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Thread: no clue - Whitelist Report.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LynuahSororitas View Post
    Yeah, looks like I also missed something, you also ordered your squad to interfere with MPs which is another rule break by itself.

    2020/11/13: [10:00:19]SAY: Broden''BigDookie''Ackers: Bro what the fuck., (CKEY: Bramb23) (JOB: Squad Leader)
    2020/11/13: [10:00:22]SAY: Broden''BigDookie''Ackers: This MP IS ATTACKING US (CKEY: Bramb23) (JOB: Squad Leader)
    2020/11/13: [10:00:29]SAY: Broden''BigDookie''Ackers: SUBDUE THE MP!! (CKEY: Bramb23) (JOB: Squad Leader)
    yeah if you got your staff buddies to pull up the other logs you could see that the MP was tazing everyone on the dropship for no reason

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    Play stupid games win stupid prizes.
    Both you and Dreven took actions that directly degraded command authority and you were shot for it.
    You specificially were given chances to cut it out, and continued to be a smartass.

    The council unanimously agreed that the BE's were both valid.

    Don't take the piss out of command, make shit stirring announcements or threaten to beat up people.
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