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Thread: N/A - Rule 2 & 10

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    N/A - Rule 2 & 10

    Player Report
    Your Byond ID?

    Date of Incident
    May 2, 2021

    Your Character Name?
    Amber Walsh

    Accused Byond Key(if known):

    Accused Character Name
    Sophia Racic

    Approximate time and date of the incident (Central US Time for fastest results)
    4:30 am CST

    What rule(s) were broken:
    Rule 2 & 10

    Description of the incident:
    So, I got together a group of friends in the round and decided to start tribal RP (our decisions were never sedition or desertion) and we are about 6 people. We head to brig order to retrieve something stolen from us and the MPs start to taze us without telling us to stop or interacting. I don't care about this MP's actions because he ended up using lethal force because we were such a large group overpowering him, and he ended up dying IC. So, I decide that we need to go to CiC and talk to command about it because security was raised to red and we were seen as a big threat. We go there to talk to them and CO is only focused on us being disarmed of our spears and we all comply except myself. Involved were 3 MTs, the RO, the CE, and a doctor (for the tribal rp; names besides mine unprovided). We continue to try and peacefully negotiate about the incident and how we actually never meant for the MP to die (he ended up permaing), but the CO (Sophia Racic) never once tried to speak with us, only just to have us arrested and taken away. This goes on for another 10 minutes of us trying to get the roleplay going and the CO just standing there, unresponsive, while we try to talk with her. The SO's (names unprovided) attempt to have the CO listen and the XO (name unprovided) tries to stay neutral. The doctor disarms the XO for a miscommunication and the CO decides to take out her pulse rifle and begin firing at everyone with no warning for lethal escalation and it starts a fight that involves illegally executing all involved with the tribal rp, even those staying friendly toward command. The issue with the CO is the LRP for not even once trying to negotiate with us about anything involved with what happened and the unofficial authorizing of executing all 6 of us when we are only there to negotiate a peaceful end result.

    Evidence (screenshots, logs, etc):

    How you would punish the accused:
    Honestly, I would think that they have good leadership qualities and have a great way for leading the marines to xeno victory; however, the fact of the matter is that they made very poor decision and LRP'd the entire situation and handled it in a way that ruined the round for all 6 of us when it could've been done differently. I think they would make a great XO, but they still need to work on the fact that this is an MRP server and not completely shooty-bang xenos. I would have say to have Sophia Racic suspended from CO whitelist for the time being, but I also really want to believe that they'll never have this sort of event end this way just because they aren't sure what to do, with only a warning and talking to about the RP side of the server.

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    Not much point in me writing a response here at all, I will say this though.

    Everything you guys have done in that round would've been more than enough to cop you a note or even a ban for the egregious LRP, would you have prefered that myself or the murdered MP ahelped the whole situation instead and get you in trouble that way? I myself would not have, certainly. Don't like MPs and love fostering emerging roleplay opportunities on the server as much as the next guy, but hot damn, a lot of others would have greeted you with gunfire for way less. And what about the MP you murdered and the marines who couldn't get their supply requests processed anymore? Monkeying around is all well and good by me, but you gotta know when to draw the line and realise you yourself are acting selfish and having fun at other players' expense. Luckily the round just ended at that point, otherwise the reprecussions would've been even more serious.
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    After investigation, the CO Council has decided to rule this report as invalid. The actions done by the 'tribe' broke the law, broke server rules (as stated by an admin), resulted in the death of an MP, and assault of the XO - not to mention all of you were displaying yourselves as a threat. The CO had all right to respond with force to the situation at hand, especially considering the alternative was staff action being taken.

    Denied - No punitive action will be taken against the CO.
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    Report has been denied per CO council.
    I’ve seen the evidence presented to council and multiple admins would have taken action for your tribe RP. For the record we don’t want to kill RP, but if you’re going to do shenangian RP, you need to make sure it does not break server rules and cause grief to the operation or other players.
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