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Thread: Staff Report - ordukai

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    Staff Report - ordukai

    Staff Report
    Your BYOND Key
    Date of Incident
    July 17, 2021
    Your Character Name?
    Their BYOND Key
    Approximate time and date of the incident
    And date? I have a video
    Which Staff Protocols ( were broken
    3. it's not a serious issue
    5. I late joined mid-round, played for 10 or so minutes. I was not disrupting anyone's round(in any way that could not be handled via IC punishment) and the only thing worth banning me for is escalation and logging off.

    However, if you watch it I feel explaining a 5 minute incident for 18 minutes is more than ample time as far as being respectful to staff and indulging them for an explanation, and

    If you feel I was escalating with lethal intent, well... perhaps watch the vid in .25 speed.
    Description of the incident
    I joined a round in-progress about half an hour in. I THINK someone with flags noticed, maybe felt bad, joined, asked me what if I needed help as a fellow VC- I explained that honestly I was really just going to pray for van wheels.

    Guy doesnt respond, van appears, later wheels, I'm stoked, it's late in the round so I got to get a move on.

    I stop, because I figure it's good to record this- there are some logistics I accomplish using vehicles, and it's really hard to get others to help you with this- basically, there are three reagent tanks you can move in engineering storage, as well as iirc 6, maybe 9, maybe 12 total wrenchable lamps.

    To move all these from engineering to the DS on your own, I have no clue how long that takes on your own on foot but I'd wager 1 hour to 4 hours.

    I went to do this, see the time stamps-

    12:21 IC, 00:00 for the appeal Wasn't paying attention, didnt see what Cassandra said though noticed her exit shrugged it off
    00:30 Not used to van's speed momentum WHOOPS
    00:37 To be fair I was thoughtful enough NOT to destroy the lathe.
    00:39 Decided to test if those are fake/ride overable. I knew they def couldn't explode on account of how........ our code is with things like that Plus in for a penny. . .
    00:41-00:46 Haha, I'm really not trying to be EXTRA destructive, van is like the Running in the 90s car somewhat- since it was removed, def not used to controlling it and it takes some muscle memory
    00:50 Park to load up here- looks like someone already hacked the one door I needed to destroy.
    01:05 For some reason, my mechanical keyboard has been wonky- sometimes it gets stuck on a key until I press the key again or it recognizes an input from bordering keys it seems? Might have gotten like, a little wet so it sometimes sends wonky signal(if you have never owned a mechanical keyboard and gotten it wet REALLY wet trust me, you have 0 clue what that entails :^) and it's both horrifying and gut wrenching). I assume at some point either I hit E & D while driving, or such a wonky input came from pressing D, and E borders D.
    01:08-01:29 21 seconds to pull three of those out of that room. So reasonable to assume dragging the lamp from storage out in the hall. Let's say 45 seconds is how long it takes to move all of those 4 tiles each. That's about 30 tiles so without the van or APC(powerloader only works for the crate), it would take 6 minutes to pull that stuff out to here(there were also some upstairs but meh). 21 seconds vs 6 minutes, and I could be wrong on my calculations here since I'm estimating, but to take everything in that room to the DS, OT, and Medbay(you know... places where they can be used) would take a single person on foot about 4 hours and 10 minutes.
    03:00 Dropped off crate for RO
    04:13 getting ready to board DS, again van is a slippery beast- also coders plz fix, xenos have killed me with this glitch. Anyway, I had been gifted those wheels and there are no 2nd wheels.
    04:37 You may have noticed me put my pointer on him a few times- 1st is shift click cause I'm confused as to why they did it, then I'm pointing at him uh dunno if that's on a different layer that OBS is blind to. So I noticed my armor made him faster. Almost clicked GOGOGO here, thought better of it when he stopped to type(tsk tsk not typing and walking) and rushed him out of my vision so I could GOGOGO, catch up,
    04:42 See how my mouse dips straight down to my hands slot, then and to his sprite? I've played SS13 a long time,
    I started to click help -> disarm intent out of habit since he was off screen but he enters my view the second I do so I immediately start moving my pointer up and to the right to hover, go to point, shoot him, kind of confused. When he chunks the knife I re-draw the gun and halfheartedly shoot a 2nd time towards him because, well, he did chunk the knife at me twice, he drops the wheels I immediately say fuck it, I am seriously not trying to fight you random dude, I have no idea why you even took my wheels oh wow just unload into my back sure "He had a gun" .jpg
    EvidenceHow you would punish the accused
    Make him write,

    "If a player doesn't ruin someone's round, or ruin the round in general, and IC punishment cover's their actions and they aren't breaking any OOC rules, they're fine just fine."
    25 times

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    I watched your video, all I see is you going beyond an IC issue and destroying the ship and improperly escalating when you shot the dude over theft. Pretty much unacceptable, and you violated multiple rules. Your VC ban is staying, and the admin did nothing wrong.

    Also posting stuff like this, won't help your case at all.
    Make him write,

    "If a player doesn't ruin someone's round, or ruin the round in general, and IC punishment cover's their actions and they aren't breaking any OOC rules, they're fine just fine."
    25 times
    These are serious things, and requesting a meme punishment if the staff member in question was wrong is unacceptable as well.
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