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Thread: Under - Commanding Officer Application

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    Under - Commanding Officer Application

    Commanding Officer Whitelist Application
    Personal InformationByond ID?

    Player Name You Use Most?

    Make a list of links to all of your ban appeals as well as whitelist and staff applications (both accepted and denied) submitted within the past year. For appeals, provide an additional ban reason and the appeal’s verdict next to the link.

    Have you received any bans in the last month?

    What is your timezone in UTC?

    What is your discord username and handle?

    Basic Questions & StoryWhat do you think is the job of a Commander?
    The job of a commander seems interesting. I believe that the commanding officer all departments are doing there jobs along with making sure the marine's have the recourses they need. All in all, it seems like a tough job.

    Why do you want to be a Commanding Officer?
    I want to be a commanding officer to experience the things above as well as have control of my own vessel.

    What do you think you could contribute by being whitelisted?
    I could contribute support to the current commanding officers.

    How will your Commanding Officer behave? Describe their character.
    My commanding officer will be bold and sometimes struggle with making decisions.

    Name and briefly describe your Commanding Officer's own ship.
    My commanding officers ship will have many security systems and be able to hold its own if an invasion occurred.

    Your story (potential topics listed below)
    My commanding officer started off as a recruit and rose up the ranks at a normal speed. As an executive officer he ran operation Constrictor, an operation that required good coordination as well as well timed supply drops and orbital strikes. this was done easily by my commander, with minimal casualties.

    -20 years in service

    --Completed Operation Constrictor
    -- Squad Leader for 10 years
    -- Squad Engineer for five years
    -- Squad Marine for five years

    ExperienceHow experienced are you with the position of a Squad Leader (SL)?

    How experienced are you with the position of a Staff Officer (SO)?

    How experienced are you with the position of a Department Head?

    How experienced are you with the position of the Executive Officer (XO)?

    How familiar are you with Marine Law and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)?

    ScenariosWhen do you believe a Battlefield Execution should be used? List some examples of scenarios in which a battlefield execution would be correctly used.
    A battlefield execution should be held if a marine is purposely misbehaving in a manner that keeps the rest of the marines from handling a situation correctly. If any marine corrects themself quickly, they should not be executed and have a lesser punishment.

    Under what circumstances do you believe it is legal to pardon a prisoner? What are some examples of crimes you would pardon, and those you would not?
    You should pardon crimes that do not affect the majority of the ship or are not dangerous. Breaking a machine would be pardoned but hurting anyone on purpose would not,

    What is your routine after starting the round as either a Staff Officer or Executive Officer? Assume you joined round-start and are inside your quarters.
    I would first gear up. Next I would attend briefing.

    How would you handle insubordinate departments? State what you would do for each department if they were insubordinate.
    I would threaten the department. Depending on the department, the threat would differ. If engineers were insubordinate, they would face jail time and someone else would take over.

    How would you handle an understaffed CIC? What if you and the XO are the only available CIC crew?
    I would have to be the staff. I would enter the CIC and do my job along with theirs.

    What would you do if you were deployed and a marine told you they were going to desert the operation?
    I would jail the marine on the spot. Marines should follow orders and if they do not they should face punishment.

    ConfirmationsDo you understand that any player - even donors or staff members - can have their whitelist status revoked should they break our Server Rules or Roleplay Guidelines?

    Do you understand you cannot advertise or promote this application on any platform, including Discord?

    Do you also understand that you may not edit this application 1 hour after it has been posted?

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    Sorry, but I don't think this application is going to get anywhere.

    Your app is barebones and does not demonstrate that you have proper knowledge of the specifics of the CO whitelist, you have literally no command experience in CIC and using a random name makes it hard to get a feel for you.

    I would encourage you to reapply if you're still interested in the role in the future, but you need to play Staff Officer and XO to a minimum standard before you would be considered for CO. Also, read other accepted and denied applications to see what sort of stuff we are looking for.

    Try playing XO, it's basically CO without the marine law/SOP modifications and you'll get to command the marine forces and sometimes have a CO to help mentor you through the process. It's pretty uncommon that a CO will directly overrule you unless they have a specific strategy or unless you've done something really stupid, so I highly recommend you give it a shot if you want to try command.

    I'd also recommend coming up with a static name to use, because we need to know who you are in game to vouch for your ability.
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    For obvious reasons I have to give this a -1 due to general lack of effort and questionable answers on your app. Follow Somenerd's advice; get a static name (don't be random), read other applications to see what the standards are held by this whitelist, and play XO more often. Then we can consider.

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    I'm gonna be honest here, I don't like no-effort applications and, even looking past that, the lack of experience, lack of a consistent character name to get any idea for your capacity/behavior, and concerning BE response are each a hard "no" independently. If you're serious about this, please stop to think about putting effort in. If not, please remember that WL applications are meant to be taken seriously, not used for shitposting. -1
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    -1 not even a good shitpost

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    Good advice above

    Elected CO Councillor or something contact me if you need any help at Memesky#2166

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    Resolved - Denied.

    Read and apply the above advice to your next app.

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