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Thread: USCM Dossier: Nia Steward

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    Post USCM Dossier: Nia Steward

    Public info
    Tak berjudul138_20201021190419_avatar.jpg
    First name: Nia
    Middle name: Cindy
    Last name: Steward
    Height: 152 CM
    Age: [REDACTED]
    Nationality: [REDACTED]


    11.06.2182 - Nia was found hiding among the cargo on one of the marines transport ships, by doctor [REDACTED]. We allowed her to stay as most staff were against executing children. Captain has ordered us to keep an eye on her and the doctor. We requested permission to question the girl, but permission was denied by the Executive Officer.
    27.06.2182 - Nia has been seen going to medbay everyday, she seems to hang around there and speaks with doctor [REDACTED] often.
    14.07.2182 - Our warden got shot trying to learn an alpha member to shoot a gun. Medbay was awfully busy, Nia approached the warden and proposed to help, the warden approved after a long pause while we tried to convince him to get a real doctor. She got the warden on his feet again in a matter of hours. It seems [REDACTED] has taught her medicine.
    27.07.2182 - Nia has been arrested for drugging a marine and dragging his corpse to Medbay. The marine was completely healed, however according to doctors had a high dose of Innaprovine and a small amount of Peridaxon in his sytem. After stern investigation Nia responded with "His liver was failing, he kept on drinking and drinking. If I didn't put him to sleep and give him Peri, he would have died on the spot. [REDACTED] should be thankful I saved his ass"
    30.10.2182 - Orders from command to release Nia from custody has been received. She will be put under Professor [Redacted] supervision, and any further Military police surveillance will not be needed further. After asking details as to why a sudden release, we have been told to "mind our own business".
    29.08.2184 - Nia has been accepted as part of the Marines forces, after many successful treatments she has proven herself to be a efficient medic even through her matters are still lacking.
    14.11.2186 - Nia has gone through training and has been deployed on to the USS Almayer. While her shooting is below average, her knowledge in medicine is useful for the battlefield.
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