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Thread: WH0_T00Kthejam - Yautja Application

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    WH0_T00Kthejam - Yautja Application

    Yautja Whitelist Application
    Personal Information

    Byond ID:

    Discord ID

    Marine Name
    Harley Piett

    Character Information

    Name of the Yautja Character you wish to play
    A'kei Teer

    What clan are you joining?
    Other (Minor Clan)

    If Other (Minor Clan), what is the Clan Name?

    Yautja Character Story

    First paragraph- As the planet lazily rolled into view of the ship, twin suns peered over its horizon. I couldn’t help but wonder at the irony of it all: the Council of Ancients calling a joint hunt between the Thar’ns and the Teers to “improve relations”, what with the clans descending into nigh-civil war only a few decades back. It amazes me that the tensions haven’t spilled over again, and it seems that it amazes the ancients too.

    So I had to do around 750 Characters to post this application because this plus my first paragraph wasn't long enough and honestly that's kinda annoying as hell so I'm doing this lil rant to pad out the character limit which we know is 750 Characters.


    Have you read the honor code and do you understand that if you breach the honor code you may be subject to disciplinary action and have your whitelist revoked for a set amount of time?

    Did you read the application process page?

    Do you understand that any behavior that is unbecoming of a member of the community may result in you having your whitelist revoked? Such things include, but are not limited to: Racism, toxicity, excessive or malicious trolling, abuse of staff or etc.

    Do you understand that you may face having your whitelist revoked, or other disciplinary action undertaken, should you be banned or warned on the CM discord?

    Do you understand that you cannot advertise your application on any platform for votes. Do you also understand you may not edit this application 1 hour after it has been posted?

    Do you understand that community members may report your in-game actions on the forums, and that you may be asked to defend your actions.

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    Applicant withdrew the application.
    Marine - Paul 'Ordo' Starr

    Synthetic - Ordo

    Yautja - Ordorak An'th

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