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Thread: The Guide on What to Buy as PFCs (2nd Edition)

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    The Guide on What to Buy as PFCs (2nd Edition)


    Dissapointingly niche, the main reason people take this kit is the M56D HMG which used to be known for doing massive (60+) amount of damage, nowadays it only does 30 damage/hit (at least it still has HIGH AP) while most xenos have 450+ health, good luck hitting enough times to do decent damage with it.

    Other than that, this kit allows you to: Build metal cades (if you can somehow get enough metal), and repair metal/plasteel cades with the welder+google (which is the best use of this kit really) thanks to the pamphlet skill and supply of welder fuel for your blowtorch. You can also operate the mortar and use C4 if you can get your hands on them, though of the mortar are usually already manned by an actual engi and C4s are rather niche in practice.
    The folding cade (also known as portacade) is also tougher than metal cades, so do bring it and plop it down somewhere.
    Other than that, you can just use the welderpack for your miniflamer, just don't forget an extinguisher in case you burn someone/yourself.

    Recommended, the first responder technical pouch is nothing special, a VERY marginal upgrade over the first aid pouch at best. While the roller bed/sensorHUD are useful, to a PFC they are not the selling point unless you really insist on carting dead but defibbable/fultonable bodies.

    The main reason to take this kit is the autoinjector pouch+pamphlet letting you use autoinjectors instantly for self healing because using the analyzer on someone takes too long.
    The autoinjector pouch contains: 2 kelotane injector, 2 bicaridine injector, 2 tramadol injector, 1 emergency injector.

    How much of an improvement for self-healing you ask?
    How about DOUBLE the rate of a first-aid injector? 15u tricordrazine, heals 30 damage in 4 minutes.

    A kelo/bicard injection (15u) heals 60 damage in 4 minutes of respective damage type (burn/brute) and each injectors have 3 uses.
    Overdosing on bicard is also done to heal internal bleeding although it inflicts burn damage so kelotane is also used in conjunction.
    Both overdoes beyond 30u.

    The tramadol injector is the same as pain-stop (15u tramadol) except each injector is usable 3 times which makes them significantly better.

    The emergency injector contains 30u kelo+bicard, and 20u oxycodone (super painkiller), people often use this before an engagement to run in and fight without worrying about damage/pain.

    You can also restock the injectors on a powered WestonMed vendor.

    Meh to okay if you know what you're doing, contains a grenade belt (holds eight grenades, starts with 2 HIDPs, 3 HEDPs, 2 AGM-F, 1 AGM-I), and explosive pouch (holds three grenades, no one uses it unless they ask for more nades from req).

    Loading the grenades into an UGL is very much recommended and mandatory for the AGM nades, you would also need to be very careful with the grenades as FF with them can be very lethal due to their explosive stuns (their damage is actually the least of your worries most of the time).

    HE grenades are mainly used to stun xenos, be wary that some xenos are resistant to explosions and you do need to catch them in the blast while they're moving at a fast speed.
    HIDP is good for stopping a push dead in its track whether it's the xenos or marine pushes so be very mindful in using them, they also barely do any damage to anything set on fire other than marines.
    AGM-Fs are practically ranged buckshot, they can hurt a xeno big time if you can get a solid hit, UGL is also MANDATORY for using it.
    AGM-Is spreads flaming shrapnel and a small fire cone, very underwhelming in most cases but setting a xeno on fire and chasing them while they try to put them out can get you a kill.
    I seriously recommend throwing away the belt and pouch and just storing the grenades inside your backwear or somewhere. You're only buying this kit for the nades, nothing else usually.
    You can also blow up xeno tunnels with three HEDP grenades.

    Meh, good for defense purposes but the contents are on cargo without buying this kit anyway. Contains 1 L42A rifle (with stock already attached), 1 S8 scope, 1 suppressor, 1 extended barrel, and 2 L42 AP mags.
    Damagewise the L42 does not have falloff from shooting longer ranges and do more damage than the M41 so xenos getting hit with AP from these would feel it, but with regenerating health and just the fact that you're shooting them in the distance means you're not chasing them means that they'll very easily heal off said wounds while you run out of ammo.
    I also do not recommend attaching the extended barrel or suppressor on the L42 with this kit, the carbine is already accurate enough without either of them while being zoomed, just don't take the stock off.
    There's also the fact that most areas in the maps are dark, meaning that you won't actually see much through the scope. and that you still can't shoot through other marines with a normal scope, unlike with the smartscope.
    So yeah, you would have to bring flares to lit up the place to use the scope and then said flares would get melted and not to mention you still can't shoot through other marines.

    Decent, but wasteful. Contains an VP78 (already loaded) which is a pistol that can burst with five magazines (14 ammo each) for it for a total of six magazines along with a pistol holster and RDS+Laser Sight.
    The VP78 itself shoots like the revolver except without heavy ammo and is in my personal opinion not worth a kit.
    The thing you can do with this kit usually involves shooting a xeno on burst in close ranges, but the shotgun or SMG does that just as well with point blank/AP ammo.


