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Thread: Einstein - Developer Application (Coder)

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    Einstein - Developer Application (Coder)

    Developer Application
    Byond ID?



    How would you define yourself? (Coder, Mapper, Spriter):

    If Coder, what languages?
    C, C++, dream maker, html and java (I'm sure that these two languages are not necessary)

    Any previous experience developing with SS13?
    Had some experience modifying baystation12, adding new items like weapon and armor, changing map

    Proof of any previous or current work:
    unfortunately, at the moment there is no evidence of my work with byond as I lost data when transferring the OS to another disk. However, I can provide a game that I wrote for the University if required.

    How well do you know Git?
    I know the Git, I know how to work with it a little, but I can't say that I know it well

    Your primary job is server development, not policing the server. You may be given Moderator-level of access but you should *not* be invoking any administrative actions unless there are no moderators or Admins online. Do you understand?

    Anything else you'd like to add?
    I am studying at a University as a programmer, I would like to improve my knowledge of programming languages in practice by helping a project that I like.
    Also I want to create a new game mod that everyone will like.

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    Hi, since we're open source now, we would like to see you do a couple of minor MRs to our gitlab before considering you. This is to see how well you code, understand things and so on. We're just asking for small tweaks, QoL or bugfixes.

    Good luck.
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    Due to a lack of communication and visible work from you the application is denied.

    Should you return you may re-apply in the future after doing some public MR's.
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