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Thread: Staff Report - TrustScience44

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    Staff Report - TrustScience44

    Staff Report
    Your BYOND Key
    Date of Incident
    September 30, 2021
    Your Character Name?
    Their BYOND Key
    Approximate time and date of the incident
    3:30am EST ish
    Which Staff Protocols ( were broken
    Preserve the RP and enjoyment of the server, Enforcement of the rules, 2. Investigate the situation,
    Description of the incident
    Queen: Zab
    Staff member: Trustscience

    - Queen picks hive spot that is at park. (This is 2-3 screens away from LZ2)
    - Marines land LZ2 and walk west.
    - We get shot in the hive so we attack.
    - Queen deovis and attacks with us.
    - We wipe them out and continue to push.
    - Queen walks away and goes back to ovi.
    - We continue to kill.
    - LZ2 is wiped with around 2/3rds of the marine force being decimated due to their uncoordinated push and then retreat from the hive.
    - Queen proceeds to scream at the T3s for being on the LZ after the marines shot them up in the hive.
    - Queen refuses to deovi and hijack and insists that she is "caring about the marines having fun."

    (Mind you by this point 2/3rds of them are dead so them having "fun" in dchat is a huge stretch.)

    - Queen continues to refuse to hijack or play the game for 15 MINUTES. Yes. 15.

    - I ahelp around the 5 minute mark at the turbo delay/time farming behavior the queen is exhibiting and ask staff to tell Queen to stop delaying and hijack.

    - I get an automated response that it's being handled?

    - 10 minute mark I ahelp again since it was clearly not being handled; asking if I should do a player report or a staff report, and finally I get a response.

    - Trustscience responds with Queen might be waiting for larva, and I would know this if I was a larva..............

    - I was a warrior actively in the round. There was 0 slots. 0 Caps. 0 pooled. There was absolutely nothing to wait for.

    - I tell trustscience this and ask them to investigate and then they don't say anything back at all.

    - 15 minute mark hits of us afk on LZ2 still waiting for queen to stop farming time.

    - Queen finally gets up and walks to LZ2 after trying to put their farming behavior onto QM for not responding only to discover that LZ2 is not primary.

    - After all of this they finally walk over to LZ1 and in all this time of like 15-20 minutes of wasting everyone's time the marines redeploy with like 20 dudes probably because they where bored.

    - We kill some more there and then do some more afk snoozing.

    Spark Notes:
    1) If the Queen actually cared about "marines having fun" like she tried to convince everyone she does she wouldn't have made like 2/3rds of the dudes sit around afk in dead chat as she farmed time.
    2) Zab was a mentor, and has been in the CM community for a long time and knows that you can hijack early before weeds hit, and tried to use the "I'm asking QM therefore we are going to sit here for 20 minutes" as an excuse to farm time.
    3) The staff member did not investigate the ahelp at all and initially ignored it until I asked who I needed to report. The player since I couldn't get in contact with a staff member, or the staff member who gave it an automatic message instead of you know; actually answering the ahelp.
    4) The queen spent most of her afk ovi time sitting her calling a prae retarded instead of getting up and ending the round and openly refused to play the game.
    5) Farming time. Delaying the round. Whatever you wish to call it is unacceptable to me. People don't have all day to wait for some people to decide they want to play the game.
    6) After the queen sat afk for 20 minutes refusing the hijack trusted then said in ooc that 11/10 best queen! Making it look like they where compliant with them being afk and farming time in such a manner.
    7) We've all had stomp rounds and we know not to delay and let the other side reset.

    8) I said this to Frozen in discord. Let it slide and it will continue to happen over and over again. Please crack down on this farming behavior, and encourage staff to actually investigate please.
    How you would punish the accused
    Trustscience - Whatever you feel is needed. But I'm of the opinion if you refuse to investigate and do the job you volunteered for; why did you volunteer?

    Zab - They know better so yes they should be punished as well. They aren't clueless.

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    I chose to observe this round on my 2nd screen while chatting in CM Discussion and LRC. A round that should have been over in quick succession by the looks of it. It really felt like it was just a play for farming time, even to someone who had no attachment to the round being over sooner or later. It just like a slimy excuse for the queen to hold the round hostage and farm time under the guise of "waiting for reply". Whatever it was, alot of people weren't happy, which... it's DChat, so it's filled with salt, but eh.

    I had no clue this was even aHelped at the time, so it's interesting that nothing was said or done for 15+~ minutes other than the generic "It's being handled" response, which could mean it really is being handled or an offhanded "go away" response depending on who replies haha.

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    Before logs are posted from what I remember, the round started with a survivor and a working radio backpack, they were attacking the hive. Marines went to lz2 from this intel. Hive was at lz2, both teams ahelped about rushes and meta. Marines were getting ready to go to 2nd drop at lz1 instead of lz2. Queen didn't know which LZ was real, had to handle the other ahelps to get info and find out what went on. After that felt it was okay to let the round continue as it. Did tell ZAB that after a marine retreat or what seems to be one, its okay to continue. This of course because they still thought LZ2 was the real lz.