    -ANGLED GRIP: Cargo has these by the dozen. They might run out due to its popularity with its pretty much lack of downside. Increases weapon size so SMGs with these do not fit on holsters.
    -EXTENDED BARREL: Cargo has these by the dozen. Bad, more accuracy is nice but the only thing it lets you do is hit targets off the screen except it doesn't reduce damage falloff, and lowers damage.
    -GYRO: Cargo has these by the dozen. Bad for reducing your rate of fire by a hefty amount, also best accuracy you can get for one handing a weapon such as SMG that can take the RoF penalty, occupies the same slot as laser.
    -LASER SIGHT: Cargo has these by the dozen. Good on pistols and one handed SMGs, otherwise worse than AG. Doesn't fit on shotguns, has no downside at all though and still lets you fit an SMG into an SMG belt unlike Vertical Grip or Angled Grip.
    -MASTERKEY: Cargo doesn't have a lot of these. Niche, very useful for destroying resin structures and stunning xenos. However the stun doesn't last long and the buckshot doesn't damage as much either.
    -QUICKFIRE ADAPTER: The best attachment on this list, attachable to M41 Mk2, L42 and pistols, increases firerate at the cost of lowering accuracy. Just don't miss, as it's very easy to waste ammo from firing wastefully with this.
    -STOCKS: Cargo doesn't have a lot of these. Can be worth points in that case, movement slowdown while wielding sucks but other than that they're quite excellent attachments for burst fire.
    -RECOIL COMPENSATOR: Cargo has these by the dozen. Good, directly better than extended barrel due to also reducing recoil for shooting one handed. Only attachable to M37s/pistols/revolver.
    -RED-DOT SIGHT: Cargo has these by the dozen. Seeing what and where you're shooting at with rail light is usually more important, decent with flashgrip, highly overshadowed by reflex sight.
    -REFLEX SIGHT: Cargo has these by the dozen. Generally better than the RDS due to tightening burst spread for better burst damage, great to use with flashgrip.
    -SUPPRESSOR: Cargo has these by the dozen. Good, more useful than extended barrel due to also tightening your burst spread but you still lose little damage.
    -VERTICAL GRIP: Cargo has these by the dozen. The burst spread is nice for M41s and SMGs, slows you down a little like stocks do but not as slow, increases weapon size so that SMGs with these does not fit on SMG belt.
    -UNDERBARREL EXTINGUISHER: Cargo doesn't have a lot of these. The only people that have business using them (flamers) usually already gets them, and they are actually very niche and low in demand most of the time.
    Can also be used to put out acid projectiles but not acid vomit just like actual extinguishers.


    -AP MAGAZINES: Highly recommended, one of the most viable way to kill armored xenos outside of buckshot stun+damage. Don't FF with these.
    -EXT MAGAZINES: Meh, 50% more ammo per magazine but they're regular ammo, available from cargo.
    -M44 HEAVY SPEEDLOADER: Available from req in limited amount. Used for the revolver, has a chance to stun whoever you hit with it. It's not bad but you only get seven shots per speedloader.


    -JTAC PAMPHLET (30 POINTS): Meh, allows you to laze with tacbinos slightly faster, but not noticeably faster. JTAC kit comes separate from req.

    -PORTABLE EXTINGUISHER: EASILY AVAILABLE FROM MARINEMEDS IN MEDBAY, depending on how much you expect flames and spitter acid on the round. Is a small sized item and thus quite space efficient compared to a big extinguisher and fit in more places however, pretty niche overall but really useful in those cases.

    -FUEL TANK STRAP POUCH: EASILY AVAILABLE FROM CARGO. Niche, if you have a flamer you either took pyro kit and store tanks on the backpack or the SL handed some out and you store them on the satchel or this.

    -LARGE GENERAL POUCH: Good, like webbing but goes into a pouch slot instead, better buy than webbing due to cargo not having them, but just get the free magazine pouch if you're only storing magazines in this.

    -LARGE MAGAZINE POUCH: Highly recommended. Like the large general pouch but can only store magazines. Except, it has FOUR slots and buying them is pretty much the only way to get them.

    -MACHETE SCABBARD: EASILY AVAILABLE FROM CARGO. good for clearing vines on LV and clearing sticky resin, also for melee but uses up a belt/suit/back slot if you want to carry it around.

    -MOTION DETECTOR: Near irreplaceable niche, wearing this on the belt or suit storage is very much recommended than storing it. Excellent for anticipating flanks, catching stragglers, and so on.
    Detects things up to 24 tiles away from you in long range mode, and only the size of your screen at short range mode.

    -SHOULDER HOLSTER: Extremely underwhelming. Imagine the webbing but instead of storing three items you can only store ONE pistol with no spare magazine included.

    -WEBBING: Recommended, usually available from cargo, there might be none late into the round, try looting dead marines than buying them. Click on your uniform with it on hand to attach it, holds three magazines or small items.

    FREE (Items that you get for free)

    -UNIFORM: Lets you wear belts, pouches, and M3 armour, slightly protective. You also attach webbings and accessories such as patches to this, the snow variant also protects you from cold slightly.
    -BOOTS: Lets you move faster than shoeless people, stores a bayonet or holdout pistol if you can find one, as protective as medium armor. Starts with bayonet stored if you get it from PFC vendor.
    -HELMET: Stores two tiny and or certain small items which few shows up on the sprite as cosmetics, protects your head as much as medium armor does, also makes you practically immune to decapitation and allows command staff to watch where you are.
    -GLOVES: Protects your hands as much as medium armor, better than nothing, doesn't protect you from shocked doors.
    -HEADSET: Lets you talk to your squad, and enables the squad HUD. You can also ask for radio keys from req to slot into these. You can also click on them once worn to enable/disable radio channels.
    -MRE: Small item, contains four packs of food that you would have to unwrap to actually eat, the most space efficient food item if a bit unconvenient to eat.

    ARMOR (Don't forget to turn on the shoulder lamp, it has 11x11 light radius):
    -LIGHT: Slows you down less, awful against bullets and slashes. Also has less protection against fracture and organ damage.
    -MEDIUM: Slows you down, has three item slots for magazines/small items while the other armors has only two, okay against bullets and slashes.
    -HEAVY: Slows you bit more, good against bullets and explosions, not so much slashes. Reduces chance for organ damage and fractures, most xenos just slashes your hand/feet which aren't covered by the extra armor, so it's not that good.

    -SATCHEL: Very easy to use, just click it on the back slot while it's worn, though some people like to store guns on their backslot instead.
    Stores: 5 normal size items, or 7 small+1 tiny size items, or 15 tiny size items.
    -BACKPACK: Awkward to use, more storage. Drag the backpack into your hand slot to take it off then switch active hand and click on it to open, or click on it and wait several seconds but you can't move while opening it this way.
    Stores: 7 normal size items, or 10 small+1 tiny size items, or 21 tiny size items.
    Generally you should always take the backpack, just to fill up with various items and toss into the FOB and leave it there if nothing else due to everyone spawning with backwear already.
    -SCABBARD: Stores variety of shotguns, not just the M37, assuming you can get your hands on said shotguns that is. Mostly obsolete due to M37 being wearable on back without this.

