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Thread: Black Flag - Yautja Application

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    Black Flag - Yautja Application

    Yautja Whitelist Application
    Personal InformationByond ID:

    Discord ID
    Black Flag-2823

    Marine Name
    Jimmy 'FF' Chance

    Character InformationName of the Yautja Character you wish to play

    Name and history of your Yautja’s clan:
    Clan name: Tao
    Location: Yautja Prime

    Relationship in the Clan:
    Kain'Tao, fortunate to be as the son of a Warrior named Petin'Tao, in the Tao clan. Petin'Tao, is an Elite in the Tao clan, a stoic warrior who has completed the challenge to become a Clan Leader. Three serpent queen skulls are proudly presented on his scout ship, and the stories of his hive cleansing are sung in jubilee. Petin'Tao fathered 87 pups so far, and is thought to be the next in line to become the successor of the clan.

    Clan leader:
    The clan leader, Rorik'Tao, is around 751 years old. His age is a testament to his hunting prowess. Once an Elite of the Ransok clan, he defeated the former clan leader in an honorable duel. After usurping the former clan leader, he began to spread his popularity as a warrior that has no equal. This angered a rival clan, the Umsui, in which a semi-civil war broke out. The conflict lasted two years, of proxy battles on foreign planets. While the battles were fought honorably, the enforcers were called in to halt the bloodshed.

    Status of the Tao Clan now:
    The conflict between the Tao and the Umsui left a devastating blow on their resources and manpower. 42 blooded warriors were killed, and 17 skilled workers were killed. The Tao clan, now is attempting to reassert their dominance through the hunt. The rivalry between the Umsui and Tao continue today, both competing for glory and upstanding in society. After the conflict between the two clans, society had mixed feelings about the Tao clan. Most supported them, since all skirmishes were carried out honorably. Yet some viewed them negatively, as it was not fought in a duel between the clan leaders.

    Religious views:
    Kor'Ma is the patron God of the Tao clan. It reflects their warrior spirit and the ability to do battle. Yet, they honor Paya the God of the Hunt and Glory and Dtekale the Goddess of women and birth. By choosing Kor'Ma, the clan faithfully serves in his name in hopes of victory in battle, the hunt, and for the healthy new pups they will bring into this world.

    Yautja Character Story
    Kain'Tao formed a special relationship with his blood brother, Tomar'Tao. Tomar'Tao, since they were suckers. While Kain'Tao had many blood brothers, which Petin'Tao fathered, both Kain and Tomar were born on the same day. They grew up together, and as they reached the age to start the process into becoming a Blooded Warrior their dreams of glory and women burned into their minds. A week before they left to the hunting ground, the brothers drank their form of liquor. Their young and egotistic imaginative thinking led to magnificent dreams of glory and women.

    "Brother, we are Blooded in one week. ", says Kain.

    "I am ready, we were born for this Kain.", exclaims Tomar.

    *The two sit back on their chairs, the pair pour another glass and toast.*

    "To the Hunt!", yells out Tomar.

    "To Kor'Ma, and eternal glory!", responds Kain.

    *A week has passed when the brothers shared their toast for eternal glory. Now they are faced with the harsh reality of the situation they are in. As the Ancient one leads the Unblooded through a cave structure on a foreign planet, one of the Unblooded is ambushed by two Lurkers. They dropped from the ceiling and impaled the Yautja in the spine, florescent green blood splattered the cave walls.*

    "RAAAAA!", yells Kain.

    *Kain rushes one of the lurkers, his wrist blade drawn as he rushes the First Lurker. The Lurker's claws strike out towards him, catching him in the chest and leaving three deep lacerations in his pectoral. Filled with rage, Kain counters with a left uppercut towards the apparent rib-cage of the Lurker and a right cross with his wrist blade. Acid sprays all over his right arm, and he screams in pain and falls backwards onto his back.*

    "Kain! The other one is mine!", yells out Tomar.

    "Wait- Tomar!", cries out Kain.

    *Tomar rushes the second Lurker, his wrist blade drawn. Tomar quickly stabs the beast in the stomach as it lunges at him.*

    "Tomar! Get out of there!", screams Kain.

    *Kain attempts to get up in a fast manner, he stumbles from the pain and roars. He lunges for Tomar, but is to late. What Tomar failed to realize is that more Xenomorphs were waiting to ambush the group as they went to help the fallen Yautja. A large warrior emerges from around the corner and runs at full speed on the wall of the cave. It leaps at Tomar, and pins him down on the ground. It's inner mouth shoots into his skull. A cracking sound followed by a liberal amount of florescent green blood sprays everywhere, right in front of Kain. Kain, now frozen stares at his brother dead on the ground.*

    "Tomar... Brother. No!", cries out Kain.

