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Thread: Trevintor - Commanding Officer Application

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    A lot of the other folks have given some great advice, and by all means, you should take it by heart. But here is the thing for me: I play CM at all manner of odd hours, and I can't once recall seeing you in a command position. Now usually that's just a matter of timezone things, and I'm willing to bet it's the same deal here. From what it seems a couple of people have had you in their CIC, but I can't say the same. Normally I'm willing to overlook experience with a person if their questions are up to snuff, and vice versa, but here I just can't say I'm sold on either front. Take other people's advice, play as XO and SL as much as you can, and if you don't get it this time feel free to reapply in the future.

    - Squad Leader Charles 'Boston' Ellis (and overconfident CO)

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    Thank you all for the wonderful feedback however I think the next time I app I will wait maybe a few months more than one, I think there are clearly some things I need to get used to such as slow communication I am not sure if its just me, or more of some time the interfaces not popping up fast enough cause potatoes computer - or maybe because I don't have a dual monitor whatever it is I will try my best to fix it, as well as continue to read through the long feed backs that I haven't had the time to do. And keep this app in mind for my next one within 3-5 months or so.

    But I do appreciate all of it.

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    I have to agree with the critique's that have been given so far.

    You seem like exactly the sort of person I'd want to apply for CO, but you just need a little bit more work and experience.

    I think some of the criticism given so far is possibly a lack of confidence and I think I've seen some of that in some of your announcements and answers.
    While your answers regarding your MP/ML experience is fine in that you acknowledge you don't have all the answers and that you keep the page open to double check the laws (this is absolutely a good thing), it still sounds like you're not totally confident yet.

    As others have stated, your BE answers are somewhat iffy but I must say that I really appreciate that you've tried to provide a comprehensive answer for each category of valid BE.

    Talking about wanting to mutiny is a threat to your command and you don't need to wait for them to start the mutiny before deciding that they're BEable, they're literally talking about violently removing you from power and would be executable under Sedition anyway

    BEing someone for distributing alcohol - this is veeeeeeeeery far out there. As Tater said, this is something you would generally get the MP's for. While BEing them would not necessarily be strictly incorrect it would be a real dicey situation and would likely be deemed as excessive. Keep in mind that you can actually be mutinied against for an excessive BE even if it is a valid one.

    Tater's feedback about the deserters is valid, they're a hostile force, while it's not wrong to BE them it's also not required to, they're active hostile combatants and you've got your own marines to deal with them.

    Your pardon answers show a little bit of that lack of confidence, but again, I appreciate that you understand the difference between a pardon and appeal.

    I am 100% positive you'll get CO, just not this time unfortunately. You're very close to it, you just need to work on filling in some gaps in your knowledge and your confidence.

    I would be disappointed if you did not apply again when you are able and ready to do so.
    Anna "High-Toss" Stall

    Whitelisted Commodore and CO Councillor, Admin, and Nerd!

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    With a -3/5 majority vote from the Council this application is, unfortunately, denied.

    Please don't let this discourage you, though. As what the others've said give it time and build your skills meanwhile.

    You may reapply at a minimum date of 30 days on May 13, 2021, though you're encouraged to take your time.
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