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Thread: Wibo333 - Commanding Officer Application

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    Really understandable, I've talked this through with a few other Captain's on how they handled events and I now know before I do something 'over-dramatic' it's best to ahelp it and get approval before making a big dumb call and ruining the OP for everyone.

    I know I'm a wacky player and I lean into the fun-side of things but I can things serious and will take the responsibility of being Captain pretty darn serious!

    And same goes for staff arround, before interacting and throwing something at Grub ((which causes me to act wacky)) DM me first so that I know what's coming and I can... calmly prepare for it instead of being thrown into something crazy.

    Thank you for the advice Crimson!

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    Your answers to the questions given and you understanding that you're held to a higher standard has settled all worries I had.

    I think you'd make a fine Captain Mister Dunkers and I know you'll try some off-meta and fun strats.

    +1 from me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wibo333 View Post
    I don't think I'll go to extreme lengths of killing myself unless there's an event forcing Grub to heavily lean towards it (( aka his wife visits him )) or something.

    As for the questions!

    1. Preferably I would like to hear the CT's appeal first, based on their story compared to the RO's I could possibly come to an understanding why the CT was acting in such a way. If they're a genuinely good person and they will continue with their duty and listen to the RO I would pardon them. If they were still shit-talking about the RO and disrespecting a superior officer I'd deny their pardon and tell them to wait their sentence out. This all just depends on how the CT explains the scenario to me really. Despite the RO is right and DASO is the penalty I would still want to find out what happened so I can do something about it and make sure they have an enjoyable OP afterwards.

    2. The CMP or Commander may designate someone else to handle appeals should they be overwhelmed at that time or deployed or simply not there. They can designate an univolved MP or uninvolved commissioned officer to handle the appeal. Nowhere in the ML is stated I'm legally bound to handle in person, however I would be shipside and free I'd always try to make it for said appeal.

    3. I've had this happen quite a few times myself due to having two monitors and missclicking on my main screen so.... but that's obviously not an IC reason, I would pardon them personally. If they're speaking the truth about it being an utter accident and I know them well I'd inform them that there's a safety option on their gun and that they should probably.... switch to that shipside when it's not on blue alert. You can't NJP major crimes so I don't think there's much else to be done here but to inform them of what they could have done to avoid shooting on accident.
    1. Good! Also consider that the RO and the CT are clearly not getting along well and you need to look into why that is and how it can be best addressed
    2. Correct
    3. This is actually wrong. While you *can* pardon them, it's completely unnecessary. This is what Appeals are for. The actual charge is *incorrect*, as ADW requires Ill Intent.

    Appeals are for "My charge is incorrectly placed or I have the wrong charge applied. I am not guilty of x."
    Pardons are for "I am guilty, but I wish to be released anyway with you trusting my good conduct and ability as something you will take responsibility for."

    Aside from that you've been someone i've literally heard people say they wanted to apply for CO because they saw you play, so I think you'll do absolutely fine!

    Anna "High-Toss" Stall

    Whitelisted Commodore and CO Councillor, Admin, and Nerd!

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    Make sure to take note of what the others've said about your behavior and responses, mkay? Lots to take note of!

    Besides that, though, CO Council has voted with a +3/5 majority vote to accept this application and welcome you into our ranks. Permissions'll be updated shortly.

    Never knew you'd actually apply for this whitelist, heh, but here you are.

    Welcome aboard, captain!
    RADM/CDRE Samantha 'Sammy' Maverick
    & Synthetic Tara.

    CO Senator (as of 3-19-21)
    Developer (as of of 3-23-21)

    I'm just someone trying her hardest to not get everyone horribly killed.

    im an artist too! see my works at my art dump below

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