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Thread: Drevenshekel - CO Council/role Guidelines

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    Drevenshekel - CO Council/role Guidelines

    Player Report
    Your Byond ID?

    Date of Incident
    April 22, 2021

    Your Character Name?
    James "Tater" Pacheco

    Accused Byond Key(if known):

    Accused Character Name
    Wamakahana Windhealer

    Approximate time and date of the incident (Central US Time for fastest results)
    Round starting 4:55 CDT/CST or 2:55 PST

    What rule(s) were broken:
    CO Council/role Guidelines

    Description of the incident:
    Hmmph, i dont normally do this but im getting a little tired of current events. Since advanced mode for formatting isent enabled for reports, ill do the best i can.

    Lets start from the top, everyone woke up, literally nothing was going wrong besides some uh hostilities towards MPs and some arrests. Windhealer was doing his normal plans and scalping remarks, command was doin everything fine.

    Windhealer spent a good bit doing his usual and asking for HGs, somehow none of the MPs wanted to go with him during the round. He asked Jean, a regular HG for him if he wanted to go. the CMP declared that jean was bit busy, and windhealer rudely retorted with this.

    He backed off after realizing no MPs wanted to HG for the day, for now atleast. An arrest was made on a MT who broke into CIC to bypass hangar lockdown to get into the OB room, and was let off with an NJP instead of the proposed crimes.

    Despite the rude retort earlier, this is where stuff gets a little bit off. starting with his first "SOP" change following an arrest.

    Dallas was brigged for Major DTGP and Minor Contraband. Major DTGP was because he shot the hell out of the windows in prep (shoulda given him FFP too), and replaced his equipment with nonstandard issue spears constructed from the like 50 broken windows.

    Windhealer, then wordlessly made the following SOP changes without a word.

    And by without a word, i mean without a word. He failed to mention one thing beforehand regarding the spears

    Which as dictated by SOP change guidelines, an ability granted by the CO council/and or guidelines for CO.

    Thats officially the first violation.

    Hmmm, second funny. i cant declare it anything other than an illeagle order, or a WL violation. just a stupid thing to do that aint quite what a CO should be doing. He ordered for anyone who committed crimes to make the spears to be released, not a pardon mind you, an ORDER. Crimes are not invalidated by a SOP change, the prisoner was charged with Major DTGP as well. He basically issued a mass release order.

    The CO then came to brig himself to assess what the was going on with the currently brigged people. It dident take him long due to his eagerness to deploy.
    Pal mentioned the first charge, and immediately after windhealer opened the cell door without a proper pardon and let the prisoner go. Pal was trying to stop him but was unsuccessfull.

    The pardon was then announced, and funnily enough i didn't realize how bad the pardon message was until consulting the log.

    That.. is not a proper pardon at all. i dont think i even have to point out whats wrong with it. thats, that and the entire situation around it was improper.
    All the MPs immediately got the same idea after it happend, and we began planning our move against the CO.

    At this time, the CO had deployed and the MW had begun writing the fax for his arrest. Ship was pretty much quiet during this time, Everyone was just doing their thing. MW Finished with the fax, and they handed it off to me to format (I added some notes as well) Once i finished formatting we uh "discretely" called all the MPs to the CMPs office.

    At this time we passed around the paper, starting with the CMP. Each MP read over and signed his or her name at the bottom of the fax, and we sent it. This is the final fax.

    Everyone but godfrey signed it actually, he was not aware of it or the situation as he had latejoined and was busy in brig.

    Shortly after this the OP was lost, and both the deployed SO and CO were dead and missed evac. The rest of the op carried on as normal, although since the CO was dead we never recieved an reply.

    TLDR: The CO used both an improper SOP change, and an improper pardon/jailbreak. As well as the other unfavorable release order.

    Evidence (screenshots, logs, etc):
    Screenshots used in the main Description have been ripped directly from both mine, and another persons chat logs.

    If you need the logs regarding the incident, DM me cause uh frankly i have no clue how to get an upload working for them. Ive got two if ya need em.

    And if you dont trust the logs i have, well the ingame logs SHOULD show the exact same situtuation.

