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Thread: Guide on What to Buy as PFCs 3e -NEW VENDOR EDITION-

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    Guide on What to Buy as PFCs 3e -NEW VENDOR EDITION-

    PFCs get 45 points to spend on stuff in their vendor inside prep, the price of the item varies and will be listed next to them.
    Almost all of the items listed are available from requisitions as well, albeit some are in very limited amounts.

    These are various non-standard guns, most of them are niche and or their use might be specific than the general weapons.

    -VP78 PISTOL (15 POINTS):
    Comes with 1 VP78 pistol (preloaded) and 2 magazines for it.
    Still overpriced, a pistol that hits and kicks like a revolver, has decent AP capabilities too and can burst fire.
    The amount of ammo that comes from this kit really makes it too limiting to use, so get more from the req vendors if you really insist on using it.

    Comes with 1 SU-6 smartpistol (preloaded) and 2 magazines for it.
    Niche, a pistol that has IFF which means you can shoot through other people with it.
    Saying that, it's actually rather weak, although it does have some AP to help against armored xenos.

    -MOU-53 SHOTGUN (30 POINTS):
    Comes with the MOU-53 shotgun and stock attachment for it.
    Good if you know how to use it, a shotgun that can only load flechette and slugs, three shots, but it shoots really quick.
    Experienced players have been known to load flechette, walk right next to an xeno and shoot it all out for massive damage.
    Some people uses it with slugs, though it's not as effective in terms of killing even if it really annoys xenos.

    Comes with the titular heavy pulse rifle (preloaded) and one spare magazine.
    Meh, the HPR has 300 ammo magazines, but other than that it's strictly regular ammo M41.
    Its particular niche comes in being able to shoot through other marines when deployed with a bipod, sounds useful but there are a lot of things to consider:
    Deploy time of bipod (if not using rack/portacades), someone pushing you thus undeploying the bipod, and damage falloff.
    These drawbacks hinders its use in offensive ways, but you can always just use it without a bipod and treat it like a fat M41 with really space efficient ammo storage.

    Very niche.
    Comes with the grenade launcher, and 3 boxes of 3 variety, each containing 3 special grenades meant only for its use except for the hornet shell.
    Said grenades being:
    =Baton slug: A weaker version of the shotgun slug that inflicts temporary slowdown when it hits a xeno and is reusable. The damage is marginal.
    =Star shell: Shoots out a spread of flares when it lands. Lighting up a wide area for shorter time than actual flares. Useful, but not something that would go amiss.
    =Hornet shell: Meh, like the AGM-F except a bit weaker, and inflicts a holo-targeting debuff that increases damage taken by a xeno by negligible amount.
    The grenade launcher itself can only shoot 1 grenade at a time and over other marines and xenos like the UGL.
    It can also load regular M40 grenades.
    That's it, other than shooting the special grenades, it doesn't do anything an UGL can't.

    These comes in a box containing three grenades, the boxes are normal-sized which means you can put the box inside your satchel instead for better storage efficiency instead of taking the nades out.

    These grenades are generally used with the UGL, throwing them by hand gives a random 3-5s fuze, whereas the UGL sets the fuze as 2s in addition of being able to launch it over mobs.

    =HEDP: Decent, 5x5 explosion that stuns anything that get caught, not for much damage and for shorter stun the farther it is from the center.
    =HIDP: Meh, diamond shaped 5x5 green fire (weak), generally only used to clear up resin, eggs, etc. than any serious area denial.
    =HPDP: Meh, a rather large 9x9 smoke that disperses in a second that sets anything on (weak) fire that gets caught in it. Being set on fire denies a xeno of any heal and lits them up though, so usually they'll back off even if the fire is weak.
    =HSDP: Niche, 9x9 smoke that persists for about ten seconds, its only actual use is against human enemies as xenos are practically unimpeded by the smoke. Costs 5 points instead.

    These grenades are only usable with the UGL or the M79 grenade launcher and bursts in the direction they are launched into. Potentially into your own face if it bounces off a wall.

    FRAG: Good if hard to use, launches shrapnels into said general direction, potentially doing as much damage as buckshot if it lands straight in front of a xeno.
    INCENDIARY: Decent, launches less shrapnels but they're flaming shrapnels, also leaves a small cone of fire.
    HORNET: Meh, like the frag variation except a bit weaker, and inflicts a holo-targeting debuff that increases damage taken by a xeno by negligible amount.

