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Thread: Classic cm and nostalgia

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    Dabbing Queen

    month long ice rounds, god the good days of suffering. The ship pre-alaymer.

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    I miss the sulaco.
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    I miss infestation station.

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    When the supermatter became critical and sometimes when ejected it would circle round the planet and destroy the bridge.

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    Allow me to rain on everyone's parade. Take note though, I was a dedicated marine main back in old CM, so a lot of my memories are very biased towards that.

    Quote Originally Posted by MedicInDisquise View Post
    My memory is a bit shitty so excuse me if I get some things wrong, but I remember quite a few things somewhat vividly...
    * Bridge Officers (Staff Officers were called Bridge Officers back then) had to manually assign everyone to a squad at the start of the round.
    That was the Logistics Officers job, (that was my first major gig in CM when I started playing) Bridge Officers were mainly intended to man the bridge. Captain wasn't white listed either.

    * Atmos still existed and the main map was a repurposed boxstation really really early on, I mean back when CM was still attatched to... Uriststation I think. It was possible to space entire parts of the map if you were a dumbass or a smart alien.
    God I remember when Xenos would vent out the Sulaco's air deliberately, and since they didn't need to breath, good luck trying to attack them. On the flip side tho, I did enjoy being Bravo on ice and just hanging out by the camp fire (space heater) so we wouldn't freeze to death.

    * You had to get attatchments from REQ instead of just vending your attachies from the squad vendors. Req was always chaos and there were more than a few grenade FF incidents. Everybody laughed when PFC Urist McBadass demanded two barrel chargers and a full box of grenades.
    This is nice to remember, but I think no one at the time was very happy of having to wait 10-20 minutes just to get attachments and other stuff, and if Req happened to be empty on low pop? no attachments or extra supplies for anybody. Or the CT crew was too slow and now you gotta go to briefing.

    * Hugger combat. Any xeno could open up an egg and carry a hugger, allowing all sorts of shenanigans with runners or lurkers (back then called hunters) pouncing on marines, planting a hugger on their face, and dragging them into the darkness never to be seen again.
    Face Huggers also didn't have a life span, meaning you could hide them in lockers and other places to ambush marines, that later got tweaked so face huggers would die if they were left on the ground. Until eventually they were brought to where they are today. Granted this was back when the server wanted to have a 25% win rate for marines. It felt more like 12% to me.

    * Xenos could also drag dead bodies, allowing them to drag dead marines away from resurrection into the darkness never to be seen again.
    * Really early on, Marines could only be revived via cloning. I believe that in the period between cloning removal and the addition of defib, there was no way to revive marines, so people feared for their lives a lot more.
    I kinda miss cloning, but since it made death have almost no consequence, I can understand why it had to go. I actually forgot while they worked on defibs there was no revival system in place, I don't remember what it was like though. I take it as being able to drag away dead bodies was to deny cloning since the only method of perma death was gibbing. But before that was removed, defibs were pointless since Xenos would just drag the dead back to the hive or some forgotten corner of the map to rot.

    * When Xenos won on planet and went up to the ship (back then the Sulaco), there was no hijacking. The shuttle went back up to the designated spot in the hangar. No crashes, no stuns, none of that. This meant the marines knew where the aliens were going to be every time they hijacked, letting them set up nasty defenses. I mean truly nasty, we once essentially had a firing line and entire backpacks of grenades to empty into the dropship. The all guardsmen party would've been proud.
    Only thing that baffles me is that there were still a good amount of times Xenos would still overwhelm the marines, I don't remember how they did this though. I guess i stopped playing when it started becoming too meta.

    Quote Originally Posted by confused rock View Post
    I miss choo choo train crushers. That is all.
    Those were good times as Xeno, heck they were so good and so heavily armored that the entire T3's composition would be nothing but Crushers and maybe a boiler. There was no stopping them once the Xenos got 3 Crushers.

    Granted, there are still things I miss from old CM, but there are just as many things that I'm glad are gone, the biggest being the first contact Role-play Standards. Keeping up that facade was tiresome after a couple weeks.

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    i miss choo choo crushers, and think they need to be added back

    i miss eggsac carriers

    i miss mandatory briefing and the shenanigans at them

    i miss being a mini intel helper

    i miss unsecured equipment charges and old mps who were actual nazis vs the snowflake nice mps of today

    i miss exotic COs doing crazy wacky shit instead of all being the same because they get de-WL-ed for being quirky

    i miss having no cooldown on placing weed nodes as a drone

    i don't miss maturity

    i miss CAS being a real threat

    i miss the powernet on the colony fucking mattering to power up for defcon

    i miss wires for the powernet because some mapper broke SMES for a while so they hack fixed and just made power magical, since it punished over-use of ordinance

    i miss engineer being fun and having enough metal to actually make a FOB instead of being starved halfway through and then crying

    i fucking hate whoever mate deconstructing walls take ten years

    i miss SD and SD holds

    i miss hijack always taking out tcomms and thus interfering with the marine communication network and making it feel more like horror