    Pls DM me for em if you dont wanna log dive! cause apparently pastebin isent havin a fun time with em either. Scs are also in description.

    How you would punish the accused:
    Warning, or heavy warning due to offenses in one round. Orrr worse depending on whats already on the accused.

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    Hello my name is Pal Johnson and I was MP during the round this occurred. Let me explain how it all went down from my perspective.

    I wake up and head to CIC for gear and whatnot and receive a message that some idiot is shooting up Delta / Charlie Prep. We thought it was a rouge shooter so I was sent over.

    Upon my arrival, the delta marine (whom i’ve forgotten) was seen with an m39 smg shooting out the lower window dividers by the weapon racks. The intentions being using the glass shards to make spears.

    On the floor there were about 10 spears with one being on said marine who had cable ties on the general pouch.

    I tell him he is under arrest because of the obvious damage and contraband being made. He complies and I arrest him while some marines attempt to set him free.

    On my way to the brig from lower I began hearing from the person arrested about the reason for him making spears and something about this not going to be stopped. In any case then begin the radio chatter about the marines wanting the arrested delta marine to be released.

    Shortly after by the time I get to brig I believe windhealer catches wind of the situation (no pun intended) and begins asking about the people arrested.

    The delta marine is processed and charged with DTGP M and Contraband for the spear he had in his possession. Not long after the marine is put into the brig windhealer comes into the brig and by this point, the marines are fussy and hearing that windhealer is coming to the brig they decide to show up. Some of them proceed to take out C4 that's when I begin shouting at them to not take out C4 fearing a possible riot.

    Its important to preface that windhealer has a bit of a following so any time he or anyone around him gets in trouble the whole crowd comes to their defence when they are either right or wrong leading to riots relatively quickly.

    Windhealer makes the announcement prior to arrival that spears are now allowed in SOP however did not notify us ahead of time leaving the mps in an awkward situation as we had just arrested the marine with contraband charges. Being that he was arrested prior to the change we could not release him unless stated otherwise via pardon.

    Windhealer arrives and discusses with the MPs about the charges placed on the prisoner and then arrives at the delta marine who was making spears.

    I told windhealer about the DTGP then he made the decision to free the prison via unofficial pardon leaving the MPs confused. Shortly after the prison is getting his gear I'm trying to inform him about the contraband charges still levied but it falls on deaf ears.

    The announcement is made in regards to charges of DTGP and both windhealer and the marine leave and the crowd disperses.

    From there on the MPs including me discussed the actions that took place and judged the pardon to be illegal for various reasons in addition to failure to inform MPs of SOP change which caused even more ML issues.

    This is not the first time a situation like this has happened as throughout the day this was happening repeatedly which makes it incredibly frustrating to deal with. There was even another incident the prior round that had similar ramifications.

    For me a warning or some sort of punishment would be fitting as this behavior has continued for quite some time now without some sort of check.

    I think it's important that COs understand ML and the role they play interpreting it and what it means for other players. CO is a highly regarded role and to have such simple mistakes like this happen on a constant basis from a person like a CO is unbefitting from a person of high authority.

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    Council of CO's is on this
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    Frankly, stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by taterthetank View Post
    Everyone but godfrey signed it actually, he was not aware of it or the situation as he had latejoined and was busy in brig.

    Just to clarify my role in all of this mess as a late joining MP, as stated I late joined. About 5 or so minutes, maybe more before the fax was actually signed and sent. But Godfrey's reasoning for signing was exclusively because I had no idea what exactly happened, and having them explain the evidence to me was pointless. They already had every other MP along with MW and CMP signing, so I'd rather not have dipped my fingers into any mess I don't know what was going on. So I just went to the brig rooms proper to watch the prisoners and do what we needed to with them until everyone was done.

    Otherwise my presence in this matter is more or less null, as I wasn't involved in the incident.

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    CO Council has decided to issue a formal warning to Dreven for the issues in this report (and the other) regarding the mentioned issues with Marine Law understanding and usage.

    Along with this report will be marked as resolved.
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