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    Quick Question

    If I have a macro supported mouse it's ok to make use of them right? I've heard conflicting reports and there isn't anything posted in the rules so I'm asking it here. I don't want anything disgusting like an auto clicker but I want to be able to click on sprites without click dragging.

    You all know what I'm talking about, you are clicking on that Xeno and it's moving around ALOT, half of your fucking clicks are click drags and you don't fire your gun, you die like a scrub when your sprite is just sitting there not shooting it's weapon and you are clicking FURIOUSLY but nothing happens.

    So I'm gonna make a macro and assign it to register a release of my mouse button even if it's being held down for that .1ms that registers a click drag. That seems ok right? I still have to furiously click the button but the game will stop blue balling me on my attack commands. it's nothing like a 100 clicks a second macro so I don't see any impact on the server either. It will just allow me to actually attack when me and the enemy are moving at the speed of sound.

    Honestly I'm not even sure why I'm bothering to ask here it just seems natural to do and I imagine most everyone who plays this for more than a year does it already.
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    AFAIK only macro spam is bad. But I think they mean in-game macro spam not an auto-clicker. I have a 10 button mouse with built in macros and I just use it, but I don't think it give THAT much advantage as you think.

    With that said, if you observed some xenos, I'm 99% sure some of the names you see mentioned regularly are using something. They pretty much ALWAYS hit you when you go near them. Go and observe them. With every other xenos they miss attacks, time it wrong or I can just run past them.

    But with certain xenos, it seems that every time I go to directly to their reach they have a 100% chance to hit me.

    Now I get some of them are actually good...but don't give me that BS. I'm fairly confident they use an assisted clicker, like marcos programmable with in windows so if you click once, it will click 300 times for you for the next 3 seconds. So all you have to do is press left click, hover your mouse over the marine and it will hit.

    And with all that said, meh. You can still outplay them. I just play like that. I assume going 1 tile near a xeno is instadeath. Might be just me, but some of us grow up on actual hard games and we play dark souls to relax. Same with this. This was the norm back than before all games became brutally forgiving.

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