    Niche, comes inside a box of four claymores.
    Each claymore needs to be placed in a direction, you can also disarm them with a security access tuner, and xenos can slash them to detonate them harmlessly.
    What this means is that you need to place them in narrow areas and actually watch over them, as when a xeno triggers them the claymore would explode in a directional shrapnel and doing a small explosion stun which is most useful when actually watched over.

    Ammo magazine for various guns. All of these costs 10 points.

    L42A AP: Meh, 25/magazine, these uses the same ammo as M41A AP, which means you can refill them with loose ammo from them.
    M41A AP: Good, 40/magazine, they're your best way to damage armored bigger xenos, you can also refill these with loose ammo from Mk1 M41A magazines available from req.
    M41A EXT: Meh, 60/magazine, regular ammo, you can also refill them with loose ammo from regular magazines if you'd like to reuse them once empty.
    M39 AP: Good, 48/magazine, the SMG's fast firerate and low wield slowdown allows them to chase down bigger xenos and these allows them to do a lot of damage against them.
    M39 EXT: Meh, 72/magazine, but they're regular ammo, useful if you hate reloading for some reason. Refillable with ammo from regular magazine if you want to reuse them once empty.
    M44 HEAVY: Niche, 7/speedloader, they do slightly more damage than regular revolver ammo and can stun smaller xenos, but you do need to be accurate.

    Variety of items with a lot of specific usage.
    They'll be grouped according to the price range.

    5 POINTS:

    -ROLLER BED: Used to strap a corpse, including smaller xenos which you can then drag at a faster rate than by hand, useful if niche.
    -FULTON DEVICE: Used to strap balloons into a crate/corpses which can then be picked up by a dropship with fulton module. Mostly useless, as dropships would rather have more points/use the attachment point for something else.
    -FUEL TANK STRAP POUCH: Stores two flamer tanks/extinguishers, just ask for them from req.
    -PORTABLE EXTINGUISHER: Easily acquired from medical MarineMed vendors, has 6 uses with 30u of water in a small size item. Convenient.
    -WHISTLE: Makes noises.
    -WELDING GOOGLES: Allows you to use blowtorches without eventually going blind, not much reason to get these as the only thing you can weld are vents and walls to repair unless you take an engineering pamphlet.
    -RADIO KEYS: Insert them into your headset, you can only fit two keys.
    =ENGINEERING: Used to talk to engis and shipside roles, you could talk about which part of the FoB needs more cades here.
    =TACTICS: An unused deprecated channel, if you have some friends who takes them then you can consider it a private channel.
    =JTAC: Used to talk to POs/CIC to coordinate for CAS/OBs, one of the better keys to pick.
    =SUPPLY: Used to talk to requisition crew and CIC in a pinch, you could ask for a supply drop right on the frontline with these.

    10 POINTS:

    -WEBBING: Good, holds three magazines or small items, goes into your uniform.
    -RANGEFINDER: Decent, a binocular where you can laze for coordinates with. Make sure to get JTAC or supply radio keys to coordinate OB, mortar, and supply drops
    -LARGE SHOTGUN SHELL POUCH: Decent, holds 7 handful of shells instead of 5 of the regular variation.

    15 POINTS:

    -BLACK/BROWN WEBBING: Great, like the webbing but holds only five small items.
    -LOGISTICS IMP BACKPACK: Good, the storage size of a backpack with the convenience of a satchel.
    -SENSORMATE MEDICAL HUD: Meh, lets you see health percentage of people wearing uniforms and whether they are defibbable or not.
    The health bar percentage only tells bodily damage up to 100 damage and tells nothing else such as fractures.
    -LASER DESIGNATOR: Binoculars for lazing CAS and coordinates, if you're only planning to get coordinates for mortar/OBs instead, the rangefinder will do just fine.
    -LARGE GENERAL POUCH: Decent, holds 3 magazines/small items in a pouch slot.
    -LARGE MAGAZINE POUCH: Good, holds 4 magazines in a pouch slot.
    -SHOULDER HOLSTER: Meh, holds a pistol in your uniform, occupies same slot as the webbing.
    -MACHETE SCABBARD: Easily acquired from requisitions, the machete itself is rather useful for destroying resin walls however. Fits on suit storage, belt, and back.
    -MACHETE POUCH: Easily acquired from requisitions, goes only to a pouch slot and cannot be quickdrawed. Right click and switch drawing method for convenience.
    -MOTION DETECTOR: Generally useful, lets you detect whether or not there is a suspicious person/xeno within the range of 7 (short range mode, faster update) or 14 (long range mode, default) tiles.
    -JTAC PAMPHLET: Lets you laze quicker using the rangefinder or laser designator. Without these, it could take up to 25 seconds to laze, with them it would only take about 20s instead.
    -ENGINEERING PAMPHLET: Allows you to use tools (comes separately, print them from an autolathe) to move/dismantle metal cades, also allows you to build metal cades.

