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Thread: taterthetank - Commanding Officer Application

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    taterthetank - Commanding Officer Application

    Commanding Officer Whitelist Application
    Personal InformationByond ID?

    Player Name You Use Most?
    Tater Potatio/James Potatio Recently updated to James Pacheco

    Make a list of links to all of your ban appeals as well as whitelist and staff applications (both accepted and denied) submitted within the past year. For appeals, provide an additional ban reason and the appeal’s verdict next to the link. ITs actually really terrible, i might withdraw it because its so bad. PENDING CMP role ban, did some wacky orders during a mutiny that got me banned. Accepted

    Have you received any bans in the last month?

    What is your timezone in UTC?

    What is your discord username and handle?

    Basic Questions & StoryWhat do you think is the job of a Commander?
    By definition The job of the CO, and the primary function of the CO. Is to lead the USS Almayer and her crew through whatever Operation, engagement, or peril it and they should face. Should they succeed, or die trying, the CO must ensure that the marines and themself have done everything in their power to complete the mission at hand.

    I personally believe that the CO is the CO for a reason, and be it that a XO is commanding the operation, the CO is likely far more experienced. The CO is the commander and chief of the forces on the almayer and makes the final, hopefully calculated decision on all matters.

    And therefore it is the COs job to use his knowledge and experience for the betterment of his or her crew.

    Why do you want to be a Commanding Officer?
    I've been enjoying playing XO a lot lately, and I've gained some fair respect with the crew. I want to take it to the next step, and become a captain, not to be one of those lame (no offense) PFC COs, I want to Lead the men and women of the almayer, be it through defeat or victory.

    The CO has many more privileges, tools, and abilities than the XO, and the title of captain instills greater respect into the already good respect you should have.

    And personally, I want to see more creative, albeit stupid and likely fatal, solutions to problems (IE stalemates, instead of just nuking an area and pushing, then dying terribly.)

    Also I actually really enjoy command, and as I've grown into it I've rarely had many problems with marines. I feel well respected and want to move in as a new captain.

    What do you think you could contribute by being whitelisted?
    What I think I could contribute is my willingness to accept a good defeat by trying something different rather than dying the same old way over and over again. I would rather have fun dying than a repeat of the round after round. Honestly the more I talk about it I just sound more cookie cutter. This question is truly impossible to answer correctly.

    How will your Commanding Officer behave? Describe their character.
    James is a rather lax Captain, not really caring what hooliganism his crew is up to. Generally tries to appeal to the crew the best he can, regarding respect as the most valuable commodity when leading. While rather light on punishments he is not afraid to act harshly towards those who would put themselves before others. He is not the calmest person and tends to start yelling when a situation gets heated, but not harsh aggressive yelling, loud enough to get his point across. Despite this, he tries to act classy the majority of the time. Preferring to lead in style and wear spiffy uniforms, you will never catch him swearing. Tries to make light of a lot of situations, his sarcasm is often missed by the tone of his voice. Has an impossibly hard time working with someone he does not respect. And no, he is not Irish.

    Name and briefly describe your Commanding Officer's own ship.
    The USS Endora, a light frigate equipped with state of the art medical and search and rescue equipment. The Endora is also equipped with maintenance demanding engines capable of precise maneuvers. Although not the fastest thing.
    The ship's primary purpose is to assist in the evacuation and or rescue of crew from the navy(is that what it's called in space? Who knows) combat incidents, and other emergency events.

    The standing crew is made up of a complement of 10 EVA specialists who are also trained in Emergency medical treatment, a medical complement of 4 doctors with accompanying nurses, one chief medical officer, a security detail of 10 armed USCM marines, a chief engineer along with 2 USCM senior engineers (it's a demanding ship). and a bridge crew consisting of the captain himself, and 2 bridge officers. The crew is mainly a skeleton crew, to make room for quarters and cryo chambers belonging to rescued personnel.

    Your story (potential topics listed below)
    Its genuinely the worst part of this app, Brief history and how I became captain magically.

