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Thread: Balance Asshat - Commanding Officer Application

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fortelian View Post
    As for your other answers, an aCO can't pardon people, they can accept appeals, however. The difference between appeals and pardons is very important.
    I've been saying "Ok, your not guilty I pardon you, let them go" and stuff like that on appeal for over a year and nobody corrected me on that. I'm kinda embarrassed. I've never actually pardoned anyone as XO by the CO CAO definition.
    I'd like to keep the application up so I can get more feedback. I have no real way to gauge how I've been doing as XO and this has been helpful so far.

    If you BE someone, can they be revived?
    I don't actually know how the mechanic works, my guess is that the pistol permas people?
    I've never seen a BE take place. (Usually no CO around when I'm on)
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    This has been denied by council majority.

    You story comes off as a shitpost which is further backed up by your IC Character Description.

    Reapply in 30 days.
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