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    My apologies for the delay in logs for this. They'll be ready soon.
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    Sorry for taking so long with the vid. Da video:

    fyi my hive location is less than 7 screens from LZ2. The same distance between yard/medical and LZ1 on Science annex. I believe yard and medical hives (while risky) are allowed, so i thought it's gucci and I still kinda believe its alright.

    Start: Hive location and the funny surv rushing hive i ahelped about

    0:33 funny surv north of hive again, you can see his giga brain radio backpack strat now. pretty high iq ngl.

    0:44 You can see marines on the western side of botony, which is north east of hive, so I go push em back.

    3:13 my CM13 PTSD kicks in with bwoink sound and I get told the surv is handled and reminded not to rush LZ2 on first drop. I say i was defending hive and am gonna go back.

    4:07 I tell me hive to push LZ2, and remind T3s that they cannot push LZ (its first drop man, or at least thats what trustscience said)

    5:02 boiler gassing and funny t3s are about to board normandy on first drop and i get pissed.

    6:34 12:30 marines evac. I believe they never had a second drop, as I think the normandy was on ground the entire time after they first dropped. But idk.

    6:44 I expected a XOOC or QM announcement saying we were cringe or something like that. Still genuinely surprised that didn't happen. For a couple minutes hivemind is doing hivemind things and im still waiting for a QM or XOOC about marines evacuating only 5 minutes after they dropped.

    6:55 I tell everyone to get to hive, as I dont know what QM/staff would want us to do, so i just play it safe and ask that, just in case. Still waiting for a XOOC.

    7:35 I announce that it was first drop and t3s and me couldnt be there. After all I literally got BWOINKED by trustscience a bit ago, him saying "yeah dont rush btw." Which is why I went to ovi and told t3s to stay back.

    8:08: I ahelp if staff want us to hijack, cause i've waited for a few minutes and they didnt say anything, so. Look at round time btw, 12:35

    8:29 i get the okay from trustscience, so i de-ovi and say that i was waiting for QM that entire time. So i go to hijack LZ212:41

    9:20 LZ1 turns out to be their main LZ and I cant hijack LZ2. I thought LZ2 would be their main, as they even put t comms up there, and I had no reports of a split drop or fob at LZ1. We go to LZ1 after and not many marines are in alamo, but we wipe them out, then hijack and xeno major.
    You can request any footage from round start all the way up to me going to LZ2 if you want, but that's when I stopped recording my instant replays so I dont have any footage after.

    2: "Zab was a mentor, and has been in the CM community for a long time and knows that you can hijack early before weeds hit, and tried to use the "I'm asking QM therefore we are going to sit here for 20 minutes" as an excuse to farm time."

    Chii, I'm not 'farming queen playtime' or whatever the heck. I was waiting for QM response if we're okay to hijack. After literally being bwoinked that its first drop and reminding me not to rush. If a staff tells the queen not to rush first drop, it also applies to t3s, so that is why I went on about it. I didn't want to get myself in trouble, so i went back to ovi, and I didn't want my t3s to get into trouble, so I said for them not to as well. Plus I could also get in trouble as queen for t3s at LZ. Personally I'm gonna play it better safe than sorry and ahelp, then wait for confirmation when I'm not sure about things if I'm able to. Also hijacking early is something that yellows did and he got noted for it, so yeah I'm not gonna hijack early. I don't know what else to say besides that all your other points revolve around what I just said. If you don't know if you're allowed to do something, ahelp. I didn't ahelp immediately after evac because I was kinda expecting a XOOC message, so I guess you can ban me for that?...

    I guess the only appropriate response here that trust science didn't do was some sort of OOC message explaining the situation, I believe there wasn't much staff online at the time though and he might've been pre-occupied. And bwoinking me saying "Dont rush LZ." While the T3s are just fine is quite wacky. XOOC would've helped, but hindsight is 20/20. Him saying the things were resolved and I might've been waiting for evo/larva without bwoinking me to actually ask why I guess is a bad move from him. Funny tho cause I was actually waiting for either a bwoink or XOOC from him about the 1st drop rush and if hijack or not. Funny that.

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    Traditionally speaking, when the marines deploy the Xenomorphs are forbidden from deploying T3's or the Queen to the LZ until second drop. This is somewhat malleable but is generally supposed to give the marines enough time to try and set up some basic defences to gain a foothold. T3's are not given any particular leeway with regards to a counterpush and are expected to wait at least a decent amount of time or to help and get permission before proceeding. If the LZ is evacuated prior to the T3's being allowed in they're free to come in and mop up, but it's sort of a grey area with regards to counterpushes as it's easy to overextend.

    Regardless, as far as the report goes.

    Zab told T3's to return to LZ as expected within the rules
    LZ is taken anyway, Zab refuses to hijack due to perceived problems with metarush due to the exceptionally quick taking of the LZ and ahelps for permission to proceed.
    When permission was granted Zab continued the round/hijack as normal.

    I don't see anything particularly out of the ordinary or out of staff procedure here. All in all this was a pretty quick turnaround from deployment to hijack and wanting some clarification as to if it's okay to proceed is not a bad call.

    Report denied.
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