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Thread: Can we please do something about the end game.

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    In my eyes the problem is the stupid timer. Both sides know there is one, so both sides just play crazy reckless.

    No one attempts to repair anything but comms. No xenos capture anything.. and because they dont bother to capture we give them a crutch in the form of endless larva... which is eh.

    I would like to see post crash evolve into the second round of battle... not just an afterhought. Remove the timer and endless completely. Xenos will start building a massive new nest and capturing. And marines trying to restore power.. recapture medical and ro. Both sides should get an influx of forces (larva and cyromarines) so that dead players can get back in the fight.

    Some of the most interesting fights are post crash... and I dont see why its just treated like a bonus round right now
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    Almayer stage is crap. It's a relic from 70-30 when Xenos stomped the Marines.
    As it is it's a 20-40 minute time waster. Occasionally it gets marginally more interesting with admin ERTs.

    I'm not against either of your options because anything, literally anything, would be an improvement over the current endgame.

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