    ExperienceHow experienced are you with the position of a Squad Leader (SL)?
    These questions are gonna be uh LONG

    I'm quite well experienced as an SL in my mind. I usually either play Alpha or Bravo SL, acting as either a combat or foreman leader.

    If you want to keep reading my useless but true ‘experience as an SL” go ahead!

    Unfortunately for me, whenever I play a combat SL I usually take points, which is from what I've noticed, one of the best ways to keep squad cohesion, or at least keep people moving in the right direction. Aside from yelling orders, advice, and general stuff an SL should I be doing. I like to take a more head-on approach when regarding pushes, when in a stalemate or a head on battle most marines tend to stay back or timid instead of pushing, the best way to gain ground is an SL charging in screaming and praying that marines to follow you. Yelling to "PUSH!" almost never does the job. Marines are likely too caught up in fighting the enemy rather than looking at chat, they follow what they see rather than what they hear.

    As a foreman leader your job is to assign areas to secure, point out points of weakness, manage supplies and coordinate with requisitions, and lead QRFs with some of your garrison.
    It's a pretty boring and easy job for the most part and most of your squad ditches without saying a word. Also, you get to yell at incompetent engis, and teach the new ones cause you actually have engineering skills…

    TLDR I know what it means to be an SL, and how to be a competent one. And I am experienced I think.


    How experienced are you with the position of a Staff Officer (SO)?
    In short, I have played SO, and am quite experienced. I don't really like playing it as much as a CO Role though, and I feel a little restricted. Read on if you want to hear my experiences.

    Your job as an SO is to point squads in the right direction, or at least make sure the SL knows what to do. Additional duties include setting coords for supply drops and OBs. Pointing out dead people is always a great thing too! Onto experience.

    I have to say, I don't play SO much anymore after getting in the groove of being an XO.
    The job of solely overwatching and relaying orders is a tad redundant to me. If you have a competent SL in charge of their squads, they pretty much self manage. Ive noticed during my time as XO that when SOs try to tell their squads what to do most of the time, it results in too many cooks in the kitchen situation, and a lot of frustration and even hate can spawn from that situation. Personally whenever i SO, i generally just do the minimum and don't intrude on the squad autonomy. When SOs give off too many orders themselves, it likely will screw with the COs plans.

    Honestly, whenever I play SO I just become some pesky XO wannabe. I would assume it's quite annoying.

    How experienced are you with the position of a Department Head?

    I've played my fair share of CE (20+ hours) And I have to say it is ONE of the most boring jobs. I'm well versed in the SOP regarding engineering, and I can delegate engineers to get on tasks. I usually end up deploying to help the FOB.

    MTs and OTs are autonomous, and often just want to be left alone to do their own thing. Making this role one of the suckiest Head roles to exist, but hey, you can repair the vehicle at lightning speed.

    P.S. Sorry for being an annoying CE to captains most of the time, the job is a pain and I want some action.

    It's chill, you actually have something to do.

    Being the CMO is like being a doctor on steroids, you have SLIGHTLY better skills (i dunno if that's even true) You're expected to know your medicines well, and be able to perform chemistry to a decent degree. Also, do research stuff.

    You have special permissions and stuff you can give regarding SOP and ML. Such as granting insanity, enabling certain drug use, and whatever else. I usually just end up making toxic gas and dying.

    It's a job, that's all I can say.

    Eh, truth be told in my like 300 recorded + another unrecorded 100-200 hours like a year ago, I've never once played RO, and I've only recently started playing CT. I don't find the job enjoyable to a high degree, and I've done it a good amount of times as a solo CT and XO. I know how requisitions work, and I'm experienced with head rolls to expect it to be about the same as any other. I'm confident that if someone randomly plopped me into the RO role, I would be almost as competent as a seasoned req officer. Maybe not some of the best I know of though.

    You are the head of requisitions, you do the same job as a CT except you have a louder voice, and can yell at your subordinates for doing the bad.

