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Thread: unkown - Rule 2 , 4 , 5,

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    unkown - Rule 2 , 4 , 5,

    Player Report
    Your Byond ID?

    Date of Incident
    May 23, 2021

    Your Character Name?
    Pal Johnson

    Accused Byond Key(if known):

    Accused Character Name
    Jed 'The Burglar' Llora and Unknown Engineer

    Approximate time and date of the incident (Central US Time for fastest results)

    What rule(s) were broken:
    Rule 2 , 4 , 5,

    Description of the incident:
    A little context for what happened.

    Prior to the round, I am reporting I (Pal Johnson / MP) was investigating a break-in at research. Scanned Prints and turns out it was (Jed 'The Burglar' Llora / OT). I got to OT workshop to confront him about it and then we get into a yelling match where I order him to fix the door while Jed 'The Burglar' Llora tells me he already fixed it. After a while he ran away got in a power loader and proceeded to beat on of the MPs. He was shortly arrested after we had to sue flashbangs to dislodge him from powerlifter.

    Now about the round that begins.

    I wake up and gear up as MP. I had a camera and recorder at hand and walk into lower brig maintenance to patrol and find Jed 'The Burglar' Llora (Unkown) in CLF uniform, mask, bear pelt, and ditched id breaking down brig wall before anyone was jailed. I chase him into brig only to find the brig doors were all hacked and half of them were bolted and shocked by the same individual. We capture him and scan the prints only to find that there is no fingerprints. We find out that its Jed 'The Burglar' Llora. We ask him why and he gives an unsatisfactory answer. We have to issue him a new ID as we gotten rid of the ID to evad crew scanners, fingerprint scanners, and to evade ML when he breaks it.

    Shortly after the brig perma cells are bombed shortly after we tell Jed 'The Burglar' Llora that he is being Perma brigged. What a coincidence. I send multiple faxes to get the issue resolved however received no response outside of "wall fixed". By this point, we were all fed up. The execution happened shortly after.

    As per rule Violation

    Rule 2 & 4: Roleplay Standards & Greifing

    "CM-SS13 is intended to be a Medium Roleplay server. Play a reasonably realistic character"
    "Griefing is the intent of one player wanting to cause grief or annoyance to other players or the server without a valid roleplay reason."

    I believe its fair to say Jed 'The Burglar' Llora did not engage in adequate RolePlay standards. Jeb at round start donned CLF uniform, mask, ditched ID to evade interference, and proceeded to tear down the brig fundamentally without any reason or motive. I asked him this and he gave an inadequate RP reason for his jailbreak when interrogated. There was not even a person brigged when Jed 'The Burglar' Llora proceeded to break into the brig.

    SSGT. Pal Johnson says, "Why did you do this."
    Jed 'The Burglar' Llora stutters, "U-Uggg"
    Jed 'The Burglar' Llora says, "Cuz you pigs are assholes"

    Rule 5: Mechanical Exploit

    Jed 'The Burglar' Llora tossed ID away in order to prevent ID scanners from picking up on fingerprints. Intentionally exploited mechanic for gain.

    LOOC: Pal Johnson: metagrudge much
    LOOC: Jed 'The Burglar' Llora: what?
    LOOC: Jed 'The Burglar' Llora: nah
    LOOC: Jed 'The Burglar' Llora: i just do this some times
    LOOC: Connie Jaegar: stop fucking ditching ID to make prints untraceable, its a rulebreak
    LOOC: Jed 'The Burglar' Llora: for me i just do this sometimes
    LOOC: Jed 'The Burglar' Llora: you know its not fun being mp if you don't have anything to do so i fuck around some time
    LOOC: Connie Jaegar: not saying any metagrudge, just saying not to do that thing with ID and prints
    LOOC: Jed 'The Burglar' Llora: also fun thing is i don't go SSD so you got to look after me

    Punishment Requested: Job ban (engineering roles) and Temporary Ban

    The reason being is this for me clearly is a person who took advantage of their player role and previous encounter with MPs to grief at round start for no reason given other than meta-grudge or bad encounter round prior. There was no clear motive for the break-in or damage to brig other than calling mps pigs. The brig was left in a tattered stated and could not be repaired for the majority of the round due to the actions of this individual leaving an unsatisfactory experience for all associated players. There was no roleplay at the slightest this was just a mad person who wanted to ruin other peoples fun for no good reason.

