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Thread: BasedOperator - CO Guidelines.

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    BasedOperator - CO Guidelines.

    Player Report
    Your Byond ID?

    Date of Incident
    November 21, 2020

    Your Character Name?
    Eugienia 'Nordica' Northey

    Accused Byond Key(if known):

    Accused Character Name
    Daniel Morgan

    Approximate time and date of the incident (Central US Time for fastest results)
    12:27 am Sunday, Central Time (CT)

    What rule(s) were broken:
    CO Guidelines.

    Description of the incident:
    I was an alpha medic this round. Spawned in late and our alpha spec was shouting mutiny, okay. He was SADAR, and I believed he got BE'd for mutiny. Fair game I guess. I do not remember an announcement of the Alpha spec SADAR BE. Due to my lateness in the round (roughly 12:35) I'm quite confused at the shipside and ground operation. Heard things on announcement that the CO was no longer in command and such as I geared up. As a medic I did my healing thing in practise and went to CIC before I dropped, to make sure everyone was healthy. An MP came by, I told him I was checking for aids, and if everyone was healthy. He didn't like it, but the SEA was in pointing distance at this point. So he let me in after a bit. After checking vitals of some CIC I asked about the CO, and if I could 'medically evacuate him'. (To brig). SEA agreed. I got a few more things from medical, holding up the PO for my additional supplies, and with the time given by that the SEA also joined into the drop. We continued to chat about the CO, and I eventually came up with the idea of a code phrase for when I get the CO on behalf of command. The code phrase was 'SEA I need my ID updated'. When he was safely in stasis bag, roller or medevac, whatever he was in.

    We drop, including the SEA. And our luck was nice, CO was right there in fob. Because i'm a medic I went to scan him, and said (lying) he had 22 oxy in him and needed to be evacuated. He had no oxycodone, and no oxy damage. No damage at all besides his missing hand. Attempts as securing him were made but he simply resisted out, so I carried on being a medic until I died.

    I eventually learned that my lie was cause enough, to Morgan, to BE the SEA. As he thought the 22 oxy damage I said was the SEA overdosing him... I will say now that I do not remember specifically saying damage, or overdose. So that is what it is. SEA also I believe was NOT announced when BE'd.

    There are likely more things that happened in this round, and I have only part of the rounds story. Like how he was Battlefield executing people as a threat to his command. When he lost all possibilities of command.

    At minimum he should simply be warned to announce BE's. Again I got no clue of all the shit that happened during this round. But I feel like theres more to it than my experience in the round. Also he committed suicide I think, might've even been multiple times. Synth William revived him after.

    Evidence (screenshots, logs, etc):
    Just logs.

    How you would punish the accused:
    Guy is a moderator, synth, and CO council member. Theres many smarter people that will decide. Announcing BEs should be important

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    not sure what you're reporting? not an involved party and BEs were announced. SEA didnt have a problem with the BE

    SEA has been BEd for undermining my authority.- Sent from USCM Command Tablet

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    I was the synth present during the BE of the SEA.

    Due to the amount of surgeries and revivals that were needed at FOB I was completely unaware at the time that the CO had been "removed" by High Command. The CO had come by my surgery area and needed a new hand. While he was waiting for me to finish with another marine, I noticed that the SEA was talking with the CO in a manner that seemed provocative. When I was ready to perform surgery on the CO, the SEA pushed his way into the surgery area and attempted to put anesthetic equipment on the CO (I was using oxy instead of the mask and tank). The CO made a statement to the SEA about him now interfering with the surgery, and shot the SEA. While I cannot recall exact details, the behavior of the SEA was such at the time that I took no issue with it (I even complimented the CO's aim).

    During and after the surgery, the CO repeatedly expressed concerns of him being overdosed on "oxy." He was not actually overdosed, but his concern did appear to be genuine. I was and still am confused at what exactly transpired that round, but at minimum I believe that the BE of the SEA was valid given how he aggressively interfered with my surgery work on the CO.
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    BasedOperator has been removed from staff and been community banned due to this matter and other issues.
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