    -AMMO LOAD RIG: Holds 5 magazines, handfuls of shotgun shells, grenades, knives. Right click and switch storage drawing method to immediately take the last item you put on it.
    -SHOTGUN SHELL LOADING RIG: Holds 14 handfuls of shotgun shells/loose ammo, click on it with shotgun shell boxes to fill it with shells after a short delay.
    -KNIFE RIG: Holds 12 knives of various types, starts with 12 throwing knives. Not something anyone takes on regular basis but the throwing knives does do high damage when thrown.
    -M39 HOLSTER: Holds one M39 submachinegun, SMGs with folding stock fits on this with no need to fold it. Mostly used by people with unusual loadouts. Certain attachments prevents SMG from fitting.
    -PISTOL HOLSTER: Holds one of various pistols and six magazines, can be worn on suit storage with the M3 armor or the belt. Losing your suit storage for a sidearm isn't entirely a bad idea.
    -REVOLVER BELT: Holds various revolvers and six speedloaders, can be worn on suit storage with the M3 armor or the belt. Losing your suit storage for a sidearm isn't entirely a bad idea.

    POUCHES (You can choose two, including the same pouch):
    -BAYONET SHEATH: Stores 5 variety of knives and bayonet, not something anyone takes on regular basis. Starts with 5 throwing knives that does good damage when thrown.
    -DOCUMENT POUCH: Stores seven small intel items, if you're getting one of these you might as well just get the intel kits from cargo which already has one of these in it along with stuff you'll need to actually look for intel.

    -FIRST AID POUCH: *The* pouch that everyone gets, the gauze and ointment does not heal much and the first-aid injector/pills heals very slowly, but this pouch will be one of your few ways to heal yourself.
    =INJECTOR: Starts with a pain-stop and first-aid injectors that are REFILLABLE by clicking on an medical vendor with the empty version. Each injection gives you 15u of tramadol (painkiller) or tricordrazine (general healing drug).
    =PILLS: Starts with a pain-stop and first-aid pill packets that are UNREFILLABLE, each packets contain FOUR pills, each pill contains 15u of tramadol (painkiller) or tricordrazine (general healing drug) activate the packets to take out a pill, click on your character with the pill on active hand to swallow it, takes several seconds to metabolizes into your body.
    ==TRICORDRAZINE (First-Aid): Heals you for 30 damage of each damage type within 4 minutes each 15u, the heal spread evenly across all limbs.
    ==TRAMADOL (Pain-Stop): Negates the effects of pain such as: movement slowdown, vision impairment, texts telling you are in pain. Up to 80 damage worth of pain are negated, lasts 8 minutes per dose of 15u.

    -FLARE POUCH: Only good for convenience, you can throw flares out of their packs without these but having one does help. Don't forget to bring a backpackful of flare packs to refill this constantly.
    -MEDIUM GENERAL POUCH: Stores two magazines/small sized items, largely overshadowed by the large general though this one is free.
    -MAGAZINE POUCH: Good, stores three magazines or any other ammo on a pouch slot for free, better than medium general if you're only using it to store magazines.
    -PISTOL MAGAZINE POUCH: Stores three pistol magazines, just get the large pistol magazine pouch from cargo if you're taking this. You can also just pick the magazine pouch for literally the same functionality.
    -PISTOL POUCH: Stores a sidearm. Seems neat, but isn't worth taking over other pouches due to pistols having very small magazines in the first place, also messes with the equip hotkey.

    -GAS MASK: Looks cool, also allows oxygen tanks to be used.
    -HEAT ABSORBENT COIF: Looks cool, discount balaclava.



    PRIMARIES (large sized weapons that usually has strict limitations on where you can store them on your person, the ones listed here are the ones you'll usually see)

    -M41A PULSE RIFLE MK2: The most basic weapon on the vendor, does moderate everything. One burst with this would usually only put a dent on unarmored xenos which has around 450 health, worthless without AP for armored xenos, add the fact that just doing damage isn't enough. You need to actually kill a xeno by chasing them down/doing high burst damage before they heal it back, and chasing just with the M41 is not that great.
    A really meh gun that only shines well with attachments in most regards.

    -L42A BATTLE RIFLE: A mostly gimmicky weapon, does higher damage per hit than the M41 but can't burst. Can use the smartscope to let you shoot through friendly marines, also has no falloff on its bullet damage, meaning that you can shoot distant targets that are offscreen without doing less damage like you would with the M41.
    Being able to use smartscope to shoot through people does make it really easy to use, just remember that the IFF is only available with the SMARTscope, not regular scopes.
    You can also take the stock off if you'd rather have a version of the M41 that lets you move faster while wielded and does slightly more damage for chasing xenos.
    The L42 also only has 25 ammo per magazines which is 40% less ammo than the Mk2, you can however use the bullets from M41 magazines to refill L42 magazines.

    -M39 SUBMACHINEGUN: More related to the M4A3 than anything else, mostly used in melee range by magdumping targets due to its fast fire rate.
    Also often seen on people with unusual loadouts involving the M39 holster and another gun on suit storage.
    Its ability to shoot really fast in close ranges makes it the second go-to weapon as long as you can actually hit something.

    -M37A2 PUMP SHOTGUN: *THE* weapon that has been trusted to kill xenos, somewhat hard to use for newer players due to the need for macros to pump it conveniently, gamesense, and a good ping to use effectively.
    Can be loaded with 9+1 shotgun shells of various variety, usually with but not limited to the following:
    =Slug: Does a decent amount of damage with actual range, decent for damage if lacking in any other gimmicks. Also has AP, so don't FF with them.
    =Flechette: Like buckshot but does no stun and less damage but has more range in return, has some uses against xenos that have armor.
    =Buckshot: *THE* main reason people uses shotgun, it only has 3 tile range but does a lot of damage, disappointingly not that effective against armored xenos but is still the best way to do direct damage to them.

    -M41AE2 HEAVY PULSE RIFLE: A weird variation of the Mk2, has 300 ammo magazines that are VERY space efficient and can use only certain attachments, mostly a used by people that want to carry stuff other than magazines, usually shotgun shells with this as a secondary weapon.

