So, you suck at ss13 but still want to play combat servers? So do I! And boy do I have a guide for you.

1st. Load up with light armor, mre, shotgun rig, two shell pouches, and a md in the suit slot. I usually ditch a backpack so I can hold a shotgun, but if you feel like you're faster than a queen screech push, feel free to take whatever you want. I recommend you spawn with a boot pistol and stash it in your armor. Feel free to take other equipment if it works better for you, just know you need to focus on clearing resin/weeds and making t1s run away.

2st. Load slugs, only slugs. Your goal isn't to get close to the aliens, it's to make the squishy ones run away so that the big ones can be focused on. Get some attachments for your shotgun, preferably red dot, extended barrel, and angles grip.

3st. Make sure you have some speech macros for "charge","Back","Incoming", and "suicide is badass!"
Uss these to let your squad know what to do, so to push, retreat, and if there's a xenos push coming. Use the last one when you inevitably get capped and then shoot your chest a bunch with the boot pistol from step 1.

4nd. Rush to the frontline, start looking for a breach point, make sure there aren't any big xenos visible, make sure people are near you, hit your charge macro, and rush in as far as you can go.

5rd. Try and shoot all your slugs, if you aren't constantly returning to restock you aren't shooting enough. Keep clearing area and doing stupid pushes, people don't want to get capped but will follow someone rushing in if they think they can survive. Your job isn't to live or actually get kills/take ground , it's to be stupid enough to convince others to do so.

6th. After push gets to caves/main choke area you can either join the main fight, or try and flank solo. Either works, just make sure to keep your pistol handy for if your gonna get capped.