    Yeah this is a fun one. I've played the hell out of MP rolls to the point I don't roll them anymore.
    I've spent a good amount of time as CMP, and even more as warden because yes, I was banned from CMP for an ancient incident.

    There's not much to say, everyone hates you because you're doing your job. I try to follow marine law to the tee, and I'm usually a bit lenient on stuff I let go. It's usually best to investigate things before you take action, screwing up with your verdict can lead to nasty incidents.

    But yeah, jobs are simple, follow marine law and SOP, arrest the agents after you find them and keep the ungas in line. I mained it for a while. When stuff actually happens though, and you have a complement of MPs under your control, it's fun as hell.

    TLDR I know how to MP VERY proficiently, and I am well versed in SOP and ML.

    Hah, I know this has a section of its own, but the XO is the MAIN DEPARTMENT HEAD. The XO is essentially the heart of logistics during an operation, when of course not aCOing.
    The XO should manage Intel, JTAC roles, and general coordination of squads and requisitions.
    The XO yells at engi to do their job and load the OB, the XO yells at req to get their stuff together. Also, the XO usually deals with incidents regarding ML, so you essentially yell at the MPs to get their act together.

    Essentially, the XO is the HEAD OF PERSONNEL and chief logistics officer.

    How experienced are you with the position of the Executive Officer (XO)?
    Ah yes my favorite job, and the reason i'm even making this app(i really hope it's everyone else's reason too) I've played XO quite a bit, and that's the reason i'm even making this application.
    When the XO isn't being the CLO, the XO is the CO. By CLO I mean the XO runs the OP under the COs nose, managing all the fine aspects of JTAC, shipside affairs, and requisitions. Essentially keeping everyone on their A-game.

    But the really fun part comes in when you actually get to command. Something I've noticed lately is that COs like to let their XOs take the spotlight and provide CIC support from the corner. I respect this and greatly appreciate their gift of a leadership opportunity, this is when COs are born. While often serving under a CO as the CLO, I'm also quite often put in the spotlight. Which i do appreciate by the way. I've come quite a way from being a janky aCO to in my mind an okay solo commander, often taking the helm without a proper CO during low pop-med pop rounds.

    Respect is a big deal to me, and it's a concept I've only recently truly understood. IF you are not respected by your men, then your cohesion will fail and your OP will fall apart.
    This is a virtue I've learned from witnessing some of the recent COs, if I have not served under your command, I will likely have had my reasons, some being lack of respect.

    There's a lot more I could go on about under this topic, but I've already spent like an hour and whatnot just writing this dang experiences subsection.

    Most of this will probably be under why I want to be a real CO anyways.

    How familiar are you with Marine Law and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)?
    Very, as I've said before I mained MP for a solid amount of time.

    I'm not even going to write an essay for this topic, so that's epic.

    ScenariosWhen do you believe a Battlefield Execution should be used? List some examples of scenarios in which a battlefield execution would be correctly used.
    Contrary to what a lot of people say about BEs, they are NOT a last resort. They are a tool like pardons and stuff, and are to be used as such. While i believe judicial punishment to be the best course of action, as people can change, and good hard time sitting in a cell (likely watching a show TBH) is better than flatout removing someone from the face of the earth(or whatever god forsaken planet)

    Examples of a valid BE are:

    Someone is ACTIVELY trying to screw the operation and their allies, puting you and others at immediate and eventual risk.

    For whatever reason there are talks of mutiny (if this happens you screwed up), you can go ahead and pop the head of the conspirator with your mateba.
    ANY threat to your command is BEable, I learned that the hard way a while ago.

    I know the question doesn't actually ask you about when you can't BE, but to make sure you know i have a good understanding here it is:

    Don't execute people for being annoying or just rude, i've watched a literal commodore do this to his XO. I'm sure there was more to it, but still. Minor insults and whatnot do NOT warrant a valid BE.

    You may not murder someone if they are being held by MPs, or are otherwise restrained. UNLESS its delta alert where a normal execution cannot be carried out.

