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Thread: Idea to improve the Supply Drop system and get another job for RTOs

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    Lightbulb Idea to improve the Supply Drop system and get another job for RTOs

    Currently, from my point of view, RTOs have only 3 jobs to do while groundside:
    1. They can call drop pods containing tech-web stuff like plates, combat implants, stims, special ammo types etc. for marines to increase their combat effectiveness.
    2. They can operate better with JTAC staff to call CAS, OB and Mortar (Squad Leaders can laze faster but they might be busy leading and coordinating marines).
    3. They are the only way to communicate with Command when Telecommunications are not available (FOB squad forgot to take the Tcomms tower and crate or FOB is being breached and Tcomms is destroyed).

    And they are in 2nd line of Squad's Lead which means they replace Squad Leader's role when he becomes KIA/MIA/AWOL. They are meant to be a support role and I think they have great responsibility for marines' combat effectiveness. But I think they can get another type of job to do as the ones I listed above happens rarely like you call droppods once new tech-web is bought which usually means every 5-10 minutes, CAS, OB and Mortar might not be available always and lastly, its really rare to see to having Tcomms not built unless engies were imcompetent and phones can be tricky to use when Command staff is understaffed. Here's my idea to make role better:

    Combine squad's own launch tube located in Requisitions with the said squad's drop pod and make drop pod loadable with non-tech web stuff
    I think RTO role might become an important role if their droppods can be loaded with non-tech web supplies by Cargo Techs. I mean maybe it can be good to combine their droppods with squad's supply drops? Here's my idea, so it goes like this:
    1. RTO asks his Squad Leader about what marines need and Squad Leader tells him they need certain type of supplies or RTO himself observes the situation himself to find what marines need.
    2. RTO informs the Cargo Techs they need certain type of supplies delivered to groundside.
    2. Cargo Techs loads the drop pod with the said supllies when the drop pod is not in use.
    3. When the said squad's drop pod is ready, Cargo Techs informs RTO about it.
    4. RTO uses its ability to call drop pod and marines get the supplies along with the tech-web stuff.
    This can make RTOs calling supply drops for marines with ease without having to laze, get the coords and then send it to Requisitions or SOs which takes time. I think this can increase the current RTOs importance by making them an aux-role that constantly calls drop pods loaded with supplies to keep marines suplied. And if there're no RTOs for certain squad, you can still use the old way to send the supplies.

    Hope you like my idea! Thanks for reading!

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    I think instead of "occupying" the existing techweb drop pod that RTOs get for supply drops (so that, while a supply drop is being filled, the RTO cannot call tech down, basically) you should just hand the calibration of the launch tubes for supply drops to RTOs, and away from the SOs.

    Essentially, the RTO would get a second button in the top left, next to "call drop pod", where they can calibrate their Squad's pad for coordinates. With the most recent changelog, all RTOs get Laser Designators, so it is quite literally IMPOSSIBLE for an RTO to NOT be able to mark coordinates for himself like this.

    RTO also has default access to Req now, meaning that they can ALWAYS be in line with CTs and the RO. Additionally, of course, they have their phone to call req with if they feel ignored. The process of loading a supply drop would be the same as now. Req loads a crate and puts it on a pad. Except now, they'd tell YOU, the RTO, to prime the pad for up-to-date coordinates, and then launch it, rather than asking the SO.

    This would vastly improve supply drop efficiency, and also relieve the SOs a little bit who might be tied down by the bigger picture and not always pay attention to req (people already joke about yelling at the SOs to launch a drop for 3 minutes, getting no response, and then doing it themselves when their E Tube goes online again).
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    I agree with this, too many time the CIC staff is to busy with the OP in general or other shit going on on the ship to send the pad from req down when needed. Also to boot RTO don't need to laze for the pods cords, at least not for tech web drops, cause we get to see the cords and the time it will take for the pod to come down where we marked it.

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