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Thread: Why I Left CM/Made a (Questionable) Announcement.

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    Why I Left CM/Made a (Questionable) Announcement.

    Important parts of the story are in bold.

    I hope this will bring some light to staff members that were on such as @Warfan1815, @solidfury7, and @JarekTheRaptor

    Today I joined CM for the first time in about a month if I'm not mistaken. I have already been planning on leaving CM for a while now and I just wanted to play a couple more games before I left the server for good (as I left the Discord two days ago). I joined as the XO and performed my standard routine, the only thing different being the removal of techwebs. I call a briefing in hangar at 12:17 and relay the squad's orders. Dustoff is set to be 12:22. The operation is going well and I am able to communicate with the marines and sort out different problems on the front.

    I then hear that the RO has spent all of the requisitions money on crayons. I heard the RO talk about buying crystals and writing symbols on the ground to ward off the xenos instead of buying materials for cades, but I didn't think much of it and thought they were joking. However, after hearing that all of the budget has been blown on crayons, I ordered the RO to be arrested. Thankfully, the SEA took over req and that issue would be covered for the rest of the OP.

    Great, now that was sorted out, I can finally focus on the OP.

    I walk down to load the OB and I see "Security Level has been elevated to blue" I go back to CIC and the CMP "James 'screamin'Blackbriar" comes into CIC and tells me that "yellow men" are abducting some of the medbay staff and asks for permission/advice on what to do. I tell him to not escalate the situation, but to keep in mind that they are dangerous and should be arrested if they are kidnapping people. He leaves.

    I go back down to load the OB, and hear a command announcement by "James 'screamin'Blackbriar" that says CIC has been locked down and is being taken over by yellow men. At this point I am pissed. I think this is another classic case of a "minor event" that will fuck the OP shipside and force marines to retreat. What furthers this thinking is that I frequently have been seeing OOC messages from a staff member stating:
    These messages have been sent on and off for a while now, so I presumed that the yellow men were the traitors killing marines on the ship.

    I climb up the ladders to CIC and notice that lockdown has, in fact, happened. I go back down the ladders and try to find a way into CIC. The hangar bay is also on lockdown, not good.
    I drag some fuel tanks and place them next to the lockdown walls and shoot them. This is to blow the walls down and clear a path so I can get back up to CIC. Blow up a total of one fuel tank keep another one on me on my way up to CIC.
    Just then I hear that lockdown has been lifted and I return to CIC. When I arrive, I see 4-5 marines in radiation suits handcuffed to the chairs in CIC. I take my post and tell the CMP to give them extended sentences.
    Casper Evans is one of those marines. I have played with them in the past, and since they were my SO, I wanted to give them some crap for rebelling against me. They said "XO show some mercy!" To RP along with them, I was going to walk up next to them and hit them with my pistol and tell the CMP to take them away.

    I think you can tell where this is going.

    I shoot them. However, I didn't mean to. I walked up to them and had the wrong intent selected and shot them in the chest breaking their ribs. The MW ran up to me and flashed me. I call for a doctor to come up to CIC but I can't do anything else as I have been flashed a total of three times by the MW.
    I then see
    "Transmission inbound from the USS re-education"

    The provost marshall arives. I explain my situation to the provost and they end up giving me a stern warning. "You're lucky you wont be put on the USS re-education, but you still need to serve your sentence on this ship." He also tells the MPs to burn all of the remaining radiation suits.

    Okay. Fair.

    I ask to speak to them in private (so I can explain why/how I accidentally shot the SO without breaking RP in public), but they instead hop in their pod and say "I am a busy man" and leave the ship.

    I am placed in a brig cell for charges of insubordination and trespassing by who I can only assume is a new MP. I say over the radio that I need an appeal, and that I have not been told I have the right to an appeal. As of now the CMP is not listening because he is now leading the operation. I periodically call over the radio requesting an appeal, until I hear that the CE has also been placed under arrest with the same charges despite not committing insub or trespassing and is requesting an appeal as well. There are two people that catch onto this. "Gerett Whirlow" and "Abud 'Rambo' Mohammad" they will come into the story later. When I tell the MW that they will be arrested if they do not give me the ability/right to appeal, they reluctantly give me a pen and paper, but by this time there are about two minutes left on my sentence. The CE's sentence was up before he was given an appeal, so we both go our separate ways.

