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Thread: Stagda - Synthetic Application

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    Stagda - Synthetic Application

    Synthetic Whitelist Application

    Personal Information:

    Byond Id?


    Character Name?

    Yahir Phillips

    Other Whitelist Applications?


    Character Information:

    Name of the Synth Character you with to play?


    What is your Synth’s quirk and personality?

    Kimiko upon being connected to the W-Y network discovered Anime and web speak and was immediately taken by it. Based on the popularity of such cultures she figured projecting a persona that embrace these traits would help humans feel more comfortable with her. While she projects this persona, it is important to note that she is still as cold and calculating as any other synthetic.

    Why do you want to be a synthetic/why should we whitelist you?

    Most of my recent playtime on CM has been on support roles such as SEA, CMO, and RO. I truly enjoy the aspect of being able to help where needed and doing what I can to support the marine force as a whole. Being a synth would allow me to interact with marines in a new way yet also allow me to continue playing that support role.

    Synthetic Character Story

    An explosion. Alarms. Cries.

    These three sounds snapped Kimiko’s attention from the episode of Konosuba she was studying. Hearing the cries of pain, Kimiko ran out the door of the station Library and saw that the Canteen was in flames. Seeing figures stumbling out from the scene of the explosion Kimiko immediately moved to assist. She encountered a trio of survivors from the explosion, one male and two females; one blonde the other brunette. The male survivor and blonde haired survivor seemed to have minor injuries but the brunette appeared to be in more critical condition. Kimiko set to immediately triaging the group.

    “Awe uwu aww ok?” Kimiko asked the group. The male survivor replied, “I’m ok I think, and I think Hannah is also.” The brunette survivor, Hannah, quickly cut in, “But Claire is really hurt, and she's coming in and out of consciousness.” Upon examining Claire further, Kimiko noticed that it appeared Claire had a few lacerations but more critically appeared to suffer severe head trauma. Kimiko immediately set to work with getting Claire on the ground and her head stabilized. “Is Claire going to be ok?” asked Hannah. Kimiko knew that Claire’s chances of survival were slim. Even with prompt medical attention, this was a small mining station, and the medical facilities were not set up to handle severe head injuries. Logically speaking, Kimiko knew that Claire would survive the night.

    “I wiww duwu my best tuwu take cawe of hew! duwu nowt wowwy abouwt thawt now.” Kimiko responded. Taking Clarie’s arm in her hand, Kimiko counted a pulse but it was faint and getting more sporadic. Using a penlight to check her eyes, Kimiko noticed that Claire’s responsiveness to stimulus was rapidly fading. “gwab me thawt fiwst aid kit pwease,” Kimiko asked the Male Survivor who fetched a nearby wall mounted first aid kit. Noting for the first time his uniform had a singed nametag but she could still make out Chad. The first aid kit was designed for minor cuts and burns, not the aftermath of an explosion. As Kimiko was being handed the first aid kit, she noticed that Chad was concealing a deep gash on his abdomen. “Pwease stand stiww siw, i need tuwu tend tuwu thiws wound,” she requested of Chad. “Don’t worry about me!” he shouted, “Tend to Claire, she is more important at the moment!”

    Kimiko knew that all that could be done for Claire had been done. It would be pointless for her to spend the medical supplies on Claire. If she did not tend to Chad’s wound, then he would be at risk for serious infection or even death. Necessity and logic dictated that she save him and not Claire. Siw, i cawn give cwaiwe thiws twamadow fow the pain but thewe iws nothing mowe tuwu be done fow hew. I cawn make hew comfowtabwe but then we must focus own uwu.” Kimiko stated coldly to Chad.

    “This is insane, don’t worry about me please! I’m begging you, save Claire!” By this point Kimiko could see in Chad’s eyes what appeared to be genuine concern and affection for Claire. Kimiko however, knew that Chad was the one who could be saved and who basic triage called for to be saved. “Chad, wisten tuwu me. Thewe iws nothing mowe we cawn duwu fow cwaiwe. I must tend tuwu uwu. I see concewn in youw eyes but juwst know thawt sometimes sacwifices awe necessawy. Such as whewn ash ketchum sacwificed hiws wife tuwu save pikachu.” Upon hearing this Chad’s eyes cleared and he gave a nod of resolution.