    -M41A PULSE RIFLE: Also known as the Mk1, has a very limited attachment choice but gets 95 ammo magazines of AP, often an upgrade to the Mk2, albeit it has limited attachment options, usually only seen on the squad leader.
    You can obviously refill the magazines with bullets from Mk2 magazines after you empty them, so collect them if you want to bother with that.

    -MOU53 BREAK ACTION SHOTGUN: Imagine the M37 but with the SMG's rate of fire but also being only able to shoot three times before reloading, mostly used with flechette to unload inhuman amount of damage in melee range. Ocassionaly also used with slugs, can also attach a miniscope for a slightly more effective sniping than the L42.
    Only available in requisitions on a kit box. Can only load slugs or flechettes. Can be awkward to reload.

    -M240A1 INCINERATOR UNIT: A flamethrower, ignores armor and blocks paths with flames, be very mindful while using them as it's very easy to screw over other people with this.
    Available only from the M240 pyrotechnician support kit and if the squad leader decides to spend their points on these.
    Napalm fuel has 5 tile range and does actual damage and blocks paths, gel fuel has 6 tile range and is only good for burning weeds due to its pathetic damage and short burn time.

    SECONDARIES (weapons which has fewer restrictions on where you can store them, usually this means you can store them in satchels. They can also be fired accurately whether one handed or two handed.)

    -88 MOD 4 COMBAT PISTOL: Also known as Mod88, has a rather slow rate of fire and lower damage than the M4A3. Statwise, it is better than the M41A without attachment/AP though.
    Unlike the M4A3 however, it can fire in bursts and has rather large magazines that is also AP (18 shots/mag).

    -M44 COMBAT REVOLVER: Shoots slow and hard, has seven shots per cylinder.
    Main reason to use this is the damage output if you can land hits, heavy revolver ammo lets it act like shotgun slugs, while marksman ammo does good damage while having AP.
    Also it can use the bayonet for whacking stuff with or opening doors, can also use the smartscope.

    -M4A3 SERVICE PISTOL: Shoots REALLY FAST, basically letting you magdump on something to great effect, as long as you can hit them that is, pretty much the best pistol for actually killing something.
    If you can get M4A3 AP mags from requisitions which are pretty rare, you can refill them with ammo from Mod88 magazines.

    -VP-78 PISTOL: Does the most damage per hit as far as pistols (not revolver) you can get your hands on goes, has a rather high recoil which necessitates using two hands while shooting, and can fire in bursts of three which does decent damage.
    Available from the personal defense kit, extra magazines are on requisitions, though they do have only about dozen of them. Shoots like a revolver, but doesn't have its gimmick, only good for direct damage.

    -SU-6 SMARTPISTOL: Does disappointing damage, can shoot through other people without the smartscope, has a decent firerate and can fire in bursts. Available from the experimental trooper kit from requisitions, ammo for it is even rarer than the VP-78. Not that bad in the right hands that can actually hit targets with it as the bullets do have some AP.

    ATTACHMENTS (Free attachments that are available from the weapon vendors)

    -RAIL FLASHLIGHT: Lets you see farther in the dark by one tile more than the armor light, it doesn't sound good but its effectively 13x13 tiles of light compared to 11x11 of the armor light, which is a lot. Cannot be used simultaneously with flashgrip. Don't forget to turn it on.
    -UNDERBARREL FLASHLIGHT GRIP: Like the rail light but goes into the underbarrel slot of the weapon, better than the rail light due to also increasing accuracy, still not as high than angled grip or vertical grip mind you.
    -UNDERSLUNG GRENADE LAUNCHER: Goes into the M41A pulse rifle. A *GREAT* attachment only hampered by limited ammo, great FF potential which can backfire HORRIBLY, and slow firing speed. Can only load M40 and AGM grenades. Can also shoot THROUGH people/xenos but not certain objects
    -M39 FOLDING STOCK: M39s starts with these pre-attached. While extended, you can fire the M39 accurately. Pretty much no reason to fold it.
    -L42 SYNTHETIC STOCK: L42s already start with these pre-attached, taking them off lets you move faster while wielding it but makes the gun somewhat inaccurate.

    UTILITIES (Items on the weapons vendor that does not necessarily fit on the other sections)
    -M5 BAYONET: An attachment AND its own item. Your boot starts with one when you get them from PFC vendor, extras are available here.
    Guns with the bayonet attached can be used to open unpowered doors like with crowbar except it's a timed action. Also obviously used to whack resin structures with.
    Pretty much attachable to any gun except for pistols, allowing them to do actual melee damage. Also used to remove shrapnel from yourself, activate it on your active hand by double clicking it to do so.
    -M11 THROWING KNIFE: You can store one of these on your boot as alternative to the M5 bayonet but there's not much reason to do so, also fits on the helmet. They do less damage than the M5 bayonet except for when you throw them.
    -M94 MARKING FLARE PACK: Contains seven flares on each pack, you can refill flare pouches almost instantly with these. Fill up backpacks with them and bring them planetside to lit up large portions of the map.

    MORE ATTACHMENTS (Attachments for your gun that isn't covered in the PFC or weapons vendor section that are usually available only from req)

    -BARREL CHARGER: Increases your gun damage at the cost of rate of fire and accuracy, available in limited quantities.
    Usually seen on M41s/M39s that are built around burstfiring, or M37s, rather underwhelming nowadays but it is the biggest extra damage you can get on a single gun.
    Does not fit on the L42.

    -MAGNETIC HARNESS: Makes it so that if you drop a gun with this attached, it will automatically be put into your suit storage (only works with M3 armor, not bulletproof vests), also prevents you from throwing the weapon.
    Has almost no substitute (the only one being pick-up macros but even that doesn't work as well as this), mostly seen on shotguns so you don't lose it after getting stunned from whatever source due to the playstyle.
    Does not fit on sidearms.
    Available from requisitions and the M39 pointman kit which is also only from requisitions.

