detained

    PM to KingPhilipIII: Should I ghost or something ?

    SeniorModerator PM from KingPhilipIII: Was hoping they'd just fucking get the point eventually. Well might as well ask for permission to go all the way.

    PM to KingPhilipIII: Yeah I think CMP is just straight up not giving a fuck and doing what he wants

    SeniorModerator PM from KingPhilipIII: I tried. Goddamnit.



    SeniorModerator PM from KingPhilipIII: Gonna speak to them about this though. The fact they didn't get the message was just dumb.

    PM to KingPhilipIII: Released me when the ship crashed, got immediately jumped by xenos, what a great waste of a round, now I'd like to report both the MP that arrested me and the CMP
    PM to KingPhilipIII: Like a player report

    SeniorModerator PM from KingPhilipIII: Ckeys are Ryan Goodman (Copper Wilson) the military Warden, and Jozef 'Jo' Krska (NapoleonicNapoleon) the Chief MP.

    PM to KingPhilipIII: Thanks

    SeniorModerator PM from KingPhilipIII: If the round had lasted a little longer I was about to get permission to send PMCs to retrieve you.

    PM to KingPhilipIII: Still doesn't change the fact that should've ended soon as the CMP knew I was being arrested just because and not have to wait the entire round for an admin to have to get permission

    How you would punish the accused:
    Warnings, job ban is a bit much. I just dont want this to happen again to me or someone else that spawns as agent.

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    Johnathan meets the Warden:
    Spoiler Spoiler:

    The Arrest:
    Spoiler Spoiler:

    Dragged to the Brig and is questioned further:
    Spoiler Spoiler:

    The SM's:
    Spoiler Spoiler:

    They are SM'd about a fax/response to said fax:
    Spoiler Spoiler:

    He is still stuck in the brig and the DS eventually crashes:
    Spoiler Spoiler:

    All Admin Helps:
    Spoiler Spoiler:
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    Right so being the one that handled this. I recognize that they're not being unreasonable to detain someone who's ID literally says Stowaway, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. Felt like it was within my power and authority to try and restore agency to him, but didn't want to just kick down the door in PMs and say "YO RELEASE THIS DUDE YOU'RE BEING BORING"

    The fact they didn't pick up on all the obvious indications to release him was what was absurd, to the extent it wouldn't be hard to convince me they were just being willfully ignorant. I was fully prepared to go ping someone with the authority to authorize me to make a full event and just send in PMCs to make them release him by force if neccesary when hijack started and he got mauled by aliens.

    Don't care what anyone says, detaining someone and removing their agency because of the role they spawned into that's not openly antagonistic is dumb. Any other times the MPs arrest someone they by choice or by action got themselves into it, and are punished ICly for it. He just spawned in and was cuffed and his stuff taken, which isn't fun for him and prevents him from actually doing the entire intent of the role which is to interact with the crew and roleplay.
    Thanks to Okand for the chibi muhrine!

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    NapoleonicNapoleon will recieve a warning for Marine Law violation. He got a bunch of IC clues and directions from a Moderator to release the prisoner. Jailing someone for the sole purpose of them being a stowaway is not allowed.

    You get 10 Minutes to investigate something as per Marine Law, after that charges must be set. This here lasted around 30 minutes. if charges have not been set, the prisoner / arrested person is to be released immediately.

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