    How familiar are you with Engineering?
    • I am familiar with engineering, I have plenty of experience as an engineer/SL for Bravo and so know how to set-up groundside Tcomms and a FOB. Additionally, I know how to conduct APC repair as well.
    • Shipside, I am familiar with loading the OB, Setting AA, Building Walls, Changing Floors, and with Ordnance work.

    How familiar are you with Command?

    • I have a decent amount of experience as an XO/SO. While I may not be the best at planning a unique/non-meta strategy I know how to work Overwatch, Enable DEFCON Assets, and use the consoles to remote launch/redistribute squads.

    How familiar are you with Medical?

    • CMO is my most played marine role in general. I have all common surgeries memorized and have KD,IA,TB,Epi down to memory. Additionally I understand how to triage marines and have experience in the field as a medic on how to stabilize/transport wounded marines to get them to MEDEVAC or back to FOB for field surgery/Evac.
    • I am also familiar with research, namely how to use all the equipment and analyze vials and create/modify chems.

    How familiar are you with Requisitions?
    • I have played quite a bit as a CT/RO and so understand how to work req in all capacities. I know how to launch supply drops from req and how to coordinate using the squad pads in CIC.
    • I am also comfortable with budgeting and managing ASRS and keeping in touch with multiple squads over comms to be as proactive and responsive as possible when in req.

    What are some scenarios that you can perform combat in? Give us a brief example.
    • Defense of Self --> If attacked by a Marine or other party subject to Marine Law a synth can use non-lethal force. For example, if a marine is attacking me in in a way that would constitute assault or a threat on my life (e.g. with firearms or melee weapons) I would be able to non-lethally subdue them until the MPs arrive. If the threat attacking me is a Xenomorph or member of another hostile faction (e.g. UPP/CLF), then it is allowed for lethal subjugation of the threat. It is important to remember in both cases however, any force I use be it lethal or non-lethal is to terminate if the aggressor backs off. In the case of the marine attacking me, if I tried shoving them down and they ran away I would not pursue but would report to the MPs/CIC. If I am beating on a xenomorph of UPP/CLF with an axe and they run away, I would still not be able to pursue but instead should retreat to a safe location and report the encounter.

    • Defense of Others --> In the case of Defense of Others, the above holds for the most part. However, the addendum would be that if acting in defense of marine I must take special care to ensure that I am taking the appropriate actions to protect that marine. Meaning for example that if a runner was harassing a wounded marine, that I can use force to scare off the runner but must make sure that as soon as the threat has retreated that I ensure the wounded marine gets to safety as well. If engaged at the FOB or other area where myself and other marines are cornered/backed against a wall I should leave the fighting to the marines. In this circumstance I would hang back and tend to the wounded/try and fix fortifications.


    Are you familiar with the Synthetic Programming and Guidelines?

    Do you understand that any player - donor or otherwise - can have their whitelist status revoked should they break our rules or the Synthetic Programming Guideline?

    Do you understand that you cannot advertise your application on any platform for votes. Do you also understand you may not edit this application 1 hour after it has been posted?

    Have you been banned from CM in the last month for any reason? Do you have any active jobbans?

    Are you currently banned from our Discord, and if so, why?

    Other Information:

    Do you have anything else you would like to include about your application?
    • In regards to role experience, the fact I have SEA unlocked should hopefully show that I do have a breadth of experience in the support roles needed to excel as a synthetic.

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    I think we can make this work +1
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    As shadow CM Host I approve +1

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    who is this?

    Feel free to add me on discord If you'd like to talk or something @Special1kira, a cruel protogen#2359
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    Needs a better ending to the story, other than that looks good +1
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    what in gods green earth is this
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