    -S8 TELESCOPIC SIGHT: Also known as rail scope.
    Doesn't let you move while zooming, lets you see 16 more tiles ahead, also increases accuracy (only while zoomed) and decreases damage falloff (also only while zoomed), while also massively slowing your wield movement just for having it attached.
    Mostly seen on people that actually cares about guarding the FOB to shoot at boilers, pairs well with bipod on M41/L42 due to the lack of mobility on usage and the bipod's increased rate of fire+tighter burst while deployed.
    Is also VERY underwhelming in practice due to the fact that most areas are dark, meaning that you'll need to lit an area up with flares to see anything other than boilers with this unless you get the nightvision implant.
    Does not fit on shotguns and sidearms except for the M44 revolver.

    -S4 TELESCOPIC SIGHT: Also known as miniscope. Allows you to move slowly while zooming, otherwise same disadvantages and advantages as the rail scope, except that it only lets you see about 5 tiles farther.
    Can be useful while pushing, though the movement speed while zooming is HORRIBLE, meaning that other people will likely move in front of you just because of that, blocking your shots, it still can be useful on pushes though.
    Does not fit on shotguns and sidearms except for the M44 revolver.

    -B8 SMART-SCOPE: Lets you shoot through other marines, this feature works without needing to be zoomed in. Only fits on the L42 battle rifle, or the M44 revolver. Also the captain's rifle but you'll rarely ever see that.
    Zooming in with it has the same advantages/disadvantages of the mini scope, except for the fact that zooming in with the smartscope is a timed action and not instant like the miniscope.

    -BIPOD: Can be deployed while standing and facing next to and towards a cade/window frame/table/rack, or with a delay anywhere, increases rate of fire, accuracy, and tightens burst spread while deployed, lowers your rate of fire while not deployed, also increases wield delay.
    Rarely if ever seen on anyone, usually on people that are behind cades or are carrying rack parts+wrench due to racks being instant to deploy/dismantle.
    The advantages aren't necessarily bad but the fact that it kills mobility in order to use effectively means that it's often paired with the rail scope just to make up for it and make it usable at all. Also undeploying slows you down which can get you caught in gas clouds.
    Does not fit on sidearms.

    -MINI FLAMER: Loads 20u of fuel, converts any fuel loaded into it into welder fuel, which while doesn't really do much damage, can usually be counted to make weaker xenos retreat and also a near guaranteed kill on friendly marines if you set them on fire without extinguishing them quickly.
    Can be refilled with incinerator tanks, and welderpack/satchel, but not directly from fuel tanks.
    If you want to use this to its full extent, ask for a welderpack/satchel as well from req to refuel it, and also get an extinguisher to avoid killing other marines with it.
    Fits on the M41A Mk2 and the M37.

    -BURST FIRE ADAPTER: Makes your burstfire shoots two more bullets than before, if your gun couldn't burst, then this also enables it.
    Honestly, the quickfire adapter is better if you want a bullet hose, but this thing can do in a pinch if you build around it with reflex sight and or suppressor, and maybe a stock.
    Does not fit on the L42, M37, and the M44 revolver.

    -M44 MAGNUM SHARPSHOOTER STOCK: Foldable stock, only fits on the M44 revolver, obviously used to snipe with it while extended. Unlike the SMG stock, it takes time to extend/fold the stock.

    -SUBMACHINEGUN ARM BRACE: Allows the SMG to be shoot one hand accurately, and gimping it while wielded with two hands.
    Also has the unique gimmick of locking the SMG into your hand, making them undroppable.
    Usually used in combination with other attachments for one handed shooting (laser sight, gyro, RC) for even more accuracy.
    Available from requisitions and the M39 pointman kit which is also only from requisitions.

    -MOU53 TACTICAL STOCK: Increases the MOU's stats for slightly more wield delay, little to no reason to not use this, comes separately on the kit box.

    NANOMED (These are available on various locations across the ship)

    -FIRST-AID INJECTOR: Contains 15u of tricordrazine, heals you for 0.5 damage for each damage type each 3 seconds, lasts four minutes with 15u, healing for 30 damage of each type per injector.
    Mostly good for when you're hurt everywhere for small amount.

    -PAIN-STOP INJECTOR: Contains 15u of tramadol, lets you resist pain up to around 80 damage, lasts for about eight minutes/15u. Pain makes you move slower and blurs vision, this negates them.

    -ROLL OF GAUZE: Stops bleeding and allows your wound on the treated limb to regenerate from brute damage at the rate of 0.1 damage per 3 second unless the limb gets damaged again, better than nothing.
    You can restock a partial stack of these on a nanomed/medical vendor and vend it again as a full stack by hitting the nanomed.

    -OINTMENT: Allows your wound on the treated limb to regenerate from burn damage at the rate of 0.1 damage per 3 second unless the limb gets damaged again, better than nothing.
    You can restock a partial stack of these on a nanomed/medical vendor and vend it again as a full stack by hitting the nanomed/medical vendor.

    -HF2 HEALTH ANALYZER: A portable health analyzer to detect fractures, internal bleeding, brain damage, oxygen damage (which doesn't always mean organ damage), toxin damage, and brain damage. Takes time to use.


    -MEDICAL SPLINTS: Arguably one of the most important item on the nanomed that everyone should carry, you can splint fractured limbs in order to prevent organ damage (chest, head, and groin fracture), or restore partial function (hand/arms and leg/foot respectively), being splinted also slows you down, though not as much as fractured leg/foot does, so don't splint healthy limbs. Self splinting takes 20 seconds, other people splinting you is faster.

    REQ ITEMS (This list includes items from req that haven't been broken down in other sections)

    -M44 MARKSMAN AMMO: AP for revolver, has no damage falloff.
    Does a rather high damage and can be deadly as long as you don't miss against xenos. Only available from req.