    The CO can do the funny nonstandard executions if authorized by HC. meaning they have to fax which sucks.

    Under what circumstances do you believe it is legal to pardon a prisoner? What are some examples of crimes you would pardon, and those you would not?
    Pardons are legal and reasonable as long as the pardon correlates with the efficiency of the operation, and the crime is not a capital crime.

    Honestly I see this one too much, if say an engi/spec/SG disarms an MP or fellow marine ONCE, and gets charged with assault instead of say like i dunno, something reasonable like no charge, a NJP, or a minor crime like hooliganism or disorderly conduct. I would pardon them as the arrest was stupid, and they are essential to the operation.

    I would not pardon a PFC who punched someone in the face intentionally, why would I?
    It is an example

    Also, capital crimes CANNOT be pardoned.

    TLDR you can pardon pretty much anyone who hasn't committed a capital crime, and as long as you can justify the pardon.

    And you announce and know everything regarding the crime.

    What is your routine after starting the round as either a Staff Officer or Executive Officer? Assume you joined round-start and are inside your quarters.
    The truth is, the captain usually does all this stuff so i just kinda sit around and help req and OW consoles and whatnot. If there is no CO i do this:

    (real lowpop experience)

    Wake up

    Set the LZ so the POs can get a headstart in prepping if they even exist.

    Set aSLs if proper SLs haven't woken, and give them time to coordinate.

    Announce for a brief time, then get dressed because i gotta look spiffy for the peeps.

    Check the manifest to see if we have ship engineers capable of loading the OB, Requisitions crew, and POs.

    If those do not exist I will assist requisitions, Load up the DS, and load the OB.
    (likely being cut off cause i don't have enough time)

    Attend the briefing, tell marines some nonsense about how we are gonna respond to a distress signal and something bad happened. Then give them a plan based on our numbers, squad composition, geological location, and whatever the hell else I was thinking of while doing the random tasks before brief.

    And then of course reannounce orders because most likely half the rings didn't even attend briefly, and provide a time for the POs to dust off.

    Then go back to CIC and cry until I leave to load the OB, then everyone is magically dead. (not gonna lie, always happens to me. That or an agent kidnaps me)

    How would you handle insubordinate departments? State what you would do for each department if they were insubordinate.
    Funny engineers are always insubordinate, like no joke. The way I handle, and have handled this is just annoying the hell out of them until they do their job. Of course judicial punishment is always on the table. IF they weren't doing their sole job of loading the OB shipside, then If i was feeling power trippy i could arrest em for insub and load the OB myself, or have my XO do it.

    While medical being insubordinate would be a major problem to the lives of the crew, if the entire civilian crew was just on strike. I would likely have the CMO try to force them to get in line, if the CMO is insubordinate, he or she falls under my command and can be arrested for insubordination. SOs and my XO can serve as medics to at least keep people alive, and if there was an onboard synth they could probably handle the autodocs and surgery.
    Kinda a sucky situation, cant have chems and surgery all at once. Research would be backed up too.

    Assuming req was not accepting my orders, flatout refusing to do their job, and whatever else could be a possible problem. I would likely have the RO or aRO removed from duty after several warnings, and brigged for either insub or NOD, until they have learned their lesson I could have my XO man req. Alternatively I could update one of my SOs access so they could run req, but i would prefer them to stay focused on their one duty of overwatch.

    Military Police
    They are bound by OOC rules to not be insubordinate, the only time they can is if they fax HC about removing the CO or aCO from command. To deal with the situation, I could deputize my XO or SO to remove the MPs from duty, and have them brigged for relevant charges. Although SOP and ML dictates that one MP must watch prisoners at all times (essentially they are watching themselves) I could either take a good MP, if they exist in this situation to watch over the brig. Or takeover extra overwatch duties for one of my SOs so they can watch the brig.

    How would you handle an understaffed CIC? What if you and the XO are the only available CIC crew?
    Understaffed CIC
    This is what I have to deal with on a daily basis, while it is nice to have additional SOs under my command, the XO and I would deal just fine.

