Murr : So, Sal is today's big loser, that means he gets to face the next punishment !
Joe : So we came all the way here to big red for his punishment, we are going to leave him alone in this xeno-infested station !
Q : The punishment ends when he dies OR when he finds the alamo keys we left in the xeno egg pile !
Sal : F-Fuck you guys ! no no no no way im doing this !
Q: You have to ! you failed to ask the CMO out, thus losing the challenge !
>Sal tries to flee, desperate at the face of certain death, but the jokers sedate him while laughing, throwing him to the alamo.
>Sal wakes up at the LZ, he has a pistol on his belt and a radio to talk with the jokers, he starts to cry when he notices the alamo is locked
>the jokers laugh
Sal: Wow, really funny guys
Murr : we know, right ? just to help you, your keys are at that pile of eggs over there !
>Sal cries a little more, before walking to the pile of eggs, he swears he saw something moving there
>Sal can see it, his key is lodged in between 2 xeno eggs, he takes a deep breath before walking forward towards the eggs.
>Thats when it happens, many egss burst open, sal holds his pistol firmly as the facehuggers start to crawl out towards him, he takes aim and presses the trigger
>*click*, no bulelt is shot
>The jokers laugh wildly, joe falls to the ground from the laughing
Murr: Come on sal, HAHAAHAHA, why would we make this punishment easy ?
>before he can talk back to them, the facehugger jumps at his face, the world turns into black
>he wakes up and is greeted by the voice of the jokers over the radio
Joe: Good morning there sleepy !
Joe: You were knocked out good buddy hahaha ! You have about one minute untill you give birth buddy !
Sal : J-jesus christ you guys...
Q: if i were you, i would try to make it back to the alamo as fast as possible !
>sal tries to run, but all he manages to do is limp towards the alamo, he can feel the creature moving inside him, desperation fills him.
>he is a few meters away from the alamo when he falls down to the ground, he cant do it anymore
>he tries to scream one last curse at his friends, but the larva busts his belly open, blood flying everywhere, his curses turn into screams of pain, he bursts
>the jokers burst laughing
Murr: So that brings an end to the episode guys ! We would like to thank weyland yutani for lending us the station for this episode
>The show ends
Next episode : Murr has to kill the CO