    Niche, can be detrimental, comes with a backpack fueltank (350u of napalm), three incinerator tank (100u fuel each, one of them preloaded on the flamer), one gel fuel tank (150u), and a mini extinguisher.
    The flamethrower is nice to have for defense and or clearing resin/jungle vines/tall grass, always carry the extinguisher with it and get an extra one if you feel like it from a marinemed for self extinguish if nothing else.
    You can wear a pistol/revolver or SMG holster on the belt, the former also stores six magazines/speedloader along with the pistol/revolver if you're not gonna carry a gun on your back.
    The incinerator tank can be refilled and stored (up to 3 tanks) on the backpack tank with napalm which does more damage and lasts longer than welder fuel.
    Extinguish the flames if you're using napalm] to burn resin on crowded areas so you don't block marine movement, or lit a xeno on fire and then chase them with your actual gun.
    The gel fuel, only burns for 1-3 seconds while having range up to 6 tiles, this means that you can use them in offense for burning resin without blocking pushes.
    The damage from gel fuel on the other hand is very low, so don't expect to actually kill with it.
    You can also refill the empty gel tank with regular napalm once you used it up, it still keeps the 200u capacity.
    Flames also ignore xeno armour, making it also one of the few weapons that can reliably deal with crushers and thus cements them as very good defensive weapon until ravagers and the queen shows up which are fireproof.
    One thing you can do with this kit is leaving the pyro backpack somewhere you can go back to for refills and storing the tanks themselves in your satchel/fuel tank pouch from req and carry a second actual gun.

    Gives you an M2C machinegun, 4 ammo boxes (125 bullets each), a special belt to hold said ammo boxes+a pistol, two C4, engineering pamphlet, and set of tools to fix the gun if it ever gets damaged.

    The gun itself is decent, but in most cases its often underwhelming due to lack of IFF/protection for the operator along with it fundamentally turning yourself into a turret that can only hold a position.
    The M2C itself can shoot quickly, although doing so will often overheat the barrel and disable the gun, each hit does ample damage as well and has decent AP. It is also able to be rotated quickly without any tools and cannot be deployed too close to cades/walls so remember that.


    AUTOLATHE (You can use the autolathe on lower engineering, the doors are open to everyone.)

    -CROWBAR: Lets you open unpowered doors INSTANTLY, also open up flooring to expose pipes/cables. Printable on the autolathe.
    Additionally allows you to dismantle metal cades IF you took the combat technician support kit. And dismantle walls.

    -WRENCH: Lets you dismantle window frames, vents, and pipes. Also unwrenches and wrenches vendor to allow them to be moved or anchored. Also rotates MGs and unanchor/anchor sentries (power them down first).
    Printable on the autolathe.
    Additionally allows you to move metal cades IF you took the combat technician support kit. And dismantle walls.

    -SCREWDRIVER: Allows you to dismantle reinforced windows when used with crowbar but most importantly allows you to deploy/dismantle MGs, also rotates sentries (power them down first). Printable on the autolathe.
    Additionally the first step to allow you to move/dismantle metal cades IF you took the combat technician support kit. And one of the tools needed to dismantle walls.

    -WIRECUTTERS: Allows you to remove barbed wire from cades and cut wires, removed barbed wire can then be reinstalled on cades. Printable on the autolathe.
    Also used to dismantle walls.

    -SECURITY ACCESS TUNER (aka Multitool): Allows you to disarm claymores to then be placed elsewhere as far as PFCs should care about. Printable on the autolathe.

    Additionally used to repair/dismantle walls. And if you took the combat technician support kit, to repair metal/plasteel cades too. Can be refilled on the welderpack, welderkit, and fuel tanks.
    Also used to repair damaged MGs/sentries.

    -WELDING HELMET: Can be flipped up/down, is a normal sized item, goes to the helmet slot. Mandatory for using blowtorch more than limited amount of times before you go blind. Can be printed on autolathe.

    -EXTINGUISHER: The big extinguisher, is a normal sized item to the small extinguisher's small. Contains 40% more water than the small extinguisher, don't forget to turn off the safety.
    Printable on the autolathe, refill on water tanks.

    -HAND LABELER: Used to label items, usually backpacks of stuff. Printable on the autolathe.

    -STATION BOUNCED RADIO: Lets you talk to the general channel when communications are down, which usually means other station bounced radios and powered intercoms.
    Too bad planetside general channel doesn't exist anymore.
    Printable on the autolathe.

    OTHER (These items can usually be found in the specified locations)

    -WELDING GOOGLES: Can be flipped up/down, is a small sized item, goes to the eyes slot. Mandatory for using blowtorch more than limited amount of times. Can be acquired from HPR kits and combat technician support kits.

    -ENTRENCHING TOOL: Also known as e-tool, used to fill empty sandbags by clicking on dirt/sand and then the empty sandbags, fits on toolbelts/tool pouches, turns into normal-size item when folded.
    Available from requisitions, bring some for the FOB if nothing else.
    Also used to dismantle sandbag cades, be on anything EXCEPT HARM INTENT and click on them with this on hand to dismantle them.

    -METAL FLASK: Available from the food vendors near cryo, allows you to store 60u of liquid, usually with really useful drugs from medbay if available. Each sip takes 10u from it.

    -TACTICAL BINOCULARS: Available from JTAC kits at req, allows you to see as far as rail scopes, ctrl+click to laze, right click the binocs to change the option between lazing for CAS or for coordinates which can be used for OBs or supply drops.
    Not really useful on its own due to the need to communicate with POs (which are usually only on JTAC channel which is only available if you slot in the JTAC radio key from the JTAC kit most of the time) for CAS, or with SOs (who may or may not be hearing you) for OBs or supply drops, also CTs or RO for supply drop also.
    Make sure to laze really far away and yell at people to not run into the OB if you do call in an OB, as it does have really large explosion (larger than the size of the screen, which is 15x15 tiles by default)
    As a PFC, you take twenty seconds to laze, which takes FOREVER, I seriously recommend signal flares instead for CAS.

    -FULTON PACK: Available only from intel kit at req, allows you to fulton dead bodies, including xeno bodies, and or crates to be picked up by a dropship with fulton module to be transported into the ship/LZ for DEFCON.
    The intel tactics channel radio key which comes with the intel kit is usually mandatory for this in order to yell at the PO to pick up your fultons. Fultoned bodies/crates only stays on air for around 3 minutes after which it would fall back down to where it was before. Only real reason to do this is to get research xeno bodies to make drugs with.

