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Thread: The Kryth Kross Generations death history

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    The Kryth Kross Generations death history

    Origins: [redacted]

    Kryth Kross the I, who died with a huge hole in his chest
    Kryth Kross the II who died from being blasted by Dustin Moon for refusing to be treated by him
    Kryth Kross the III who died from a lurker from the dark
    Kryth Kross the IV who died from a flaming ravager
    Kryth Kross the V who died trying to save a marine
    Kryth Kross the VI who accomplished his job as IO, and dying in a charge to the crashed dropship
    Kryth Kross the VII got captured from trusting the APC had a space for him
    Kryth Kross the VIII corpse was mutilated by the Queen
    Kryth Kross the IX died like a fool, thinking commands info of dropship being secure was true
    Kryth Kross the X died from xenos after losing his sanity from lack of spotters
    Kryth Kross the XI died attempting to save a medic, failed to accomplish mission before dying
    Kryth Kross the XII died rushing a warrior, tired from endless welding against the trapper boilers
    Kryth Kross the XIII got captured as soon as he was deployed
    Kryth Kross the XIV like his father, eventually got captured, after multiple deployments
    Kryth Kross the XV died for reasons unknown
    Kryth Kross the XVI died trying to be a hero
    Kryth Kross the XVII is MIA
    Kryth Kross the XVIII died like an idiot, shooting marines in the back and pissing his pants
    Kryth Kross the XIX died fighting in the frontline
    Kryth Kross the XX lost his soul after the CMO stared at him until his soul was taken
    Kryth Kross the XXI got captured on his way back to the ship after he finished documenting CO Wallace Haar's glory and kill of the Xenomorph Queen
    Kryth Kross the XXII, a survivor from a colony, got captured, with his fellow survivor, clueless on what to do
    Kryth Kross the XXIII, a doctor in kutjevo, died after witnessing his fellow surv lose a foot from a xenomorph warrior before getting ravaged and beaten by the same xenomorph
    Kryth Kross the XXIV, got himself killed trying to kill a crusher, but failed to do so
    Kryth Kross the XXV shit himself after getting beaten up by a suspicious looking warrior unlike no other
    Kryth Kross the XXVI woke up from cryo and instantly got killed while in pajamas by multiple xenomorphs
    Kryth Kross the XXVII, got captured after trying to save his Squad Leader after they were bombarded with a mortar
    Kryth Kross the XXVIII almost got dragged to his death by a warrior, which, after getting released from his grip, got blasted by a buckshot in the back and left behind
    Kryth Kross the XXIX tried to push forward after the queens death, only to be baffled at the amount of xenos remaining
    Kryth Kross the XXX tried to flank with another marine, died in the process as there were too many xenomorphs to deal with
    Kryth Kross the XXXI suicided with multiple custom C4 when xenomorphs crashed into the ship
    Kryth Kross the XXXII died pathetically, as soon as he woke up inside the prison station, he got shot by a sentry and broke his chest, with no splints, he committed suicide admitting defeat
    Kryth Kross the XXXIII died after multiple operations, with multiple near death scenarios from friendly fires, finally had met his end after he tried to flank and got surrounded
    Kryth Kross the XXXIV died as soon as he landed onto the LZ, as the FOB was already infested with xenos
    Kryth Kross the XXXV died along with the captain during their last stand against the xenomorphs
    Kryth Kross the XXXVI, after defeating the xenomorphs from the AO, he was attacked by [redacted] and died
    Kryth Kross the XXXVII fell unconcious in front of xenomorphs, tracker showed he was in their hive later.
    Kryth Kross the XXXVIII died after multiple xenos flanked him outside the FOB
    Kryth Kross the XXXVIV, as a survivor in a xenomorph infested colony, survived until reinforcements arrived, killing multiple xenos in the process, and eventually got captured by them after killing a boiler and died before being able to burst
    Kryth Kross the XL died from multiple xenomorphs outside the xenomorph hive after killing two xenomorphs
    Kryth Kross the XLI died attempting to repel off boarders after finishing his best product yet, a combat stim, and taking a few xenomorphs in the process
    Kryth Kross the XLII attempted to push a nearly dead crusher with a Smartgunner, eventually died in the process from friendly fire.
    Kryth Kross the XLIII got captured after shooting a hugger trap from a mile away, and the hugger jumped at him from 6 feet away.
    Kryth Kross the XLIV died taking a swim in Trijent after Xenomorphs were defeated
    Kryth Kross the XLV got saved by marines, assisted them in repelling the xenomorphs but was left behind by the marines when marines retreated rather than pushing cornered xenos
    Kryth Kross the XLVI, a survivor in a colony, died in the hands of xenomorphs
    Kryth Kross the XLVII, a CAS PO, who barely fired any firemissions other than on the marine line, died when the ship he was on got crashlanded by xenomorphs
