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Thread: Staff Report - jack?,i dont remember the name

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    Staff Report - jack?,i dont remember the name

    Staff Report
    Your BYOND Key
    Date of Incident
    July 31, 2021
    Your Character Name?
    Their BYOND Key
    jack?,i dont remember the name
    Approximate time and date of the incident
    Which Staff Protocols ( were broken
    Rule 0.2
    Description of the incident
    I was hovering over the last nested human character moving back and forth, waiting for them to get relocated into another nest. Nothing else happened and I thought nothing of it and then I get a staff message asking trying to find a way to attempt to get me banned. Seriously? The guy in the nest was presumably upset, i didn't communicate with him and neither did he, I'm waiting for help to arrive to move them, so I move back and forth out of boredom. I told the mod it was movement entertainment, what else its such a mundane and everyday occurrence in CM? Sometimes xenos spin around too.
    Warned for Moving back and forth over a person in a nest making it look like a LRP or ERP humping or teabagging next time this happens do a LRP ban on 2021-07-31 22:05:20

    I didn't make it look like LRP or ERP, thats a crazy assumption made by the guy complaining trying to get revenge in some form. The LRP part doesnt even make sense. You could also claim any interaction between human and xeno is ERP at this point now if you believe the assumptions against me. There is no evidence that its possible to make it look like LRP or ERP and its not possible for xenos to hump or teabagging.

    Its just someone complaining about things that never happend and mods being overly aggressive and happy to enforce someone baseless claims. I'll move my direction keys however I want as xeno, thanks.
    How you would punish the accused
    This is ridiculous and unfair, are the rules a trap trying to get people banned for things so mundane and normal? . If he says huggers and being put in a nest is ERP will you revolve around that too??

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    Note deemed excessive, I'll remove it and speak to the staff member about it.
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