    -INTEL DETECTOR: Available only from intel kit at req, lets you detect intel items. Using this in combination with document pouch lets you basically play as an IO without having to be one, though if you die with intel on you would make said intel to be really hard to find due to lack of way to determine whether or not a dead body is carrying an intel or not without taking their gear off first. Use the document pouch and fulton, along with the intel radio key if you really insist on using this and pretend to be an IO.
    Once you do find intel items, you would need to store them on inside the intel room aboard the ship, and or decrypt disks using passwords from folders if available.
    Dead bodies goes to the morgue on the ship, you do not need to put them on the morgue trays. The morgue is usually not accessible to a PFC though, meaning you'd have to shoot the door open if you want to drag bodies into it.
    Dead xeno bodies goes to containment cells on research, which is even more harder to get to than the morgue. You can of course shoot the door open as well if you really want to, as long as you don't get arrested.

    -MB-6 FOLDING BARRICADE: Available from req, usually seen inside HPR kits but they do have it outside of said kits. As tough as sandbag cades which are already pretty tough, and as easy to deploy, is also unclimbable through like wired cades.
    Unlike wired cades, does not hurt xenos that slashes them, can be dismantled by anyone by dragging its sprite into you, faster to dismantle with wrench and crowbar but requires actual squad engineer to dismantle with them, also repairable by anyone without engineering skill by using blowtorch.

    -SIGNAL FLARES: Only available from req. Like lazing for CAS but in flare form, can also be used to call CAS for areas that CANNOT be lazed, such as areas with weak roofs that CAN be CASed but not lazed.
    Make sure to coordinate with the PO to ensure you call the CAS exactly where you want it to be, that means the JTAC radio key is almost essential to use this unless the PO is tuned into squad channels.
    Cannot be picked up once lit and thrown.

    -FLARE GUN: Only available from the JTAC kit. Can only shoot REGULAR flares, has a built in miniscope.
    Not much to say, all it does is let you shoot regular flares farther than you can throw them, you can also fill the flare gun belt holster just by clicking it with the flare pack, that's about it.

    -BLACK/BROWN WEBBING: Like the webbing but limited to carrying 5 small items and no magazines, usually filled with shotgun shells or tools.
    Available only from requisitions in limited amount.

    -ROLLER BED: Available on medbay or from first responder kit. You can buckle one dead/alive people, or T1/T2 xeno to this thing and drag it a lot faster than by hand.
    Drag a dead body to the roller bed's sprite while it is under the body to buckle it into, click the roller bed with empty hand to unbuckle the body , drag an empty deployed roller bed's sprite to your own sprite to fold it.

    -G8-A POUCH: Available from requisitions in limited amounts. Can be worn on belt or suit storage, stores three items of any kind up to normal-size, meaning that you can store anything from pistols, first aid kit boxes, to big extinguishers on these. Though, as a PFC you won't really have a lot of reason to use these.

    -M15 GRENADE: Available from requisitions in limited amounts. Like the M40 HEDP grenade except with bigger explosion and cannot be used with the UGL.

    -M20 CLAYMORE: Available from requisitions. Can be placed and then blows up anyone and any dead bodies over it that isn't a marine.
    Does not do much damage on xenos by itself so make sure to watch over it to actually get kills with it. Disarmed with a security access tuner.

    -M40 HIDP: Available from requisitions. Incendiary grenade, mostly useless on xenos due to how weak the flames are and how short they last, can be useful in burning hive weeds due to that fact.

    -M40 HSDP: Available from requisitions. Smoke grenade, totally useless outside of HvH events since xenos can see through them just fine. You can try using it to block a queen's screech if you really want to.

    -M07 TRAINING GRENADE: Available from firing range. Training grenades that do not explode and are meant to be used to mess around with, still fits on UGLs if you want to mess around with that.

    -LARGE PISTOL MAGAZINE POUCH: Available from requisitions. Stores six pistol magazines on a pouch, pretty handy if you bother bringing a pistol and the ammo for it.

    -MEDKIT POUCH: Available from requisitions. Stores a first aid kit box of any type, the most space efficient way to store medical items but is a bother to use.
    You can find first aid kit boxes around medical.

    TECHWEBS (You can only get one item of each tech in one life, so choose carefully)

    ARMOR PLATES: Attach these to your uniform, nullifies damage until they break.
    -CERAMIC: Protects only against bullets, sounds lame, but you can take way more bullet hits than metal does with it. Protects from either 8 rifle bullets or 3 buckshot PBs.
    -METAL: Protects you from two slashes and once they break you can take them off and combine them with someone else's (try to loot them from dead people's uniform) broken plates to get the scrap metal plate which works just as well. Also protects you from at least three bullet hits before breaking.

    AMMO UPGRADE: Tap any magazine/ammo handful in your hand with the upgrade kit in your active hand to convert them. Up to 5 magazines can be converted.
    -INCENDIARY: Sets whatever you hit on fire, doesn't sound bad but it ends up often being underwhelming due to weak fire damage that are easily extinguishable for xenos and its lack of AP and lower damage. Although being set on fire is usually a guaranteed stun against a xeno who will try to put it out somewhere you can try to chase to. Try to use with scope M41 to lit up distant xenos constantly.
    -CLUSTER: Inflicts a stack of cluster on hit, also has the stats of AP ammo. Pistols inflicts more stacks per hit, once a target hits a certain treshold of stacks they would take a large (more than buckshot level) damage and gets stunned shortly.
    -TOXIN: Debuffs xeno armor on hit, also has the stats of AP ammo. Most armored xenos need 5 hits from this ammo to have their armor nullified, the debuff maxes for 2 and half minutes at longest after 11 hits.
    -INCEN BUCKSHOT: Gives a box of 5 handfuls. Direct upgrade over regular buckshot, just remember ravagers and queens are fireproof.
    -INCEN SLUGS: Gives a box of 5 handfuls. Does less damage than slugs, the fire isn't particularly strong either.

