Name: Dr. Nelson Navarro

Biological Age: 24

Gender: Male

Place of Birth: Housing District 445, New York, United Americas, Earth, Sol

Date of Birth: 1/12/21XX

Ethnicity: Anglo

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Weight: 155 lbs.

Height: 6'2

Corporate Relation: Loyal

Current Status: Serving

Rank: N/A

Service Record:
First Deployment [07/21XX]: Doctor, Mars, Sol - USCM Center for Health Promotion and Medicine
Second Deployment [Classified]: Gandymene, Sol - [Classified]
Third Deployment [11/21XX]: Doctor, Kepler-1649c, Proxima Centauri - Marine Expeditionary Force 23A
Fourth Deployment [26/21XX]: USS Almayer | Various Systems

Observation [49K10E]:
Nelson is a very - distinct individual. He first greeted [redacted] with a firm handshake and half a smile. He then proceeded to salute [redacted] despite being a civilian along with [redacted] not standing at the rank of officer. When sat down and asked about himself, he immediately began talking about his miltary career, travels, and carried on a conversation about "soporific", a sleep-inducing reagent, for quite a long time. When handed the dossier form, Nelson grabbed the clipboard with two hands and asked for a pen, despite having one on his person. After completing the dossier form, he handed it back to [redacted], kept the pen used to fill out the form, and gave [redacted] his own pen from his pocket. Nelson then proceeded to leave in a different stride than that which he entered with.