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Thread: Yav, Joe Lampost, Fabez46 - Rule 15. Marine Law

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    May I just say that it was not my idea for the strait jackets its was infact the COs order to have them all restrained. I tried to ask him if we could release them because they had not done anything wrong in custody but he refused to let them be set free. what was I supposed to do may I ask? ignore the CO and let them out? or just refuse to do it and be brigged for NOD by the CO and CMP.

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    Alright, first of all i wish to thank Simplecites for grabbing all of these logs which would be no easy feat to cleanse properly.

    Now I have checked the logs, grabbed additonal logs where required and spoken with witnesses from the round to come to this verdict.

    The Chief MP and Warden violated arrest procedure and brig procedures under the recomendation made by the CO as well as due to their own choises. Examples being keeping keeping the Event characters, the xeno cultists in cuffs when brigged and straightjacketed for no real reason, however, from what i could gather they could get out of cuffs due to admin intervention.

    Due to this being an event, admin intervention from the event leader, and the report nearing 1-Month old the Chief MP and Warden will be left with a verbal warning.

    For future incidents however: Even during events, you are required to follow Marine Law unless otherwise stated by the Event Runner. You can be bwoinked during events for violating Marine Law and SoP as an MP should you not have been given permission.

    Resolved, a verbal warning will be issued to the parties involved.
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