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Thread: Swigs - Ban Appeal (Permanent Ban)

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    Swigs - Ban Appeal (Permanent Ban)

    Ban Appeal
    Byond ID?
    Do you confirm you have read the Appeal Rules and that this appeal conforms to them?
    Character Name?
    Aaron Kirk
    What is your discord tag? (If appealing a discord ban)
    Type of Ban?
    Permanent Ban
    If jobban, which job are you appealing?
    Admin who banned you (if known)
    Total Ban Duration
    Remaining Duration
    What other servers do you play on?
    No other servers
    Are you now or have you been banned on any servers? Which ones?
    Do you play using a Virtual Machine?
    Is your copy of Windows legitimate?
    Do you connect using a VPN? If so, which provider?
    Reason for Ban
    G-C 2019, that is all the info availible on Byond when I load in
    Link to previous appeals for the same ban (if applicable):
    Your appeal, including evidence (screenshots, etc)
    I'm appealing because about 2 years ago, in 2019, I decided to friendly fire many of my teamates using the rocket launcher. I was permantely banned from the server for doing so. Since then, it has been almost 2 years since the incdient, I have been reading up on new SS updates for this server and I wish to be given a chance to play it again. What I did back then was very stupid but since that time I have stopped doing dumb shit like that across many games. No evdience is availible for this appeal.

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    Notes for Swogth:

    Banned for 10080 minutes | Reason: Griefing, shot a bunch of marines.
    by (Moderator) on Sat, March 2nd of 2019

    Banned for 10080 minutes | Reason: Grief. Shot a WP rocket into a group of Marines and immediately disconnected, filing for perma as per previous note.
    by (Moderator) on Sun, June 2nd of 2019

    Banned from Squad Specialist - As above.
    by on Sun, June 2nd of 2019

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    Lifted, you will be on probation until August 2nd:

    Any permanent ban that is lifted after appeal has a mandatory three month probation during which period any bans, excluding EORG, must be 24 hour bans at minimum. Should a probationary player receive 72 hours of bans while on probation they are to be banned for one month.
    Playtime will be checked before the probationary period ends. Scraping 24 hours of playtime across the three months for example is not enough for the Probation period to be functional, and will result in extension.
    A minimum of 12 hours a month will be required during probation. Exceptions can be made, and this is counted between review dates, not the entire month itself.

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