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Thread: This server has become a massive hugbox

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doctorprobe69 View Post
    I haven’t played this game in ages so hopefully it’s changed since then.
    It hasn't.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doctorprobe69 View Post
    The game stopped feeling the same ever since techwebs. I do agree that it was a push towards a TDM, something I never agreed with personally.
    CM wasn't pushed intentionally towards being a TDM in the last few years. No Head-Dev on the team said "hey, lets move CM towards a deathmatch game and remove RP".

    Instead what happened was a result of poor leadership and a decentralized management position on the staff team.
    Rather than having strong leaders who push staff towards a goal the team has a bunch of developers work on whatever they want and do whatever they want. There hasn't been any cohesion to develop CM further beyond QoL and mapping updates.

    I said this at the Townhall meeting the other day, the only way CM will drastically improve is if Management on the team change the policies on the staff team to be more centralized. This ideology that "we cant force developers to work on stuff they don't want to" is complete and utter bullshit. CM was the most efficient Development team and server from 2014-2018, there is no excuse in existence to justify how development power has declined so rapidly over the last few years.

    Honestly, I don't even really understand why anyone even bothers with this whole RP element of CM anymore. I've spent the last couple of years bitching about how poor the game has become in terms of roleplay and I just finally accepted that this version of CM is a deathmatch game. However, almost like clock-work the Staff team states their trying to improve RP and return to old standards every few months while simultaneously doing nothing major to make that change.

    Changing a few rules and tightening enforcement for a month won't change the state of CM. Yet the major change required to CM won't happen because the "Old Guard" is all sitting around in "Emiritus" positions still on the Management remaining perpetually AFK from the game.

    To summarize, it's far harder to create an action roleplay game than it is for a shooter deathmatch game. By removing leadership, cohesion and team direction CM ended up devolving into it's most basic form... a shooter game.
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