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Thread: Spamming flares scare xenos?

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    Spamming flares scare xenos?

    So yesterday I was at floriana and I saw a guy throwing flares in big numbers and it appeared xenos were reluctant to push places where there were a lot of flares.

    So I did a little experiment. Next round on LV I went to the squad prep room. As an engi I conveniently start with 30 plasteel so I can make a crate from 10. The middle vendor has backpacks and squad vendor has the flares. Due to them being so close, I was able to take the backpack on me, click on flare, press E to take it. Once backpack is full with 7 flares, drop in crate, rinse, repeat. In 5 minutes I was able to fill up about 10 backpacks.

    I took my crate to hydro and dropped like 10 boxes of flares on the floor and handed out to marines before fog drop and asked them to use them. I had a flare pouch on me, so I just use mouse 4 to light the flare, click to throw. One hand has backpack with flares, with empty had I take a box, refill my pouch. The reason I'm saying this, I was able to pretty much empty a full pouch of flares in 10 seconds and refill it in 2-3.

    After we took the beach and pushed to caves, the place looked like a Christmas tree. And it appeared to be working. Xenos were really hesitant to push places where there were lots of flares. Not even sure if it has to do with marines seeing better, I think it does play with their minds as they perceive it as marine territory.

    Considering flares are free and each vendor has 17 boxes i think it's a really easy way to deter xenos with this meta tactic.

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    I mean, isn't this what flares are meant for? Clarify an area that it belongs to marines. Aliens can see well in darkness but if you flare all the map, you kind of disable this ability and reduce the chances of them making surprise attacks from flanks.
    Also, there's a flare crate in the Maintenance, South-East of Kitchen's Hydroponics. Its in the corner and I think it has something around 200 flares.
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