    Last Remark: Unkown Bomber

    Lastly, I would like to add the fact that an Uknown person with engineering cells decided to blow up the perma cells just as we were going to permabrig Jed. I suspect they were both related in some way or form. I would like the same punishment levied to that person aswell. We do not know their name due to no fingerprints left on brig wall explosion.

    Evidence (screenshots, logs, etc):
    How you would punish the accused:
    Job banned and Temporary Ban

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    CMP here, Connie Jaegar, just wanted to give my POV for some of it.
    Early after round start, I'm dealing with arresting CE for something unrelated. While this is happening, I'm getting callouts from MPs of an unknown breaking brig doors, but I'm occupied so I let them deal with it. Returning to brig, I find the print paper, with 'unknown' on it instead of the person. This is due to a bug, where if you ditch ID and wear something face-covering, your fingerprints break, and has been ruled as an exploit in the past. At this point, CE is brigged, SSD, and cryo'd, so I'm watching everything else. Llora is charged with Jailbreak, DTGP, possibly resist too, can't remember? after Pal makes him a new ID.

    Before Llora can be put into perma, 3 explosions go off, taking out the backs of all 3 perma cells and part of armory. I try to pursue, but they got out too quickly to be seen, and no prints were left. Llora is shortly moved to a normal cell, until CO authorizes their execution and they are moved to the execution room. Other MPs leave as I stay to handle their rights. Llora was strangely confused about their appeal, insisting they wanted it to go to Wey-Yu, not high command. Eventually, I just tell them to write, throw them a pen and paper, and uncuff so they can write. At this time, we are alone in execution room, and I am standing by the interior window. I had assumed that all the doors that were hacked had been fixed when SEA was fixing, but apparently not, as Llora dropped the pen and paper and dashed out the door into maint. Due to my slow reaction, since I was not expecting them to be able to leave at all, as well as armor slowdown, they escaped, and the MP team patrolled for a while before MP Jaden caught them. They were then quickly executed after being given a tobacco product and some food from the vendor, but were denied an appeal.

    To my knowledge, the explosive MT/OT was never caught.

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    People Involved:

    Connie Jaegar - Chief Military Police - FrankTheMagicPotato (Self-Proclaimed Witness)
    Pal Johnson - Military Police - TheFlyingFlail (Reporter)
    Jed 'The Burglar' Llora - Maintenance Technician - Catzonwheelz (Original Suspect)
    Jaxon Reign - Ordnance Technician - JRR134 (Brig Bomber Suspect)

    Relevant Stuff:
    Spoiler Spoiler:

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    In regards to "Last Remark: Unkown Bomber", i want to add that i made an in round ahlep about (as i saw it as outright grief, not even a jailbreak attempt). i believe simplecites (if memory serves) marked it but i never got a reply in round, i suspect they may have investigated that issue at least partially due to this, but i dont think they reached a conclusion, or if they did i missed their reply.

    Im not 100% sure what mp role i had in that particular round, i think it was the first one where i was cmp. I believe in the 2nd i was also involved as warden if memory serves right but i dont think i have anything important to add there. There were a few eventful rounds that kinda blurred together as they involved similar events and mostly the same people, i apologies if this happens to be from a different round.

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    Alright, so, due to reasons that are more or less entirely my fault, this report has gone unresolved for nearly a month. I apologize for that.

    Both catzonwheelz and jrr134 will receive 3 hour bans for grief, and should a future incident happen, a jobban from the appropriate jobs.

    This type of behavior isn't acceptable and we've seen far too much of it. As a member of Management put it "We're marines vs aliens, not marines vs marines", and in this situation there was clearly no roleplay reason to antagonize the military police as they did.

    Resolved - 3 hour bans for both catzonwheelz and jrr134 for grief
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