    30 POINTS:
    -B12 ARMOR: Overpriced, marginally better protection than medium armor with 3 item slots for magazines/small items.

    45 POINTS:
    -POWERLOADER CERTIFICATION: Allows you to use powerloaders normally and move around with them slowly. Almost no reason to take these unless you want to stay shipside and pretend to be hangar crew.
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    This section covers the items that can be picked for free (doesn't cost points) that is also in the vendors.

    -BOOTS: Protects as much as the medium armor, also stores a knife and starts with one already stored if you get it from the vendor but not from the spare uniform vendor. The snow variation also protects from cold.
    -UNIFORM: Slightly protective compared to being naked, webbings and various patches accessory are attached to this. Drag the item from your worn slot into your hand to unequip.
    -GLOVES: Protects as much as the medium armor, does not protect against shocked doors. You can get colourless (black) variation from the spare uniform vendor.
    -HEADSET: Enables squad HUD and communication, say "; Message here." to talk to your squad, use ":g Message here." to use the general channel (shipside only), you can also fit radio keys (up to two) to access more radio channels. Click on it while equipped to disable/enable channels. Drag the item from your worn slot into your hand to unequip.
    -HELMET: Protects as much as the medium armor, also stores certain small size and tiny size items in its two slots for storage. Said items would also show up as cosmetic. Also provides decapitation immunity.
    -MRE: One of the most space efficient food item in the game, you can also reuse the water bottle once empty as an alternative to a flask albeit it does not fit into helmet.

    -LIGHT: Less slowdown, less protection. You'll be more likely to get bone breaks which would slow you down if you get hit while wearing these. Has more protection against acid spits.
    -MEDIUM: Has three item storage slots for magazines/small items unlike the other armor, nothing much to say.
    -HEAVY: Good against bullets, only marginally better against slashes than medium. Also slows you down more. Has less protection against acid spits.

    -BACKPACK: Awkward to use, more storage.
    Drag the backpack into your hand slot to take it off then switch active hand and click on it to open, or click on it while it is worn and wait several seconds but you can't move while opening it this way.
    Stores: 7 normal size items, or 10 small+1 tiny size items, or 21 tiny size items.
    Generally you should always take the backpack, just to fill up with various items and toss into the FOB and leave it there if nothing else due to everyone spawning with backwear already.

    -SATCHEL: Very easy to use, just click it on the back slot while it's worn, though some people like to store guns on their backslot instead.
    Stores: 5 normal size items, or 7 small+1 tiny size items, or 15 tiny size items.

    -SCABBARD: Stores variety of shotguns, not just the M37, assuming you can get your hands on said other shotguns that is. Mostly obsolete due to M37 being wearable on back without this.

    -AMMO LOAD RIG: Stores 5 magazines/grenades/knives/ammo handfuls. Right click and switch storage drawing method to immediately take the last item you put on it.
    -GENERAL PISTOL HOLSTER: Holds one pistol and six small magazines, can be worn on suit storage with the armor or on the belt.
    -KNIFE RIG: Holds 12 knives of various types, starts with 12 throwing knives. The throwing knives has a noticeable amount of damage and AP if you can hit xenos by throwing them.
    -M39 HOLSTER: Holds one M39 submachinegun, SMGs with folding stock fits on this with no need to fold it. Mostly used by people with unusual loadouts. Certain attachments prevents SMG from fitting.
    -M44 HOLSTER: Also known as the revolver holster. Functionally the same as the pistol holster except it can only hold the M44.
    -M82F HOLSTER: Also known as the flare gun holster. Holds two flare packs worth of flares in addition to the flare gun. Theoretically you can use a G8 carrying a flare gun and two flare packs instead, but this is more convenient.
    Flares shot by the flare gun are brighter than regularly activated and hand thrown flares.
    -SHOTGUN SHELL LOADING RIG: Holds 14 handfuls of shotgun shells/loose ammo, click on it with shotgun shell boxes to fill it with shells after a short delay.
    -G8-A GENERAL UTILITY POUCH: Holds 3 items up to normal-size without any restrictions, this means it can hold three pistols/three extinguishers/or a combination of normal size items and small/tiny items.
    -M40 GRENADE RIG: Holds 12 grenades of any kind, not just the M40.

