Xenomorphs are mechanically restricted from grabbing objects to prevent metagaming. I'm going to clarify Jamesthebond's statement regarding xenos and the LZ

Xenomorphs (T1's and T2's) are allowed to assault the LZ at first drop. T3's and The Queen are specifically prohibited from attacking until second drop at the minimum.

In essence, the Hivelord (T2) is allowed to attack the LZ at first drop, however, while xenomorphs are intelligent and are able to understand and attack power supplies/APCs to hinder marines, an unassembled comms crate is too abstract for them to instinctively understand without seeing what it's used for first. Being at the LZ and dragging/pushing the crate off to deny marines the usage of it at roundstart is metagaming.

Report Accepted.

GitDatDisc will be receiving a warning for metagaming.