    I could man the helm and provide overwatch from the ground console, if there is no other task the XO could deal with then i would simply have them stay in CIC, as they are valuable for entering coords at a moments notice, and are also likely great at providing tactical advice. (I would hope)

    If the XO is required elsewhere i could man CIC on my own just fine, as i have done it many times in previous engagements.
    (the things lowpop teaches you)

    What would you do if you were deployed and a marine told you they were going to desert the operation?
    My first impression of this engagement would be, they must be joking. I've had counts of desertion while the almayer was under my command, most of the time it was blatant cowardice like stealing the DS as an IO during an evac, what a loser. Anyways, yeah I would probably try to talk them out of it, and explain the fact that we are currently in deep space, on a hostile alien planet that they are currently deployed on.

    Depending on their actions I would have a few options.
    The marine steals the shuttle to escape the planet on his own accord, I would meet that with arrest for desertion followed by a judicial execution.

    The marine decides to wander off into the colony alone, I would just let him go. Leaving on his own is a death sentence in itself, and i would likely not have to do anything. Chances are he might get a kill.

    If he attempts to steal the shuttle, or actively endangers other Almayer crew in his attempt at desertion. The only obvious choice would be to meet his attempt with a good ol mateba to the face.

    ConfirmationsDo you understand that any player - even donors or staff members - can have their whitelist status revoked should they break our Server Rules or Roleplay Guidelines?

    Do you understand you cannot advertise or promote this application on any platform, including Discord?

    Do you also understand that you may not edit this application 1 hour after it has been posted?
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    Hey man, thanks for applying for the CO whitelist.

    Before we proceed further I would like to ask you to pick another name you will use for playing Commanding Officer. Please pick a realistic, reasonable name an actual human being would have. As the CO is explicitly a High Roleplay job comparet to the majority of other marine jobs/roles, the IC name should reflect that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sgtmike View Post
    Id like to see you more as XO before casting my vote.
    Do not post neutral vote replies on applications, they're useless to council and staff, thanks.
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    I've seen ya in CIC a little bit and you were fine, I've never seen you play as SL though.

    So if ya can play SL or someone can vouch for your competence in the role I'll be willing to +1 this.
    -1 for lack of playing SL and little command. (and I do recommend getting a new name)

    -Doctor Compy
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    If an admin approved that character name, I'm unapproving it because it's a silly name and violates the rules. I have no problem with you using 'Tater' or 'Potato' as a nickname, but yeha no. No notes or bans, but you need to change that name.
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    Greetings Commander I am quite enticed by your submitted promotion form having seen you in command roles many times. You seem to deeply care about the role and have quite a bit of fun in it. As spoken by thesoldier however you will need to relabel yourself in terms of a name.

    I am the Commodore in question regarding your BE portion who executed their XO. I respect your belief in life as a CO who would absolutely use BE as a last resort but at the same time your view of the situation is very nearsighted. I believe you were in CIC when the XO in question made very vulgar announcements directly mocking me as his superior, also I believe you were present when he pushed himself into the command bubble and set the LZ against my orders after I was having MPs arrest him.

    It is absolutely vital to understand that even in situations in this you must make a decision. This XO in question had a very bad history and was known for stirring trouble. I had to make the decision to either let MPs arrest them for insubordination and possibly see them repeat the offense multiple times, or BE them for quite literally setting the LZ to spite me after they spent not even 3 minutes into the round seeking to undermine my status as commanding officer to the entire battalion and then ask admins/mods to open a new XO spot if possible.

    BE is a tool that should always be used in the last resort absolutely, but if you find yourself facing someone who you whole-heartedly believe will hinder your abilities, your position, and the operation due to shit behavior you are within your full right to execute them. The rule of thumb always goes: If you are going to BE someone, be fully ready to back up why you did it and why it was justified. I know I was in the situation I described, along with every previous BE I have performed.

