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Thread: If PFC weapons would have price tags

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    If PFC weapons would have price tags

    Like in CS:GO weapons cost money. What weapons you think in a PFC vendor would be the most expensive? Let's also include non-spec kits like JTAC and Experimental. What is the most expensive and cheapest weapon?

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    Pretty impossible to do as the only real monetary value we have is from Req and this cost is purerly from gameplay balance.

    From what wiki says about req crates:
    2 M41A's (+2 mags to them) cost 4k, so one would cost around 2k.
    2 M4A3 and 2 M44 Revolvers also costs 4k.
    2 Shotguns costs 4k.
    2 M39's costs 4k.
    2 HPR's cost 6k, so one around 3k.
    2 C4's cost 6k.
    M56D costs 10k.
    Whole SG set costs 10k.
    2 Flamethrowers costs 6k.
    Mortar costs 10k.
    Every black market crate costs 3k.

    CS:GO weapon's cost is also dictated by gameplay balance, so here you go, just visit req page on wiki.

    Because we have 0 idea about MRP/HRP economy and shit in USCM, its also impossible to assume cost of any weapon. While shotgun should be cheap due to its simplicity, bulk production of Pulse Rifle could offset that price.

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    Getting naded by a fellow marine? Priceless.

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