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Thread: OT Guide "Explosives for Dummies" (By Katria Fourcade)

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    Cool OT Guide "Explosives for Dummies" (By Katria Fourcade)

    Alright so you want to make a big boom boom fast and make those nades you give to PVT Mackenzie McBaldieface kill the entire marine force.
    First, get a jannie bucket, solid phoron, grind it and fill up the reagent tanks, grab one single sheet of silver and grind it in a small bucket or maybe beaker(you gonna use the silver as catalyst), transfer only 10 units of the liquid silver to the jannie bucket, now follow these steps, 100u Methane 100u Oxygen 100u Phoron in that order(otherwise you will make dexalin) you got now Formaldehyde, if you want to make Octogen, take out the 10u of silver from the bucket(use industrial chem bottler to separate in bottles), put 200u of water inside the jannie bucket with the formaldehyde and put it inside the industrial fridge.
    Now you gonna ask "Katria why don't you use the silver beaker!?" simple, silver beaker allows 240u of chems, while in my method allows 300u of the same chem which equals 5 bottles of Cyclonite or 10 of Octogen.
    Now next step for making Octogen will be waiting until you get the paraformaldehyde(takes 25 mins to make 300u of paraformal) meanwhile you can make Cyclonite; remember the 10u of silver i told you to take out from the jannie bucket? use it on another jannie bucket, and repeat the same process, 100u Methane, 100u Oxygen and 100u Phoron.
    Now set the ammonia tank to 40units (if you set it to 60u it will give you weird numbers) fill it five times to get 300u of Hexamine, now set the polytrinic tank to 100u and fill it three times to get 300u of cyclonite, now separete it in bottles, one M15 can hold 3 bottles of cyclonite, giving it a max cap(260) now, you finally reached the 25 minutes and you got the 300u of paraformaldehyde, assuming you got Hexamine (Formaldehyde+Ammonia),get 300u of Hexamine, 320u of Ammonia Nitrate(Ammonia+Polytrinic Acid) and Polytrinic Acid 300u, get a empty jannie bucket put 120 u of paraformaldehyde, 60u of Hexamine, 60u Ammonia Nitrate,60u Polytrinic acid, repeat until you get 360 u of Octogen.
    Congrats you learned the basics.
    Now the funny warcrimes, For Napalm(strong fire) get a jannie bucket, fill it with 200u of water, fill a empty reagent tank with aluminum and another with phoron, now follow these steps, because napalm is volatile as fuck, inside the bucket with 200u of water fill it with 100u of aluminum, 100u phoron, 100u of sulphuric acid, 100u aluminum 50 u Phoron, 50u sulphuric acid, repeat the phoron and sulphuric acid until you reach the 200u of napalm, now why you can't make more? simple, if you surpass for example you make 210 u of napalm it will explode killing you instantly, you need to keep the ratio of 200u of water 200u napalm to keep it stable.
    Separete the Napalm in bottles, and you will get a small bottle with 20u of napalm, fill that with Ethanol to increase the radius of the flame.
    Now the Fourcade Recipe for the:
    Warcrime X
    60u Napalm, 60u Ethanol, 10u phosphorus, 50 potassium chloride.
    The Gibber
    120U Cyclonite 60u Octogen
    Mexican Food Experience(Works better Human vs Human)
    60U phosphorus, 20u potassium chloride,40u ethanol, 10u phoron 10u iron 40u Napalm.
    Purple Lamborghini
    60u Napalm, 60 Ethanol, 60u Potassium Chloride.
    Danger Foam
    Foaming Agent 60u 60u water 60u CLF3
    IRA Special
    120u Octo 60u ANFO
    That's all folks, enjoy my guide.
    Katria "Catwalk" Fourcade

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    One of my (two) favourite OTs out there. Whenever I'm SADAR and Katria is around, I'm sure to get some big boomba goodies to kill mysel- I mean the Squad Lea- I mean... the Enemy. Tah.

    Footage below pictures me, the SADAR, shooting one of Katria's Gamer Rockets.

    Lance Corporal Misti Rockwell, Squad Medic (Alpha/Bravo).

    Synthetic Unit 'Amber'.

    Captain Misti Rockwell, USS Yokosuka, 2nd Division, 2nd Battlegroup, 3rd Fleet.

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