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Thread: Goodbye CM, it's been a wild ride

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    Goodbye CM, it's been a wild ride

    Well apparently callsigns with all-caps are out of regulation. All the top brass are surprised it slipped past for so long, but it would seem it's critically important that the threat to national security of my all-caps nickname be resolved now before it collapses our universe. Once such a thing is noticed, it begins an imminent Quantum collapse that can only be prevented by resolving the issue. It is no longer possible for me to continue behaving as I have for the past year, for the sake of us all.

    However after so long of having this nickname I love it too much so being denied it has made me too depressed to come to work because looking at the sad lowercase version ... Who would wish that on their worst enemy???

    It is with deep regret that I formally resign from the corps and fuck off to Chantimelle to smoke hash and get poontang.


    River 'SMERSH' Potemkin, Chief MP and guy who got his nickname from having his heart exploded by a rouge MP's armor piercing bullet, then proceeding to taze said MP and judo flip his ass into a cryo-tube while medically legally dead before collapsing onto the ground. Even after death, SMERSH never fails to remove traitors. (The nickname is an acronym referring to the Soviet intelligence agency)

    PS: Alternatively I would accept advice on where I can ask for an exception to the all-caps nickname rule, my pension is almost up and I'd like to keep it if I can ...

    Photo of the author in Chantimelle overseeing his rum distillery / ammunition plant while remembering his time karate chopping miscreants in the throat for starting fights in Req line.

    (Note: Will probly keep playing, just less often and River will be retired as a character because looking at 'smersh' makes me sad. Also I made this account to say goodbye because apparently my old forum account died in the transfer, so at least you can't giggle at what I had to go through to get unbanned all those years ago!)

    Update: The brass have decided to let me keep the nickname because acronyms when used in nicknames do not qualify for the all-caps rule! Outsanding!
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    Bye, Lieutenant Commander Potemkin.

    Hi, Lieutenant Commander Potemkin.
    Ike 'Urkel' Jameson - Young goggles-wearing nerd who barely passed Basic, just wants to go home to his impoverished Georgian suburb and collect a pension.
    Bret 'Locomotive' Cohen - A big guy for you and a big brother to all who's also in a perpetual dirty bulk.
    Rupert 'Spice' Ahmadi - An extraordinarily bellicose young man, even by Marine standards, who's in over his head but is yet to realize it.

    Also that healer drone who is always chasing you.

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