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Thread: Urytion - CO-CMP Application

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    Urytion - CO-CMP Application

    Byond ID?

    Player name you use the most?
    Tracee 'Quick Clot' Parker

    Have you received any bans in the last month?

    What is your time zone in UTC CMP time?

    What do you think is the role of a Commander CMP?
    I think the role of a CO CMP is to enforce marine law. All COs CMPs must have a perfect knowledge of marine law, and be able to answer long questions from The CO whitelist council random peanut gallery MP mains in regards to doing their job in commanding the vessel being the primary enforcer of marine law.

    Why do you want to be a Commanding Officer Chief of Military Police?
    I've been playing CM for a long time, and in that time I've learned that Roleplay and engagement with the community is the most important attribute for any member of high ranking command players Marine Law is the primary focus of Commanding Officer Chief of Military Police at all times. While playing as SO and XO MP and MW I realised that most of the time The CO didn't interfere with us in the slightest and was primarily focused on running the operation the CO CMP had a flawless knowledge of military law. This made me inspired to apply for CO CMP whitelist.

    What do you think you could contribute by being whitelisted?
    I think my ability to command operations and create a fun and engaging roleplay environment knowledge of ML will be a great asset to the CO CMP whitelist.

    How will your Commanding Officer CMP behave? Describe their character.
    My CO CMP will be heavily involved with management of ground operations in line with their duties as the commanding officer enforcement of marine law. As such they'll be available to listen to advice from more qualified members of the crew solely responsible for marine law because of their vast knowledge in all instances. My Commanding Officer CMP will be strict and uncompromising, arresting all marines for minor offenses in line with marine law despite the option to ignore minor crimes and instruction to interpret the spirit of the law over the exact wording of the law.

    Stories are boring

    How experienced are you with the position of Squad Leader (SL) Military Police (MP)?
    Very experienced. I play Squad Leader Military Police all the time to better gain an understanding of groundside operations to serve me well in command better understand how to enforce marine law.

    How experienced are you with the position of Staff Officer (SO) Military Police Warden (MW)?
    Very experienced. I play Staff Officer MW because it allows me to gain experience in command operations without the pressure of leadership. It also allows me to see COs and XOs in action which builds on my experience I get to sit in an office and push buttons.

    Other experience is unnecessary. All hail to the Military Police.

    How would you handle insubordinate departments?
    Medical: Medical is a complicated field that should be left to the experts. I am the CO CMP, my word is law. I would involve the CMO as some forms of insubordination can create interesting RP environments, or even bring other players back into the game by breeding corrupted xeno. If they're being non compliant, I would check with the CMP, the actual authority on ML, in regards to the appropriate course of action. I would arrest them in line with Marine Law.

    Requisitions: Requisitions is rarely insubordinate. They sometimes buy unnecessary items, but they isn't necessarily insubordinate as the RO can purchase supplies as they see fit. But if they're wasting points, I would assign an MP guard and consult with the CMP, the actual authority on marine law in regards to the appropriate course of action, or assign another member of the crew to handle supply ordering. I would arrest them in line with Marine Law.

    Military Police: Military Police cannot, under the rules as written, break marine law. Being insubordinate is against marine law. If an MP is insubordinate without admin approval, it is against the server rules and I would ahelp. MPs can do no wrong.

    Engineering: Engineering has little to do, so they spend their time disassembling shit and pulling pranks. MPs can usually handle this themselves, because they are the actual authorities on ML, but if necessary I could direct MPs to parts of the ship. I would arrest them in line with Marine Law.

    Command: When command is being insubordinate, things are generally going really bad. If they try to deploy without permission, I can send an MP to chase them down. Otherwise, things on the CIC can be resolved with conversation, or if they're being particularly insubordinate and endangering the operation, a swift BE. I would arrest them in line with Marine Law.

    Do you understand that any player - even donors or staff members - can, but won't have their whitelist status revoked should they break our Server Rules or Roleplay Guidelines?

    Do you understand you cannot advertise this application on any platform, including Discord?

    Do you also understand that you may not edit this application 1 hour after it has been posted?

    TL;DR. An understanding of ML might be important. But MP playtimes shouldn't even factor into that. Marines without MP playtime usually have a pretty good understanding of ML, even if it's only because they're constantly finding loopholes in it. MP mains no gatekeeping kthx.

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    based +1

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    As 6th division commodore can agree COs suck, no standards whitelist. But when a captain breaks marine law (improper BEs, arrests modifying SOP etc) you better not make a player report because why would they be expected to know ML

    Also good shitpost +1

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    CMP whitelist when
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    I just realized that both MWs and SOs just sit in a fancy place and push buttons.
    IGN: Nick Hector, your typical dude who tries his best to RP and talk with people.

    Prefferred roles: Executive Officer, Squad Leader, Squad Marine and Survivor. I rarely play as Xeno. And yes, I have Squad Specialist set to Never.

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