    You can vend two pouches, even two of the same ones.

    -BAYONET SHEATH: Stores 5 knives Starts with 5 throwing knives.
    -FIRST AID POUCH: Stores four items, only stores gauze roll, ointment, special injectors meant only for it, splints, and pill packets. There are three variations you can get from the vendor.
    =INJECTORS: Starts with tramadol, kelotane, bicardine, emergency injectors. Refillable on nanomed except for the emergency injector. Each injector have three uses.
    =SPLINTS, GAUZE, OINTMENT: Starts with splints, gauze, ointment, and tricordrazine injector. Generally you should take this one, the tricordrazine injector is also refillable on nanomeds.
    =PILL PACKETS: Starts with two tramadol, one kelotane, one bicardine packs, each packs contain four pills. These are unrefillable, but you do get more usage than the injectors.

    You can restock/refill these on a nanomed (except for the emergency injector) by holding them in your active hand and clicking on one.

    ==TRAMADOL: Overdoses on 30u, each injection injects 15u, overdose is lethal. Tramadol is a moderate painkiller that lets you ignore damage up to 80 and it lasts twice as long than the other drugs listed here.
    ==TRICORDRAZINE: Overdoses on 30u, each injection injects 15u, overdose is often but not always lethal. Heals you for 30 damage of all damage types throughout 4 minutes/15u, the heal spreads evenly across limbs.
    ==BICARDINE: Overdoses on 30u, each injection injects 15u, overdose inflicts burn damage on you randomly and heals internal bleeding. Heals 60 damage of brute damage throughout 4 minutes/15u.
    ==KELOTANE: Overdoses on 30u, each injection injects 15u, overdose inflicts brute damage on you randomly. Heals 60 damage of burn damage throughout 4 minutes/15u.
    ==EMERGENCY: Injects you with 30u bicardine, kelotane, and 20u oxycodone. Oxycodone lets you ignore pain up to 150 damage and lasts half as long as the other drugs.
    ==SPLINTS: Reduces the effect of broken bones, examine yourself by clicking on your character with an empty hand on help intent to determine which limb has broken bones that needs splinting.
    An unsplinted broken head/chest/groin will incur organ damage which can be devastating if unsplinted.
    An unsplinted arm/hand will make you drop items on that hand randomly.
    An unsplinted leg/foot will slow you down massively.
    Splinting yourself takes 20 seconds, having someone else splint you is faster. Splints also slows you down, but less so than the pain slowdown of a broken limb.
    =ROLL OF GAUZE: Stops bleeding and allows your wound on the treated limb to regenerate from brute damage at the rate of 0.1 damage per 3 second unless the limb gets damaged again.
    =OINTMENT: Allows your wound on the treated limb to regenerate from burn damage at the rate of 0.1 damage per 3 second unless the limb gets damaged again.

    -FLARE POUCH: Convenient, you can throw flares out of their packs without these but it would involve more menu shuffling. Don't forget to bring a backpackful of flare packs to refill this constantly.
    -MAGAZINE POUCH: Stores three magazines or any other ammo on a pouch slot, better than medium general if you're only planning to store magazines.
    -SHOTGUN SHELL POUCH: Stores five handful of shotgun shells/loose ammo, very useful if you use the underbarrel shotgun or carry two weapons.
    -MEDIUM GENERAL POUCH: Stores two magazines/small sized items.
    -PISTOL MAGAZINE POUCH: Stores three pistol magazines, obsolete due to the magazine pouch doing the same thing unless you need a pouch that only stores pistol magazines instead.
    -PISTOL POUCH: Stores a sidearm.

    -GAS MASK: Looks cool.
    -HEAT ABSORBENT COIF: Looks cool, discount balaclava.
    -REBREATHER: Looks cool.
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    Meh to the sensor hud and the m39 extended mags but a good to the m39 ap... bro...
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