    IMPLANTS: You can pick two, you'll get a box of injectors to inject yourself with the implants by jabbing them into yourself, each person can only have two implants injected even if they get their hands on more than two injections.
    -NIGHTVISION: Lets you see in the dark. On paper a marginal improvement over the rail flashlight/flashgrip's 13x13 light radius and the shoulder lamp's 11x11 light radius. But in practice it can be really helpful due to lack of light gradients. Also turns scope guns useful since you would actually be able to see stuff in the dark. DISAPPEARS ONCE YOU ARE DEFIBBED TWICE.
    -AGILITY: Makes you move faster, and climb stuff faster, always a welcome upgrade. Also allows you to do a fireman carry which is basically a grab that doesn't slow you down, to do this grab someone and upgrade the grab and then click drag their sprite into your character's.
    -SUBDERMAL ARMOR: Reduces damage taken by 10-15%, also protects your bones more. Doesn't slow you down either, always a solid improvement.
    -REJUVENATION: One use. When you have more than 150 damage, you will heal yourself after a while. Sounds nice, but ends up having you reviving yourself in the middle of nowhere and just being a free capture for xenos more often.

    -THERMAL GOOGLES: Lets you see xenos through walls and nightvision, once these are added NV implants would also be removed.
    Comes with a battery (1k power) and a spare, uses up 20 power per second meaning each battery lasts about a minute.
    Rather underwhelming and the red vision overlay is annoying, but it can be lifesaving when trying to assault a cramped area like xeno hives.
    Try to find hi-cap batteries (10k power) or super (20k)/hypers (30k) to make it not as underwhelming.
    -B18 ARMOR: Decently protective for limited durability, noticeable slowdown, instant health analyzer, and tricord injectors, comes gloves and helmet that slightly impairs vision (can be toggled not to impair).
    The slowdown can be a dealbreaker but you can intentionally break the armor to reduce protection and the slowdown as it does have more utility than regular armor. A solid pick if nothing else.
    The helmet cannot have thermal googles installed and the armor impairs the hoverpack's mobility.
    -HOVERPACK: Lets you cover a distance (6 tiles) quickly every 15s for 20 uses, underwhelming but it has its uses, especially with buckshot shotguns.

    STIMULANTS: You can only pick 1, you'll get a pouch that contains 3 injectors of said type, each injector lasts 5 minutes. If you get your hands on a variety of stim types from other people and inject them simultaneously, the duration is shorter.
    You also cannot OD on them.
    -SPEED: Makes you move faster, speed is always good. Also tramadol level of painkiller.
    -REDEMPTION: You only get ONE injector instead. FIXES ALL FRACTURES AND ORGAN DAMAGE INSTANTLY ON INJECTION, lets you ignore pain entirely, also allows you to ignore further organ damage, bone break immunity, move slightly faster, and shrug off stuns for its 5 minute duration. Also the only one that CAN OD with more than 5u.
    -BRAIN: Practically immunity to neurotoxin spits from xenos and various other stuns. Also potent painkiller.
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    you can also use c4 and mortar with the combat technician kit
    Literally who the fuck does this guy play lmao

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    Added entries for techweb also that bit about C4 and mortar.

    Also new slugs.
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    I remember the first version of this guide being really helpful for me as a baldie. So thanks and keep up the good work.

    Though I have a few things to comment on:
    1. Smartpistol is very underrated. The single shot is disappointing, yes, but the DPS is good. It's usually taken by the veteran medic mains now. Especially good at shredding those defenders, but if someone bodyblocks a T3 you'd kill it easily.
    2. Revolver heavy availability varies between rounds, depending on whether some robusto decides to take every single loader on the ship. I think you should mention that revolver marksman is the revolver AP ammo that also has no falloff.
    Roman 'Fire' Kacew

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    Oh yeah, marksman revolver ammo.
    It used to be available on the PFC vendor as a point buy but got removed, guess I'll add it to the req stuff list.
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    To this day people really think setting xenos on flame is for damage?? I thought everybody knows they do little to no damage.

    But they WILL force them to retreat as there is no queen heal for flaming xenos and NO xeno wants to be on fire. They KNOW it does F*ck all damage and yet they WILL retreat to put it out. Other xenos will also run up to him to extinguish it, removing A LOT pressure from marines.

    Look at this this way: if you have 5 xenos attacking, with 1 hard hit you take out 20% of HP from one xeno. He and the other 4 will keep coming at you and they can heal back almost instantly by resting or literally instantly by queen.

    But if you set one on fire, you only caused 1% damage and yet, you just removed 1 xeno interely for 15-30 seconds from fight as he can't resist on the front as he WILL get shot, so he has to slowly walk to the backlines and find a cover where he can resist. That take times, resisting takes time before you can get up, maybe you have to do it multiple time. If other xenos are around you, they will come to put you out, removing them also from the fight.

    Now instead of fighting 5 xenos, you are fighting 2, which will result in a) marines taking less damage as there are less xenos b) marines being braver and instead if retreating pushing on them, c) focus firing one or two xenos instead of spreading the damage to 5.

    All it did is some inci ammo and totally turned the tide. These are the actual in-game tactics never mentioned here. People look the AP ammo damage numbers on paper, but who cares if in-game you are getting eaten in 2 sec by 5 xenos instead 5 marines could focus down 1 or 2 xenos?

    Same goes for flamers. When you are guarding a cadeline with no plasteel door, you see the queen approaching, you FLAME HER. People will cry not to flame her, but do you want to fight 2 crushers, 2 spitters, lurkers, and praes shooting acid balls behind cased while she screeched know....flame her....and watch her solo attack cades as other xenos DON'T want to be on fire and watch her waste her screech.

    I guess this is metagaming, as you have to know that xenos hate fire and in-game it might be the first time your marine even saw a crusher so how could know that. But still.

    Excellent guide. Please make one for advanced tactics also, like doubling up reinforced cades which are not mean to hold off anything, only to mess with xenos head and force them to flank as it's too boring to attack one place or cades facing each-other which WILL be damaged by one slash, BUT they will deal double barb damage and so on.

    There are so many things I noticed veterans are doing that made no sense and I thought they are doing it wrong. Until I asked them why they are doing it and when they explain that's when you realize how deep this game goes.
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    I'm not 100% sure but I think you can use Bipod on L42

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    Thanks this is really helpful! But what weapon setup would you recommend then besides shotgun?

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