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Thread: Staff Report - Frozentsbgg

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    Staff Report - Frozentsbgg

    Staff Report
    Your BYOND Key
    Date of Incident
    November 22, 2020
    Your Character Name?
    Their BYOND Key
    no idea
    Approximate time and date of the incident
    Round before this report was posted.
    Which Staff Protocols ( were broken
    Preserve the RP and enjoyment of the server
    Description of the incident
    After Xeno Hijack, DS was spawned, supposedly was told to ally, or atleast ignore xenos and focus on marines. Extremely LRP and unfair.

    Before that round, 2 PMC squads were sent to "retake" bar on Almayer. Yet another LRP part. Those two squads were killed after just one flashbang, since to this day ERT PMCs doesn't have MP protection.
    How you would punish the accused
    Loooooooooooong talk, but I know its basically just waving your finger and saying "you naughty".

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    This was on me.

    Capitalising on some emergent gameplay between the CL, The Engineers and the understaffed crew, in building a restaurant and then getting into a tissy over the Chain of Command, I spawned a number of Small ERTs from both PMCs and HC.
    The HC Investigation went well and was led by Snooper, who as VADM conducted a thorough investigation, causing tension between the PMCs, the engineers and MPs.
    Without intervention, this progressed into a standoff between both sides, with all parties vying for control over the bar.

    The Corporate Liasion requested permission to take the bar by force and was given 4 more PMCs to do so. They managed to get themselves slaughtered, which in my opinion was a positive result.
    A group of riot ert was then dispatched to give the victorious Chief MP some reinforcements in subduing the bar mutiny. They tried their best, but in typical MP mode got yeeted on.

    As part of the PMCS sent earlier, a higher-ranked representative had been sent to negotiate. The Marines hunted the executive down on the ship before brutally executing them in maint (in clear violation of VADMs and XOs orders).
    In response, a Death Squad was called. This response was delayed and coincided to when launch occurred. The Deathsquad was given orders to not work with the Xenos but to instead focus on the marines.
    At the point in the round, and with marine vs Xeno numbers, I figured the round was soon to be over, and the matchup of facing xenomorphs from the east and Deathsquads from the west culminated in (in my opinion), a great last stand for the marines in briefing.

    Shortly after the queen was instructed that DS were not to be allied, and order 66 commenced.
    While for a period of time, they were non-hostile to each other, I personally believe this had little impact of the flow of the round, and if anything positively contributed to the last stands of both the CO and the main briefing hall.

    I do not believe I've violated the staff protocol in this case.

    I should add, this was a shitshow.
    But it was a shitshow in my opinion that was driven by player roleplay, and as a whole was an enjoyable experince.
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    Logs will be deposited in 48 hours.
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    Hello I was in this round. I was either a standard marine, or SL. And I was in a small RP ERT a bit before hijack happened after I died. PMCs naded the shit out of the Bar in general to my knowledge, I don't even remember them barely stepping foot into the thing before MPs wacked em. I can't say what the deathsquad did as I went AFK after they spawned.
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    Heya, charlie pfc and riot ert member here As Frozen remarked: the round was a total mess for all kinds of reasons but I dont believe that to be his fault.

    I feel that sending in the Riot ERT, the pmcs, an admiral and in the end the deathsquad made the round a lot more fun than it would have otherwise been. As far as I could see, and have heard after the fact, most events that took place made sense within the universe. It wasn't a 'lets make Souto man appear' or 'there's a land shark on the Almayer'. Rather it was a mostly organic evolution from events that took place within the round.

    There was no roundstart command so the CE, Windhealer, took over and ordered the CMP, Daniel Morgan, to lower the checkpoint barriers only to be met with refusal. This lead to an initial conflict, Windhealer declaring that the CMP had broken marine law as they were given a direct legal order yet didnt carry it out. This led to some bickering, as mentioned by Frozen, and things evolved from there. Ultimatly Windhealer lost, got executed yet the soldiers in kitchen wouldn't surrender so the Riot ERT was called in. Me and some others deployed, used flashbangs and tear gas to clear the kitchen and ended the whole thing.

    The whole kitchen situation had led to a large number of Delta never deploying so we lost the groundside, iirc not a lot of marines really made it out either, so it's not like the marines had any real chance on winning the post hijack Almayer fight. Having the DS fight for or with the marines would've been way to mean towards the Aliens. As such, all things considered, I believe that Frozen managed to make the round a lot more fun, a lot more memorable and genuinly better than it would've been had he not done any of this.

    Lastly I merely wish to say that I dont think I saw anything that was really lrp and the claim that 'what happend was unfair' sounds off to me. CM shouldn't be about winning or losing but having fun and having interesting experiences, if that leads to situations like this where the marines can't realistically speaking win but its enjoyable for *most* of the involved then we should absolutly do it more often.
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    C'mon man frozen put in effort to give us a funny event based off player driven roleplay in round, everyone still had fun even me who got executed. Reports like this will only ensure we get shitty railroaded events in the future
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    I've read this report and we've been discussing reports as a whole within management.

    Frozen didn't do anything wrong here, he ran an event to develop existing player interactions in a manner that improved the round by pulling it out of the rinse and repeat marine shoot xeno loop, and did so in a way that did not overly hamper the round flow as a whole. Near everyone involved seems to have had fun and enjoyed the experience.

    So long as a staff member is not abusing their powers, or otherwise running events to the benefit of a few people and detriment of the rest, little punishment will occur regarding events themselves. Events go bad sometimes, and more often than not this is due to player interaction or other unpredictable outcomes, and not through admin intent or incapability. In cases where this happens and events become derailed, we do not place fault on the staff member(s) running the event and consequently no punishment will come from it unless the staff member running the event deliberately caused extensive damage to the round and enjoyment of the playerbase.
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