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Thread: Staff Report - TrustScience44

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    Staff Report - TrustScience44

    Staff Report
    Your BYOND Key
    Date of Incident
    November 19, 2020
    Your Character Name?
    Lafawanda Sha nay nay
    Their BYOND Key
    Approximate time and date of the incident
    current ongoing round
    Which Staff Protocols ( were broken
    Description of the incident
    Got pinged by a trial moderator TrustScience44. They had an issue with my player name. This is the
    3rd time ive changed it now, and on the last time I spoke with the moderator to work through some names that could
    work. I wanted the character to be from the inner city in a poorer area and wanted a fitting name, the only condition being that
    it wouldnt be memey, or racist like watermelondra. Sha nay nay is an actual name and wasnt a reference to watermelons or anything racist.

    The moderator being reported, respond with this.

    "so your name wont work, ----- was wrong about that and didn't know it was racist, you are free to ahelp and ask for him if you want to speak with that mod.

    at the very least your name should have been lafawanda 'sha-nay' Nay.

    I'm going to note you and the reason why. because another mod approved this name I am not 3 hour banning you. "

    So the name was racist, according to this new moderator. Then they followed up by telling me to make the exact same name but to put part of it in qoutations.
    It isnt even racist, but they apparently believe that adding that will somehow make it not. I dont even understand what that is.

    The next issue is the noting. I went out of my way to speak to a moderator to find a passable name that WAS NOT RACIST. I got approval and now im receiving a note
    rather then a ban. How high and mighty of you. Youre punishing me for something I went above and beyond to discuss and get okayed by another moderator.

    The accusals of racism are assinine and I resent that, the noting was unprofessional and an abuse of new found power. The idea that you kindly chose not to ban
    me over something a mod greenlighted is even more shocking.
    pull logs.
    How you would punish the accused
    If an upper staff member has decided that a name is not ok, that a mod had approved, you dont punish the player. You inform the player and the mod of what is allowed. You arent responsible enough to be a staff member and I would reccomend your trial be failed.

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    Pulling the logs.
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    Today's PM Logs:
    Spoiler Spoiler:

    Jarek approving the name:
    Spoiler Spoiler: states that the name Shanaynay is not a real name, but is an invented name, and is mentioned that "use of this name as such is extremely offensive except among some contexts among Black people."

    The name should not have been approved in the first place, and TrustScience acted appropriately.
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    Based on the logs I’ve suggested the note be removed and nanu should speak with Jared due to his poor judgement because that name should have never been approved.

    The only reason I believe the note should be removed is that a moderator did tell you it was ok, and after the fact you were sorta punished.

    However I am going to be on the level with you

    Stop making these long winded silly “African Americanized” names, and next time Google it. If it shows up in a REAL name database, ok, but if it literally shows up on as a stereotype it’s not ok.
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