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Thread: Staff Report - Jerkface00

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    Staff Report - Jerkface00

    Staff Report
    Your BYOND Key
    Date of Incident
    November 1, 2020
    Your Character Name?
    Leon 'Top' Konrad
    Their BYOND Key
    Approximate time and date of the incident
    2:26 AM PST was around the round start
    Which Staff Protocols ( were broken
    (conduct)Preserve the RP and the enjoyment of the server
    Description of the incident
    He is an event manager and this is a report because I am unhappy about the way the event was handled.

    I'm going to supply a lot of context so you can understand the entire round summed up. I joined as an RO about 5 minutes into the round to find no CIC. Synth gave me tablet and told me I'm in command. Sure. run briefing and give orders. I go to run CIC, my CT cryo'd. From there I am coordinating the OP, req, OB by myself. After a little bit the CMP wakes up and I assign her to req, which is great since that alleviates pressure from me. Off the bat the mission doesn't go too well, the xenos were already at SE Medbay and gave stiff resistance all the way to bar, where marines were steadily pushed back. Two bad rockets along with good screeches resulted in over 20 marines dead including all of delta. This is lowpop and I am still soloing CIC. I pull everyone back to FOB as the casualties mount.

    Now the event starts becoming apparent. CMO complains about a ghost. I put things on blue. I get a good OB in medbay with Alpha Spec Robert and the mission starts to go better. Power then fluctuates and I call CMP back to the CIC so I can set red. The power goes off and everything blacks out for like 15 seconds, then it comes back. CMP comes about a minute later, we go to red, CMP goes back to req, I go back to commanding. marines get capped, queen attacks north LZ, lurkers harrass from TCOMMs, and I pull back the 5 marines left in delta to be properly re-orged to a support role. I tell bravo SL to plug the breached TCOMMs and have marines play a passive game. With the bravo SL now at tcomms I tell teh synth to come up so we can load OB as I coordinate iwth the alpha spec again for another incendiary shell for the medbay. Things are not looking good now, the caps give the xenos around 15 numbers which isn't far from our combat strength - we are lowpop remember.

    On the bright side, we're around 88% to Defcon3, so we can just hold for a little more then we still have a shot at reinforcements. Alpha spec gives me new coords for the OB and as I'm preparing to do it the ghost man comes into CIC and kills the lights and opens doors while disarming me a couple times. Normally sure I can RP this but I am quite literally one manning the entire op. The ghost throws me into a wall which causes bleeding, it leaves sometime after.

    I ahelp at this point doing my best to remain polite and respectful, since I know it can be hard to set up events and such. But I simply did not appreciate being disarm spammed and thrown with ghost shenanigans while having to deal with the already taxing load of running lowpop on my own. I get a response: Being handled. Great.

    By a stroke of luck, I get up in time to fire the OB. It's to no avail though, about 10 mins later the OP crumbles and the queen breaches SE FOB, meaning we only have 1 layer left on the LZ. CT woke up around this time which freed up the CMP, awesome, since I needed someone to RP with the ghost since I am busy running the OP.

    I am able to coordinate a by-the-second evac with a great PO, and we escape with almost everyone besides about 10 marines who were outside and took their time evaccing. (6 or so died.)
    We bring home 2 docs, 10 ish marines and the APC. Great, stroke of luck allowed me to coordinate the evac because literally shortly after I PASS OUT AND DIE from the damage the ghost did earlier. Due to dying and being unconscious for a long time I miss defcon 3, the dropship hijack, coordination of a holdout area or evac, using any of our 80,000 money, the AA setting, AND the dropship crash. When I finally come to thanks to the cmp/synth I call the reinforcements but the xenomorphs are LITERALLY onboard, so they wake up to be slaughtered and our uncoordinated defense is a quick defeat.

    This was a difficult operation and it was literally sabotaged by this event. It could have been even worse, I could have missed both OBs, messed up the layered-FOB fallback coordination, and missed the evac itself. The fact is the operation was still messed up hardcore and my entire round was indeed ruined by this, because it was not a regular game, it was admin intervened to cause the marines a plethora of problems, at very crucial moments. It was an already challenging, losing op and it was made worse due to these events.

    Side note: These are the biggest issues of the event, there are smaller problems like how when you remove larva it turns into a mask(any clown mask for that matter.), which re-infects people. It's not funny, its stupid.
    I can provide my own screenshots but it is very late(4-5am) and I would prefer to do so tomorrow(I have to dig for them). The logs should be able to supply everything, but if they are missing something I will provide it.
    How you would punish the accused
    There needs to be regulation set in place so that admin events do not hinder the actual gameplay and enjoyment of the server. ESPECIALLY WHEN ITS LOWPOP and a single person is coordinating an entire team. It is not fun or fair for anyone involved. Besides that, you can come to a conclusion.

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    I'm doing the logs just to show you that it appears the ghost wasn't doing anything excessive

    Spoiler Spoiler:

    Your first ahelp
    Spoiler Spoiler:

    It was Holloween, so our admins and everyone with event perms were given a little bit more leeway to run spooky events. No ghost caused your demise, and the logs just show you were talking before you went unconscious, so there's no combat logs at all. After your first ahelp Jerkface00, respected your wishes and told the ghost "Don't do this or that."

    As far as the xeno clown mask thing and removed larva reinfection thing, that was a holloween build, and should be removed now or soon. The devs will be made aware. I don't see the ghost doing anything over the top that caused a major disruption.

    I understand players may or may not enjoy ghost events, but I don't see any wrongdoing here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by QuickLoad View Post
    Side note: These are the biggest issues of the event, there are smaller problems like how when you remove larva it turns into a mask(any clown mask for that matter.), which re-infects people. It's not funny, its stupid.
    For some clarity here, this isn't to do with the event, this is part of the Development Halloween branch.
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