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Thread: MixMash - Synthetic Application

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    MixMash - Synthetic Application

    Synthetic Whitelist Application
    Personal InformationByond ID?

    Marine Name
    Robert 'Spades' Calafax

    Other Whitelist Applications

    Character InformationName of the Synth Character you wish to play

    What is your Synth�s quirk and personality?
    Jordon worked with IT experts before being transferred to Almayer, thus he is naturally programmed to show interest in technology. He often engaged in talks about various systems onboard Almayer. He is polite and genuine and always has something nice to say to cheer up anyone.

    Why do you want to be a synthetic/why should we whitelist you?
    I find joy in a non-combative role. I would rather not get in the way or be a nuisance. I tend to non-combat roles. Most of my playtimes are in non-combat roles. Two of my most top played roles are Chief of Military Police and Senior Enlisted Advisor. I wish to be helpful rather than get in the way. Id love to have a different experience towards just blindly going into combat. I like to support rather than do frontline combat all the time. It gets tedious and having that unique role and personality to do that support role is great for me.

    Synthetic Character Story

    I think this story is a bit less complicated but it shows my quirk and a very simplistic way and I hope it seems understandable.

    ExperienceHow familiar are you with Engineering?
    I am familiar with alot of aspects of engineering

    Barricade Placement
    Barricade Removal
    Light Replacement
    ASRS Hacking

    How familiar are you with Command?
    Command is one of my weakest points

    But I am familiar with some aspects such as:
    OB Coordinating
    Tactical Maps
    Ground Command

    How familiar are you with Medical?
    Medical I would say. Is my strongest Point

    I know things such as:
    Making Mixtures
    Making Chems (Fast)
    Helping with Research
    First Aid
    Combat Aid
    Patient Management

    How familiar are you with Requisitions?
    I am very familiar with Requisitions as I do it all the time as SEA

    I know things such as:
    Line Requests
    Ordering Requests
    Supply Drops
    Radio Protocol
    ASRS Hacking (Forbidden for Synths)

    What are some scenarios that you can perform combat in? Give us a brief example.
    An example would be. A doctor is being harassed by a lurker and the lurker will not leave the doctor alone and the doctor goes down due to being knocked down by the lurker and then the lurker starts to attack me and I have to defend both me and the doctor by brandishing a melee weapon to deter the lurker. then I would rescue the doctor and not chase him as that is not my role.

    ConfirmationsAre you familiar with the Synthetic Programming and Guidelines?

    Do you understand that any player - donor or otherwise - can have their whitelist status revoked should they break our rules or the Synthetic Programming Guideline?

    Do you understand that you cannot advertise your application on any platform for votes. Do you also understand you may not edit this application 1 hour after it has been posted?

    Have you been banned from CM in the last month for any reason? Do you have any active jobbans?

    Are you currently banned from our Discord, and if so, why?

    Other InformationDo you have anything else you would like to include about your application?
    My English is not the greatest and I sometimes do have mistakes. I would also like to state I am not the most creative person but this is my second attempt and I think I did a lot better. Also Jordon isn't a mistake. It's my actually name in Real Life
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    +1 Have seen them play as a SEA on multiple occasions, seems to know what they're doing and would no doubt be competant as a Synthetic in my opinion

    Survivor Gang In Action:

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    ok, I know you are a pretty cool sea and a pretty cool guy to talk with on discord.
    I also played a lot of CM with you before I went on hiatus and I see that you do just fine in your support role. don't really have any particular comment on the story.

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