    I head back into CIC and try to salvage what is left of the OP as evac has already been called. Just then Casper Evans asks to deploy.
    I apologize for shooting him and send him down to deploy with the other marines.

    Just then, two men in radiation suits come into CIC with guns in their hands. It's "Gerett Whirlow" and "Abud 'Rambo' Mohammad". They told me that they stand with me and stand against MP injustice. All I needed to do is make an announcement to legalize wearing radiation suits again. I told them "I appreciate that, but the test of leadership and bureaucracy does not stand for such things". I go to load the OB, and return to both of them in my seat about (what I assume) to make an announcement to the crew. They still have guns in their hands and are blocking me from getting into my command booth. I make an announcement that I am being held captive in CIC. This was pretty stupid and I will try not to justify this action, but it was mainly to:
    1. Get an MP to escort the men out.
    2. Inform the marines I will not be attending to the OP as something very important is happening shipside.
    3. Get them to leave/arrested for wearing the suits

    They were trying to help me, but in the end, my character is a marine that is very loyal to the USCM and I stuck to that RP knowing they would/could possibly be arrested.

    I push the two men out of the way and keep my distance from them. The CMP and other crew members arrive. The CMP orders the two marines to drop their weapons, and drop their suits or they will be brigged.

    The CMP throws a flash into the room and blinds everyone in there, including CIC personnel. The two men run out of CIC and the CMP and another MP chase them down.

    I return and keep attempting to control the operation.

    Then, I hear that "Gerett Whirlow" and "Abud 'Rambo' Mohammad". They call for help over the radio as they have been perma-brigged. By this time, the Alamo is about to come up, and marines have killed a total of three queens so I quickly move to help them, as I was the one who put them in this situation.

    I arrive in the brig and ask the CMP why they are being held in perma. He tells me that they are insane. I ask if he got the CMO or a synth to declare them as insane. The CMP said no, but the provost said to perma-brig anyone who was wearing radiation suits with the charge of insanity.

    I A-Help ask if the provost did in fact say that. I wait for a couple of minutes, and I do not get a response. I ask again and a staff member marks my request. He asks what I need and I tell him that "are the marines wearing rad suits are to be perma brigged for insanity despite not being declared insane?"

    I did not get a response within another 4-5 minutes, but instead the message:


    I get really pissed. The minor event complex was the only thing on my mind and I wanted to say something about it.

    Before I send my rant, I get the message
    "alright, and what do you need help with?"

    Oh, okay.

    I sent the announcement and left the game. Not my proudest moment but one nonetheless. This is by all means not the only reason why I left the server, as this experience was not the first time something to this effect has happened. Rather, this (along with a multitude of other reasons/issues that have been troubling the community for a while) prompted me to leave the server.
    I hope everyone can take something away from this experience. I regret not being able to sit down, suck it up, and leave the server in an appropriate manner.

    Keep in mind that viewpoints are not those held by the staff and you should always listen to both sides, this is just my personal take on the situation. I apologize to all those who were involved (including staff members) and I hope the CM community can look past this. I will not be returning in the foreseeable future, but my DMs are still open in case anyone would like to talk.
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    Sorry to see this situation affected you so much. I was supposed to be de-adminned at the time and not even visible, but I'm assuming that something went wrong and that didn't happen. Makes me feel bad that you probably thought you were being ignored.

    You were a good player from my in-game and I'm sad to see you go, but burn-out claims everyone eventually, even if they're die-hard hardcore veterans

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    Another good one gone gonna miss you man, take care man!

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    man I feel you. let's play rimworld multiplayer together
    hij komt, hij komt. de lieve a goede synth
    love you all
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    damn losing another real one, sorry to see you go bud.

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