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Thread: When Marines make Corrupted Queen the New CO

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    When Marines make Corrupted Queen the New CO

    Local Corrupted Queen Mutinies with research and marine support. Executes CO by Gibbing in Brig. Synth then designates Corrupted queen as new CO in CIC.


    Leads marines to victory.
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    it is based

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    Just want to point out that was the third of four munities that happened that round. (unless you count the time the captain reclaimed the CIC after he was kidnapped by Director Croi then murdered and his body dumped into stowaway shuttle in which case it was 4 of 5).

    And honestly.. The queen was peaceful, and we were starting to recruit the corrupted xenomorphs into our forces (an acid runner became a private). But then the captain, in true CO style ordered all the xenos and research to be purged.

    After that I didnt designate the queen as CO, the queen did that and the marines agreed. I just translated.

    It was a bizarre round.

    The one thing we can agree on though, Green Queen lead us to a fantastic victory. GREEN QUEEN.
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