    i miss marine holds on the almayer in general instead of bumrushing the alamo

    i miss engineer players existing

    i missed infections because it actually gave a tangible real risk to go back to the ship for surgery otherwise you risk the dodgy field surgeon and the unreliable spaceacillin dose

    i miss the old 'suicide nade' meta where you'd incen grenade yourself when captured

    i miss req being so starved for points that they'd end up tearing down entire wings of the ship for more metal at times instead of afking for ASRS, and then the MP conflicts from lack of paperwork

    i miss CLs giving out old ultrazine and marines being forced to rp with them to have a dose

    i miss the constant mutinies against the meme captains

    i hate shaman carriers because they're just so much better than normal carriers

    i miss survivors having to get IFF and actually going up to the ship to be processed and get their ID updated instead of being rambo - and if they don't getting memed by turrets at the FOB

    i miss predators having a HPC that blew people up instead of the cheese huge stun since then a pred actually had a choice of lethalling to escape instead of a no counterplay cheese

    i miss predators being more about RP than just getting valids, and think that the honour system and all of those implemented features have trashed the quality of the WL

    i miss synthetics having to be welded instead of having the overpowered instaheal pack, forcing them to not be so gung ho and actually care about damage

    i miss rounds actually being stable enough that 2 well manned FOBs were pretty common and well defended, now trapper boilers breach them with no counterplay because there's nothing marines can do, and it became a big thing about supporting crushers and spitters with boiler acid smoke to defend them

    i miss boiler acid being an actual projectile

    i miss boiler neurotoxin clouds as a strategic option

    i miss planting eggs on non hive weeds

    i miss queens having choo choo crusher running
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    I miss floor MDs a lot

    I miss the concept of a main supply road, and alpha's default orders being to guard it

    I miss when we had enough engineer players, and cades were durable enough to make frontline cades

    I miss when dead bodies would be scattered around the maps instead of having it entirely depopulated like it is now

    I miss when people went to briefing, and they were in the briefing room

    I miss the anxiety of preparing 12:15 rush drops as a support role

    I miss when charlie would get tasked to set up power with IOs (and power mattering)

    I miss walls presenting more than a paper thin obstacle for xenos

    I miss old synth engineering skills

    I miss being an IO and properly backlining

    I miss nuke farming on surface ice while marines barely held underground

    I miss fob sieges having a chance to turn around rather than just being "a boiler picked trapper, you lose now"

    I miss pfc flamer kits

    I miss the vet kit even though it was shit

    I miss auto-embedding images in command announcements so I didn't have to go to gyazo every time I want to see the tacmap as a marine

    I miss squad req and the duty of the SL or aSL to reqdump every round

    I miss the no hydro road and destroyed hydro LV nightmare inserts

    I miss when in the pre vendor update you couldn't unwrench and move shipside medvendors (or hack them), so resupplying as medic was actually hard on maps that weren't BR.

    I miss the "start your voting" sound effect that would play whenever a map vote or other vote came up. I think it's gone but I might have just stopped noticing it.

    I miss old VC being able to pick from tank or apc roundstart and VCs still picking the inferior apc

    I miss when events, and minor events, were truly rare

    I miss WO. The final thing that actually pushed me to start working on my synth application was the announcement that WO would be run more frequently, because I wanted to play as the WO synth.

    I miss when brig was in the middle of the ship

    I miss smoke nades in briefing

    I miss when briefing was a proper platform for the CO to stand out onto and not some gay baby jail box surrounded by windows like it is today

    I miss when the atmos computers had legacy sprites

    I miss not knowing all the intricacies of the game

    I miss when the tablet could do basically everything, which gave command and the marines in general a lot more flexibility during hijack

    I kind of miss nethcade sandbag meta, but also don't miss it.

    I miss scout being able to use grenades while cloaked

    I miss the old pain overlay sprite

    I miss paincrit
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    jesus this thread was just meant to be a throw back to the time I couldn't read or write English and played I essentially kinda missed out on alot of the fun and couldn't remember people name at all
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    Basically everything Stan said, but one more that is different from person to person. I miss not knowing the layout of all the maps, and not just looking them up on the wiki to figure it out. Having to navigate through unfamiliar territory, trusting the SL to know the way and sticking with them, that was awesome shit. Of course just by virtue of gaining knowledge that couldn't last forever, but damn was it fun to feel truly out of your element as a PFC with nothing but a rifle and a prayer.
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    Old CM:

    - CO was unwhitelisted

    - You could become a antag from normal ss13

    - squad equips were all in one area, the body blocks!

    - soap was used to slip people

    - No fog on LV

    - No battle rifle

    - CL has loyalty implants

    -Dropships couldn't flyby

    - The new alien sprites had a bug where the hivelord walking didn't have a sprite, leading to a hivelord making its way onto the ship

    - ghosts could looc people

    All the old heros

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