    Kryth Kross the XLVIII, after finishing an operation, was celebrating and walked onto a pod, when he entered it, it went up and killed him through the pressure from being too high up.
    Kryth Kross the XLIX got too cocky as a survivor and got ganged by multiple xenos, killed himself in the hive before he was captured fully
    Kryth Kross the L, died as a survivor pathetically, got slashed a few and acided until he passed out and died
    Kryth Kross the LI, a CAS PO, who only fired once in his career, had his career ended after xenomorphs crashlanded onto their ship
    Kryth Kross the LII, a survivor died trying to flank xenomorphs from behind, failed as he got overwhelmed and died in the process
    Kryth Kross the LIII, a squad marine in the frontlines along with multiple marines pushed forward, died after sending a large xenomorph into crit that died.
    Kryth Kross the LIV died a normal death per marine standards, died in the line of battle
    Kryth Kross the LVI died trying to defend a flank from the FOB alone, died from too much hostiles
    Kryth Kross the LVII, after killing the xenomorph queen, died after he fell unconcious and woke up around xenomorphs
    Kryth Kross the LVIII, was infected by Polio, status unknown, presumed dead or captured
    Kryth Kross the LIX died attempting to spot for CAS, sadly, the CAS pilot was slow and was unable to catch up with his fast lazes and died in vain
    Kryth Kross the LX tried to save a fellow a marine, but ended up losing his life for it after multiple xenomorphs came out of the woodworks
    Kryth Kross the LXI attempted to flank a Berserker ravager off weeds, surprisingly, it was moving too fast and killed him before he could even shoot 2 bursts into it
    Kryth Kross the LXII a survivor in a colony, tried assisting his fellow survivor that hunted multiple xenos, to retreat but failed to do so as there were too many and ended up getting himself captured and the other killed
    Kryth Kross the LXIII, a survivor in a colony hunted xenomorphs with another survivor, managed to kill three before going down
    Kryth Kross the LXIV was a grenadier spec, along with his partner the demolitionist spec, killed a lot of xenomorphs but was soon ended after the entire xenomorph hive attacked them and his group and got killed.
    Kryth Kross the LXV, a regular squad marine was in the frontlines and was a victim of a bad OB that killed numerous marines
    Kryth Kross the LXVI, a scout specialist was trying to attack a xenomorph hive alone, managing to kill 2 before the queen came back just to deal with him alone, got captured after he had his eardrums break from her screech
    Kryth Kross the LXVII, having died twice from FF and had multiple bones break from it, had enough and committed suicide by rushing onto the xenomorph queen that ripped him to shreds
    Kryth Kross the LXVIII, a squad marine that was flanking xenos with a fellow marine, and saw another marine behind him getting masaccred by the Queen, tried to save him but fucked up since he had the wrong magazine loaded and got himself killed
    Kryth Kross the LXIX is MIA
    Kryth Kross the LXX tried to lead his squad, but got abandoned and left behind after being burnt to a crisp by his squad specialist
    Kryth Kross the LXXI a tank crewman that did his best assisting marines, ended up killing a few xenomorphs with his shotgun until he had to do his last stand inside the APC
    Kryth Kross the LXXII tried his best to defend the FOB, but there were too many xenomorphs for him to handle and too injured to do much
    Kryth Kross the LXXIII attempted to fight a burrower and a runner with a broken foot and failed, got captured and never found again
    Kryth Kross the LXXIV, a medic inside a dropship was treating his Squad leader until he got hit by one of the cluster explosions from an OB and exploded right in front of the marines he was treating.
    Kryth Kross the LXXV, a charismatic Squad Leader attempted to rally his Alpha Squad and leading his squad in the front, almost killed a queen and a prae as he charged forward alone but failed after he got overwhelmed
    Kryth Kross the LXXVI died trying to fend off xenomorph boarders after a failed Operation
    Kryth Kross the LXXVII did his best as a smartgunner suppressing behind marines and calling CAS, got killed in action trying to defend the dropship.

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    dumbass L isn't a fucking number. I can't buy 'L' apples. What the fuck?

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    guess you could say Kryth Kross L took the L

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    I have a cameo!!!!!!!!!!

    Synthetic Unit Adrian

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    I think the death of Kryth Kross XXVI is the saddest one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZAB1019 View Post
    dumbass L isn't a fucking number. I can't buy 'L' apples. What the fuck?
    L = 50 ( XLI = 41st, LXII = 62nd etc.)

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    Kross family tree do be big.

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