    *Blood boiling, he looks up towards the beast of a Xenomorph. He takes a knee and waits for the creature to charge him. As expected, the Warrior looks towards Kain and charges him. Kain, braced and arm blade extended out, catches the warrior in the chest as it leaps at him. Acid blood sprays onto the ground on onto his knee. Making a roar fueled by anger, pain, and sadness.*

    *The Ancient one finally steps forward, after the small skirmish. He places a hand onto Kain's shoulder. Kain, twirls around looking for the next Xenomorph only to realize it is the Ancient.*

    "The hunt is complete.", says the Ancient one.

    *Kain's gaze falls to Tomar. He slouches his shoulders, and takes a knee beside his brother.*

    "We grew up together, ever since we were suckers. We were supposed to share our first kill together, or first victory. The glory of the Blooding.", says Kain.

    *The Ancient one ignores Kain, he simply stands tall.*

    "He did not anticipate, a third hard meat. The first did not expect the hard meat to attack from the shadows, only thinking they would come face to face. Learn from these mistakes. Now, go stand by your kills for approval", says the Ancient coldly.

    *There begins the recovery of trophies, collecting heads of the confirmed kills. As this happens, Kain begins the process of tending to the corpse of his fallen brother. Gently recovering the ancient technology and preparing the body to be transported home.*

    ConfirmationsHave you read the honor code and do you understand that if you breach the honor code you may be subject to disciplinary action and have your whitelist revoked for a set amount of time?

    Do you understand that any behavior that is unbecoming of a member of the community may result in you having your whitelist revoked? Such things include, but are not limited to: Racism, toxicity, excessive or malicious trolling, abuse of staff or etc.

    Do you understand that you may face having your whitelist revoked, or other disciplinary action undertaken, should you be banned or warned on the CM discord?

    Do you understand that you cannot advertise your application on any platform for votes. Do you also understand you may not edit this application 1 hour after it has been posted?

    Do you understand that community members may report your in-game actions on the forums, and that you may be asked to defend your actions.

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    I'll throw you a few questions.

    1) You're recovering gear on the Almayer, and you're the only predator, when it becomes clear to you that all the gear is in a single room surrounded by at least eight marines. They all appear to be waiting for you and expect you to come, what do you do?

    2) You're roaming around the backline looking for prey, when a Lurker walks up to you, and says "What's up lil G, let's go play minecraft". What do you do?

    3) You're recovering gear, and there's a lone marine with a mask. You start fighting him to get it back, and another Predator comes over and joins your fight, turning it into a 2v1. What do you do?


    4) Is Tomar'Tao really just called "Tomato" and is Petin'Tao just "Potato"? This has no bearing on your app but I wanna know.
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    Thank you for your quick response, I will answer your questions below.

    1. This question almost mirrors the statement in the Predator Honor Code. First of all, I am not required to recover the equipment if I am the only Yautja alive. Thought it makes for an interesting RP experience. All technology is sacred to the Yautja and must be recovered. Bodies of fallen Yautja and their technology should be recovered or destroyed. In turn the less lethal way is what is smiled upon, but force can be applied when necessary to recover or destroy the artifacts and bodies. I know for a fact, I am unable to detonate the body of the fallen right there because that is frowned upon. The translator would be a swell idea to start off with, negotiating the release of all gear and bodies would be a start that would benefit myself and the Marines. A couple options of negotiation could range from threatening (Sabotage the ship somehow) to giving something they might want for research (capturing a live Xenomorph and trading it). If all else fails, I see no harm in blasting my way in if they put up a fight, and if I am critically wounded I will go through the steps for self destruction, redeeming my honor by killing myself and blowing up the technology and bodies (This also gives marines the opportunity to escape and live).

    2. Obviously a meme, killed on the spot for being Dishonorable. According to the Honor Code LRP by any party results in a mark of Dishonor and can be killed by more unsavory weapons like a plasma rifle or cloaked combat.

    3. Gear recovery is an important task that allows all Yautja to participate as it is a task of upmost importance, if they have agreed prior to work together. If none of us have agreed to work together, the prey is mine to combat and the fellow Yautja should back off. Nothing like a slap on the head to tell him to bugger off, I might also offer the Marine some medical supplies if I have any available. Once the Marine is healed, I would begin the fight again. If this question was re-worded to state it was agreed upon to where we would work together to recover the technology I would continue to attack the poor SOB with my Yautja brother.

    4. No, none of these names have any underlying jokes. I wanted to keep the aesthetic of a tribal name whilst making it easy to read.

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    Application - Denied

    Lack of council support due to your answers to questions showing a lack of concern for the results your actions might have.

    Predators must put careful consideration in the actions they take or they risk majorly derailing the round. Sabotaging the ship could be acceptable to a degree, ranging from breaking a door to blowing up medical. You have not specified what degree you're willing to go to.

    Regarding LRP in your presence, it'd be good to give them a warning before pulverizing them. If there are marines or multiple xenos being LRP around you, don't go on a killing spree and risk putting one of the sides to a massive disadvantage, it would be better to Ahelp it.

    You show promise, feel free to apply again in a month or so.
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