    Other then such I have no doubt you will be a fine addition to our battlegroup as we continue to fight the war on terror across Herculis. I give my warm welcome to the Third Fleet when your day comes and look forward to the ceremony.


    Commodore Greg Lauffer

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    Oof! Name Has been updated to James Pacheco!
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    My biggest concern with you was your name. Going forward James Pacheco is your name. Nothing blatantly wrong in your app besides you are able to pardon capital crimes if the pardon is approved by HC.

    I'll shoot you a few questions and watch you play and wait for more vouches in the mean-time.
    1. A man is detained on charges of Assault with a deadly weapon. They requested an appeal when they came in to the brig. They now have 3 minutes left in their sentence. How do you proceed?

    2. An SO accidentally fires an OB on FOB coords, what do you do?

    3. All IOs are dead and the fight is at a stalemate. The marines are slowly losing the ground war and a retreat to the FOB looks like it's coming soon. The RO recently cryoed and the tank is missing its driver. You have two SOs and a synthetic. What do you do?
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    1A An appeal is to handled within 10 minutes of their brig time, or half the brig sentence of perma brig (30 mins). Because the man requesting an appeal, requested one at the start of their time in brig. If the aCO/Captain, CMP, does not handle the appeal by either denying or accepting it. Then the Appeal has not been handled, and the prisoner is required to be released. This COULD be considered NOD on the person who was being appealed too I suppose, but ML doesn't say the person not attending to the appeal faces charges if not handled properly. TLDR, even though only 3 minutes are left in their sentance, marine law states because the appeal was not handled correctly, they should be released. I feel like ive screwed up somewhere here. Just checked it over, and since appeal procedures is technicly to actually handle the appeal instead of letting it slide and then not letting the prisoner go, the officer handling or faling to handle the appeal may face NOD charges.

    2A. While pretty funny its also operation/round ending if a mod did not catch it in time. If a mod did happen to catch it before it literally murders everyone in the FOB, ive actually experienced this once. Not as XO but as CMP. Seeing as nobody was harmed I found the correct charge was a firm slap on the wrist with a NOD charge. It was quite effective and they realized to be sure to check on where you are entering your coords. IF the OB was not caught by moderaters in time, which would actually really suck. Seeing as the charges are clearly manslaughter and NOD(for not being carefully with the OW console) I would have them brigged as such, as I cant ignore the fact that they probalby cost a lot of lives accidently. I would have myself or any XOs or SOs resume overwatch duty on the respective console.

    3A. Because all the IOs are dead and the RO cryoed, I would assign my XO to take over requistions if no competant CTs were present. I would need mini IO kits on the ground and on the ship, and have a good ammount of PVTs or PFCs pick them up. IF the IOs died while collecting intel and have very little on the ship, i would have my mini IO gang retrieve intel, then immediately have them return to the almayer. In the event that a substantial ammount of intel was already in the IO lab, I could assign one of my SOs and maybe still enlist some mini IOs to gather and or process more intel. Ive watched COs use researchers as ground IOs and that was pretty funny. This situation is likely desperate, and also assuming the defcon is still high i would rush to get cryoines, and if the defcon was lower i would push for the nuke. This situation leaves me with one SO and myself in CIC in most scenarios, seeing as i only need myself on the command bubble and a SO ready to input OB coords, supply coords, and provide advanced overwatch the sit would be more than managable. The only ones able to actually shoot the tank is the VCs, but the synthetic and SEA can drive the tank. While its usually more helpfull to have the synth dealing with advanced medical groundside, assuming the medics and doctors were not dead. There is nothing in synth procedure that says I Cant order the synth to take the wheel on tank. So i would have them assist in driving the tank.

    Sorry for the messy, long, and fairly contradicting answers. The last answer has a lot of different solutions depending on exact scenario, so I tried to explain most of them.
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    Competent enough for me to +1
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    ^This medals pretty cool but I have others:

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    Very good answers overall and I personally know you're as good and competent as you say you are, as I've watched you play and improve.

    Easy +1 from me!
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